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Kai has arrived!

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Kai was born September 8 at 3:15 pm after 36 hours of labor! What started off as a UC turned into a hospital birth after 30 hours. Nothing was wrong, but he was posterior and I was unable to get into any position except standing (mostly in the shower with hot water on my back) the ENTIRE time. I think I knew I was going to need some help, and after 6 more hours of the same in the hospital I asked to be checked...something I had refused all through out the pregnancy and labor, hoping for a motivational ” 8!”, and was only at 5cm. At that point I asked for the epidural to get some rest, and managed to sleep and dialate to ten in 2 hours. Pushed Kai out in about 30 minutes. We were stuck in the hospital for 48 hours because I refused IV abx in labor for GBS, but otherwise the hospital was remarkably easygoing. Intermittent monitoring was every three hours, no heplock was started, and they basically left me until I asked for them.

Breastfeeding has been a challenge. My nipples are pretty injured but heading, and I am so in love with Kai. He was 7 lbs even and 19.5 inches long. Strong, full head of long black hair, and looks EXACTLY like his daddy!

This has been an extraordinary lesson in surrender, and I have gained an unbelievable new respect for my clients and moms everywhere.
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Congratulatins, mama! flowersforyou.gif

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It sounds like an intense birth!  Glad you are home and hope nursing gets easier for you two!

Enjoy this time!

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Congratulations!  That sounds super-intense -- kudos to you for following your instincts.  Enjoy the babymoon!

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Congratulations!  I love the perspective you are using to look at the birth and using it as a way to better understand your clients.  Enjoy your little one and babymoon!

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Congrats on the new arrival!!!  ;)

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welcome baby Kai!!! Love the name! :-)

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I'm so glad things worked out and that your adventure has such a joyful ending!  Congrats and enjoy your babymoon!  :)

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Congratulations!! Even though the birth didn't go the way you expected I hope you are enjoying your new little one!!

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Congratultions on your little guy! You did a super job!

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Congrats mama!!!  Keep applying lanolin every chance you get.  I had both nipples cracked and bleeding with this one and they are just about healed.  Good little nurser, but ouch.  Should have started applying it from the beginning.  It gets better pretty quick.

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Congratulations! love.gif

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Congratulations on your little boy!  I love the name Kai.

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