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Astraia- that's great! That must be such a huge relief.

I just realized that I completely forgot about my stupid intake appointment today... I thought I set an alarm on my phone for it, but it never went off. I'm sure not wanting to go at all helped me forget, too! But of course I just have to reschedule the darn thing.

Thinking about buying another house again... We can rent out the one we are in, which is too small for us, but finding a house that works and that we can afford is really tough. There is a neat old house nearby that we are going to go look at, but we will have to get a rehab loan and it's sort of unlikely we can make it work, but we'll see. Thinking about moving and doing all this house work is a little daunting right now, to say the least, but we really need something bigger with a bigger yard, and interest rates are so low right now... arg.