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Please Help: Migraine

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Dear Sweet Mamas, I'm apologize up front for not being able to post this in the homeopathy group, but I'm fighting a migraine and I don't have full faculties at the moment. Anyway, can anyone suggest a homeopathic treatement for migraine? I've been fighting one all day and I'm sure their is one in my Washington's kit, but I can't read the little writing as to what to try.

I'm BFing my 2yo


So far I've used my smudge stick, rest (yeh, right with 3 kiddies), magnesium(since worn off), pressure points.


Thank you for any help your suggestions. I used to get migraines but this is my frist one since getting PG with my son, so I wonder if somehow slowing down BFing has changed my hormones and made me susceptible again.


Love and gratitude ...

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I don't know of homeopathic remedies, but have you tried ice? I like to lay on a soft ice pack, with the pack positioned under the occipital area. (The back of your skull/upper neck) It helps to reduce the dilation of the veins in your head and scalp area. Sometimes taking a warm bath while using the ice helps even more.
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Thank you. I'll try that when kiddies are in bed in a little while. A friend just called me and said "Belladonna" might help me too, so I've just had a dose.


Blessings and thanks to you for sharing!!!!

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Did you find a remedy that worked for you?  I suffer from migraines (just had a four day long one last week) so I'm always looking for ways to get relief.  That one I last had was initiated by menstrual hormones, but it was such a doozy.  I think that there may have been some stress factors there for me too.  I don't get them every month and I also get them other times during the month.  It all depends on what I have been eating, thinking, doing, etc.

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