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Onemore, I know, I think it's all so weird too.  Yes, it was the u/s last week that the tech asked me about the septate uterus but then wouldn't tell me more.  I just now got the official report from the radiologist about it.  My two births were vaginal births, no problem.  My son was probably posterior but I had an anterior placenta which frequently can lead to posterior position.  My dd was positioned perfectly, labor was only 3 1/2 hours and she came out after 4 minutes of pushing. No position problems or anything. And they were both full term (38 weeks) and good sizes - my ds was 8lbs, 2oz and my dd was 7lbs. 8 oz.  So nothing that fits a malshaped uterus.  But I also wonder what was it that they saw on u/s that made them think that. I saw the pictures myself and couldn't tell anything but the one that they pointed out as showing the septate the best had a white line sort of down the center a little to the left.  So, I'm guessing that is what they are talking about and I'm not sure what that could be.  I hope my OB gets to look at it soon. It probably won't arrive until tomorrow which means he won't get it until Monday.  I hate weekends!  

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Callie- Wow! I hope that all gets figured out for you really soon! What would that mean for the pregnancy if you have a split uterus? It's pretty odd that no one would have noticed that before though...ESPECIALLY with two healthy pregnancies/births under your belt! 


So, today I'm guessing myself at 5 weeks, 6 days, and HOLY COW did the nausea hit hard. Last night right before bed, I actually felt like I might throw up, and wasn't able to eat a snack right before bed. lol, instead I was stuck sniffing lemon wedges until it subsided enough for me to fall asleep. 


Then, this morning, whoa. I woke at 9:30am, but by 10am, I could hardly keep my eyes open and had quite a bit of dry heaving/gaggy feeling and now I'm just exhausted and nauseous. Its pretty much awful timing as we're headed to the beach this weekend for a brief little 'vacation', and I'm having to run around the house like a mad woman picking up after ds and packing! 



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Wow- I have started snoring and breathing heavy at night! This is an issue for me only when I am pregnant and DH had to sleep on the couch last night! I think the breathing heavy is because I feel slightly congested and when I am laying down, my sinuses feel "tingly"... is anyone else snoring yet? I don't remember this happening until I became HUGE near the end of my other two. I am not sleeping well due to crazy dreams and now I focus on not snoring and that works itself into my dreams and now DH is not sleeping well either and so far he is being really understanding but I am only 6 weeks 4 days in... I hope this lets up a bit.

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Callie, I hope everything works out!  I hate the waiting, too.


This weeek I feel like an emotional basketcase.  I just feel really sad, too. gloomy.gif

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Callie, I'll be sending good vibes your way, but I bet everything is fine!

I'm totally getting weepy yesterday and today. There was an NPR interview with a woman working against elder abuse this morning, and she told a story about a woman whose son let her "rot to death" in her bed. For the last few weeks of her life she cried out for help, her son ignored her, and the neighbors closed their windows to block it out! That would always upset me, but when my 9 year old walked up and said, "That's so sad." I just about lost it, and I'm totally tearing up right now!
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That is sad!


I am feeling sicker lately, too.  I think it is because I am tired.  It always seems that the tireder I get, the sicker I feel.  Dd3 was up 9 times last night, between 11 and 7.  I have 3 other dc, so it's not like I can sleep in. Sigh.  I am so.tired.  And it's not even because I am pg, but that certainly doesn't make it easier.  Usually it's around week 7 when all of the pg exhaustion, etc hits me.


However...this time I am taking floradix and fish oil, and I think they are doing wonders for my energy and mood.  And...well, I think this one is a boy.  My girls wipe me out, but ds didn't.  So, we'll see.

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Just1More, thanks for the reminder about the fish oil. I'm going to start incorporating that into my nightly supplement routine! What is floradix?

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floradix is a wonder iron supplement.  it's all herbal, easy on the tummy, and highly absorbed.  i feel light years better when i take it.  it's amazing...i sleep better, think better, feel calmer, etc.  great stuff.

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I've weirdly been feeling great for the last couple of days, to the point where I was worried that something was wrong. I had my first prenatal visit today and got an ultrasound - the baby looks perfect! It's measuring exactly where it should be and has a nice, strong heart beat :) So I'm not worried, and I'm just going to enjoy not having so much nausea while it lasts...

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Hey Ladies, 

It has been so fun to be here.  However, today is a very sad day at my house.  

Another loss.


