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I see this is an old post, but the title caught my eye.  In case it's catching the eye of other single moms who feel hopeless, let me say this...


I used to wonder if anyone would ever want to date a single mom with special-needs twins?  Well, not a steady stream of people.  But none of the people who did were interested in a superficial, fly-by-night fling.  Everyone who knew about my kids and was still interested in dating me was in the market for a long-term, devoted, real-world connection, baggage and all.  In one way, it's not as easy as being young, free and only responsible for yourself.  In another way, it's a lot better!  A lot less confusion, mixed signals and misplaced hopes.  Guys who act like they really want to connect with you - but who really just want to get in your pants - will usually be scared away before you can ever fall for them and get your heart broken.


Have faith and try not to concentrate on looking for Mr. Right.  Concentrate on making your life work - and liking yourself - as things are, right now.  Mr. Right is more likely to show up - and find you attractive - when you get to where you're OK with yourself and your life, and you don't NEED're just happy to see him.