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Which Tetanus vaccine for an almost 3 yr old?

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Hi Dr. Sears,


Thanks for having this forum!


I would like to get my son the tetanus vaccine. I understand there are several choices available-the DT and the DTaP and several brands that make them.


I would like to give him the brand that will require the least amount of doses to acquire an initial immunity. For example, I understand there is a brand of pediatric Tetanus only vaccine in Europe that after 2 doses the child usually is protected for one year and if you add a 3rd dose, then they are protected for 5 years.


 I would also like to give him a brand with the least amount of addittives, adjuvenats, a "greener" vaccine if possible. What is the best option for us?


Thanks sooo much for your help!!!!



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You can review the brands and ingredients in the book, but I like to use Daptacel brand of DTaP.  As for DT, there is only ONE brand in the U.S., so there isn't a choice. 

The number of required doses is the same for all U.S. brands. 

Keep in mind, however, that tetanus protection isn't very important for infants and children.  You may not know that there are only about 5 cases of tetanus each year in the U.S. in kids under 15 years of age.  Kids just aren't very susceptible to tetanus. AND, there is only about 1 case per year of tetanus in kids 5 and under. 

So, I usually don't advise tetanus vaccine until kids are at least teenagers for families who had chosen not to vaccinate for it.

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HI Dr Sears:


Thanks so much for your reply!


I knew the number of cases were low but did not realize how low they were. We live in a large urban area and we regularly see discarded rusted objects like bottle caps or nails on the ground and even on the grass at the parks where my son plays. It is very nerve wrecking...

So I guess I have to do some more thinking about this....


Now if we did decide to get the shots at some point, would he need 2 or 3 doses to be initially protected against tetanus? and would you recommend that we wait 6 months in between doses?


Thanks so much and all the best!


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it would be three doses for what would be considered full protection.  the usual is 0, 2, and 6 months, but you can spread it out in any manner that you want. you could get a titer test right before the third dose is due to see if there is good immunity alread, then skip the third dose.  I do not know how many years that protection would be reliable though.

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