Blessings to all of you.

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Skee, I am so sorry.   You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  hug2.gif

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Skeemama- there are no words. I am so sorry. ((hugs))

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Callie- Wow! I hope that all gets figured out for you really soon! What would that mean for the pregnancy if you have a split uterus? It's pretty odd that no one would have noticed that before though...ESPECIALLY with two healthy pregnancies/births under your belt! 



I know - I can't imagine that no one would have noticed.  I'm hoping that means that if I have it, it's mild.  From what I've read in terms of what it could mean, it's not great.  If the baby implants on the divider part there is not enough blood supply to the baby and there is a 98% chance of miscarriage.  If the baby implants on the good part of the uterus, there can be issues with pre-term labor, breech position, and increased risk of c-section (due to breech position) because the baby runs out of room to grow, since there's a big 'ole wall in the middle of their growing space.  I just hope to find out soon.  



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((HUGS)) to you Onemoreontheway!  I will pray for you.  I agree with others who have said to follow your gut. 35 minutes is quite a distance in the event of an emergency. It is a lot to consider. I’m confident that the right decision will come to you eventually.


Callie, wow, I can’t believe they wouldn’t have seen that before with your two previous pregnancies. How frustrating the way they worded that too! My first thought was the same as JustOne1More’s – maybe two babies? And its just too early to see much more?


Just1More, eeeeek I’m itching just reading about your chiggers.  I remember there being tons of chiggers at summer camp one year when I was a kid…it was terrible. Best of luck getting those things out of your bed!


Katroshka, I’m weepy too! DH took me to see The Help last night – the 1st real date night we’ve had in a while. And I just lost it the whole movie. I was bawling.  I get so emotional these days!


Skeema…HUGS. So sorry.


In addition to being very emotional and weepy, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I only want terrible unhealthy foods. I ate jalapeno poppers tonight for dinner – the really awful kind with that fake orange nacho cheese injected into them. I feel guilty for feeding baby that…but my fridge full of organic fruits & veggies made my stomach  turn. 

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Callie, that seems odd that no one ever noticed that before...or that you never had complications from it before.  It doesn't seem like something that would just develop suddenly...but maybe I'm wrong.


New development:  Gagging when I yawn.  This should be fun.  :(

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Skeemama, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  (((HUGS)))

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I am sorry to hear about all of your loss. Truly, very sorry. Thank you for the blessings and well wishes, and I wish for you all the blessings and healing and a happy and healthy 9 months in your future. If you need any one to talk to, my PM box is always open. Much love.

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skeemama - I'm so sorry for your loss :(


callie - that sounds so stressful! But regardless of what the official diagnosis is, I'd say that your two successful pregnancies are a vote in favor of this one turning out OK too!


forestmushroom - I'm with you. This week actually isn't as bad, but the past few weeks I've been a wreck.


afm, I'm really ready for this constant nausea to go away. It seems to hit me the worse in the evenings, and I haven't found any food/scents that make it go away. My morning nausea can be cured by eating breakfast, but my evening nausea seems to be a fortress of barfy feelings.


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haha awww bubblema! I haven't felt nauseated much at all, but this morning I yawned really big and I did actually feel really gross. 

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New development:  Gagging when I yawn.  This should be fun.  :(


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Skee - So sorry :( grouphug.gif


Bubble - Now that I think of it, I have had a few yawn-turns-to-nausea episodes... dang yawns!!


AFM, I am just trucking along.. gettign tired of feeling sick and tired but am consoled by my little ultrasound pictures heartbeat.gif I love my little baby already! 


If I am being honest, I have started to really think about what is going on here.  My WHOLE life, I have wanted to be pregnant.  Like, I wanted to have kids, too, but I always WANTED to be pregnant!  So, now, I am over the moon to actually be here!  But the thing is, now I am really thinking about what this means.  It isn't just picking out fun maternity clothes.  It's not just fun baby showers and showing off my bump.  It's kinda crappy.  I kinda feel like crap all the time and it's all setting in that I have a LONG way to go... I always knew you would get sick while pregnant but reality is here to bite me in the ass.. It's not that fun!  So, I have been doing a lot of thinking and trying to really prepare myself for 9 months of this and also the awful delivery....since I have decided against any meds. 


Anyway, I just wanted to write that out and put it out there that although I am thrilled to be pregnant, so far it isn't the funnest experience and I am hoping that the second trimester proves to be better for me.

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