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So I just thought I would share our experiences in case any one else out there has something similar going on.

My DD had been spitting up large amounts after every feeding, and acting really fussy at the breast, and uncomfortable in general after nursing.

I had this gut feeling that it was the bread (wheat) in my diet that was bugging her. What kind of led me to that conclusion is that the whole time I was pregnant I suffered heartburn every time I ate wheat.


So I went a few days without eating any wheat and no spit up, no fussiness, better nursing! Then after that, I ate a bunch of bread just to make sure she actually did react to that and sure enough, she spit up all day.


Anyway I thought this was really interesting that #1 a food sensitiity/allergy could cause reflux, and that #2 the thing that gave me heartburn in pregnancy was an indicator of her food sensitivity!