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water birth in greensboro nc

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I am in search of a careprovider (certified nurse midwife or obgyn doctor) who is willing to do a water birth at home or at women's hospital in greensboro nc. I need a provider who accepts medicaid. I am due april 5 2011. I am also in search of a doula so if you are or know of any good ones in the area please contact me.

Thank you
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Nancy Harmon, CPM does home waterbirths and takes medicaid. 

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And she goes to Greensboro. :)

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How does she take Medicaid if she's only a CPM?

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Nancy is a CNM, not a CPM.



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Originally Posted by pittsburrito View Post

Nancy is a CNM, not a CPM.



Yeah that........sorry I must have not been thinking... ;)


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Good day


I am expecting my second baby, first was a waterbirth in other country, I am looking to have a waterbirth,. I live in Kinston NC, do you attend this area? If not, I am willing to travel to the nearest location, please contact me, my due date is next year July 2010 but I want to be ready

Looking forward to hear from you

Eunice 757-748-3180


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HI, Eunice,

There are several nurse-midwives that serve out in the Kinston area. Olivia Marshburn, Donna Galati, and Deb O'Connell all serve that area. Also, this January, Jane Gledhill just a little north of Mebane, NC will be opening a homebirth Nurse-Midwifery practice.

Karen Benfield, CNM & Owner of BirthTender Midwifery

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Does anyone know where I can find contact information for Jane Gledhill? 

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Also I am a new doula in the triad area looking to take on more clients. My email is pacedoula@yahoo.com if you would like to talk more
about it!
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