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Injured nipples...help!

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Hi everyone! I gave birth to my first baby on 9/8/11 and out seems I made a mess of positioning and latching my son in the first days. I'm a CLE and seem to have forgotten EVERYTHING I know about bf! We have corrected the positioning and latch problems and bf doesn't hurt once the initial latch is done (15-30 seconds), and I've even been able to get him latched on pain free initially a few times. The not so fun part (and forgive me for being a giant wimp) is that both nipples are still fairly injured. both gave bled (though not since last week), and both are cracked and bruised. In the cracks is a yellowish substance that reminds me of what happens after a scraped knee, epithelial cells or something?

Anyhow I'm keeping both nipples coated in lanolin and trying to stay positive, but they look terrible and I'm just wondering what others have done to deal with this problem...and maybe some reassurance that they will actually heal one day? Thanks, mamas!
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You poor thing. 


Can you get hold of all purpose nipple ointment? 

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Probably...what exactly is it? not lansinoh?
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I've been using the nipple butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby. I love it even more than lanolin. I had the same issue with latching, and I'm a former peer counselor! It took almost a week for me to heal. Also try to expose your nipples to air as often as possible. It will get better soon!

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All Purpose Nipple Ointment. You may need a prescription to get it (not sure), but if you have local groups (LLL or a local lactation consultant) they would know how to go about getting it. 

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