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A Blast From MDC Past!

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Howdy to all who remember me, lol.  It's been.... years?  I've been through a lot over the last four years, but have come out on the other side intact, if not whole, lol. 


I'd like to see some of the people I used to connect with on here.  See how you are, how are your kids? 


My kids are simply insane, wonderful, a huge pain sometimes, lol.  It happens.  My oldest is getting college solicitations from Rice, Duke, Harvard, MIT, ... you name it, he gets it.  My prayer for him is that he goes where his heart tells him to, not where I want him to (which is none of the above, but if he wants to go, there he goes).


My 11 year old boy twin has been diagnosed with ADHD as well as GAD (general anxiety disorder).  Now that I know what's going on, I can make it easier on him, as I suffer the same :)  He can lawyer you out of anything.  Anything at all.


My 11 year old daughter (twin) has been Dxed as slightly brain damaged (mostly short term memory loss) and dyslexic.  She shines as an artist and compassionate soul.


My nine year old son is still him.  He still dresses in pink and wears dresses on occasion.  He's a bit sensitive about it, but mostly he's very comfortable in who he is.  Great things lie ahead for him.


My seven year old son ... my baby, lol.  He's so direct and funny.  He was using my iPhone the other day (gah!  I fell prey to the enemy!) and I asked him what he was doing.  He said he was spying on China.  :roflmao


And me?  I'm a substitute teacher for one of the local districts and have my teacher's certification in Chemistry.  Whee!  Amazingly i made it out the other side of a black hole.  There's more to tell, but will leave it at this.


Take care,



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Hey mama!  You may not remember me by this username, but I remember you!


So great to hear about your life!  PM me if you wanna.

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Welcome back!
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oooh i remember you too mama. welcome back!!!!

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Hey! Welcome back!
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Wow, long time no see! It's been forever! I remember you, my friend. This is the first time I've been here in at least a year and it's good to see a familiar face :love:


My boys are growing like weeds! I'm not 100% good with that. I'd like them to be littler, but I'm getting used to the idea.

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Welcome back! I can't believe your kids are so grown up all of a sudden.

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Welcome back! It is good to see you!


And congrats for the substitute teacher job.  How long have you had it?

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Welcome back!  I remember you, but you probably don't remember me.  It's good to see you :)

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Welcome back!!!

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Hey!  I remember you!


I don't check in here as much as I used to, either.  My DD is a teen, but I've been here at MDC since she was, oh, seven or so.

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I remember you! My username used to be Emilie but  it's Emilie2 now. I recently came back to after a 4 year hiatis. Not sure if you remember me.

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Hey GWH!!!!


Boy do I remember you!  I'm so glad to see a post from you.   I didn't post very often back in the day, but I remember you! 


Not only do I not post very frequently anymore - but I rarely get on to read. Life changes and having teenagers will do that to you.


I'm glad you popped in.  It makes me nostalgic.   Glad things are great.

Take care!



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Hey, I sort of remember you too!  I think, somehow, the new format of MDC has thrown me for a loop a little.  I don't seem to post as much as I used to.  

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Well howdy GWH! Welcome back. love.gif

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Welcome back GWH, I remember you from back in the day as well.   I might have been JewelysMommy back then.

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Welcome home!love.gif

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hey~ welcome home mama joy.gif

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