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So my ex husband got married!

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We have been divorced for 4 years and he has been living with this woman for 2 years... I have known about the wedding for awhile. They did not include the children they went away and had just their parents there.... not what I would have chose but whatever. Ds has major issues with this woman and feels she took his dad away from him and he and his dad used to get to do stuff together and now they don't. This is ongoing and ds is in counseling to work on this.

( she is not a kid person- has a child of her own that she rarely see's)

When I showed DS the picture of them during wedding on facebook he started to cry. Then when his dad called to talk to him he refused to talk. I tried to encourage him by saying things really won't change they will be the same but he is not buying it.

How did your kids react when x got remarried?  How did you handle it?

I am trying hard not to pass along my feelings to ds.

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although i am not in your situation (yet) i have the same trepidations about *when* that time comes :(


incidentally, what are your feelings about your ex getting married?  i most definately think your feelings, even if you don't come out and say them, will affect how your kids react.  not to say they don't have independant emotions around it (glad he is in counseling! so is my son), but i think our kiddos look to us to see how they should react.  i'd say get some support around your own emotions (counseling, talking with friends, whatever) so that you can be there more fully for what your son is going through, and your son's emotions aren't triggering your own against the ex.

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I am pretty neutral about him getting married. Not so neutral about her... for good reason. But I try to point out her good qualities to ds and dd. DD loves her... ds not so much. She likes my dd , ds .... not so much.  I hope when they get back xh takes time with kids but doubtful.

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