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Snack ideas?

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What are you having for healthy snacks? I'm really trying to work against my cravings for candy by having fruit when possible. Today I scrambled a couple eggs, added a little shredded cheese and Real Salt, and had a sliced apple as well.
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This has been a huge issue for me too!  I have been making little containers of raw almonds, raisins and dark chocolate chips - so I get a little sweet in there.  I have been trying to have fruit too to help offset the sweet temptation.  I also have the old classic celery with almond butter and raisins (sometimes I alternate dark chocolate chips). I would love some new ideas too, because I am so hungry all the time I know those around me are afraid of losing digits if they get too close.

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I'm not sure if this is healthy enough or not, but I eat like a baked potato with light sour cream and butter. Or I eat no sugar added apple sauce with a pinch of cinnamon. I also eat oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, stuff like that. I am usually ALL for sugary stuff before I got PG, but not really anymore. Once in a blue moon. What I really like is salty or sour. And I feel like that stuff is really hard to find in healthy stuff.

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ive been noshing on...organic carrot sticks w/dressing, cucumber slices w/salt, mini bagels w/veggie cream cheese, cheese slices(im a closet cheese addict!) strawberries in milk with sugar, really everything...hahaha and ive been mostly thirsty all of the time!

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Luckily, I've been mostly craving only healthy foods, so it's been pretty easy (opposite of my last pregnancy when I wanted sweets non-stop). I've been eating a lot of pickles, cheese and crackers, tons of fruit from the farmers market, homemade soups with lots of veggies, carrots and hummus, a handful of nuts, smoothies. I'm hungry non-stop, too, so it's been a little bit of a challenge to keep stocked with good things. It was especially hard when I felt so sick that I couldn't shop or cook but was still starving! Thankfully, that's starting to go away. :)

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oh yes pickles!

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Mmmmm pickles..... and dilly beans!

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I have a carb addiction, so I first reach for something like pita chips, toast or crackers.   I've picked a bunch of fresh peaches and berries not to long ago.  Other then that I wasn't eating much because of the nausea.  Now that it's subsiding though.... I keep wanting to bake everything.  I've done Bagels, doughnuts, and chocolate cupcakes.  Now I want pumpkin bread, zuchinni bread, apple pie, peanut brittle and caramels..... someone please stop me!

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boiled egg, cheese (local types only, e.g. feta) and nuts. Fruits like peaches, grapes, watermellon, figs for sweet treats. Homemade chocolate from tahini, raw cholocate powder and honey, spread on whole wheat bread. I'm trying to keep it low carb, as much as possible. We enjoy these snacks together with my DD.
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Today I had celery with peanut butter for a morning snack, and just had celery with some cream cheese. Yesterday I slipped and had an oreo cookie shake. Today I've done pretty well. Cereal with milk for breakfast, an apple with cheddar cheese, celery and peanut butter, bean and rice burrito, and celery with cream cheese. Waaay better than the past two weeks. It's getting easier to resist processed sugar...I just need to stick with it.

On a side note, our local stores have almost no organic apples or oranges. Apples are in season, but they have signs up saying that the severe rains and late freezes we had seriously messed with supply. I think we'll have to go up to Apple Hill and get some organic apples, because the conventional apples we get around here taste like cardboard. I think the Mandarin Festival is coming up, but not soon enough.
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I've been snacking on cottage cheese and greek yogurt. My doctor said to lay off the dairy, but it's HARD! When I'm in the mood for chocolate, I make no-bake oatmeal. It's basically oatmeal with peanut butter and cocoa, sweetened with stevia. It tastes like no-bake cookies, but it's healthy.

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Originally Posted by RachaelsMommy View Post

I've been snacking on cottage cheese and greek yogurt. My doctor said to lay off the dairy, but it's HARD! When I'm in the mood for chocolate, I make no-bake oatmeal. It's basically oatmeal with peanut butter and cocoa, sweetened with stevia. It tastes like no-bake cookies, but it's healthy.

Why lay off the dairy? Normally they push that pretty hard.

My favorite right now is a sliced apple with some cheddar cheese. Yum! I think I've gained 5-7 lbs and need to check again tomorrow morning. Five isn't bad for this point, since I haven't had much ms, just reflux. Anyways, I'm doing better with the diet. Organic oatmeal for breakfast without added sweetener, veggies for a snack, had mac N cheese for lunch (which was not great), sliced apple for afternoon snack, and then I made dinner. Dinner was Spanish rice, refried beans, and fajita meat with onions. I used homemade bone stock instead of water for both the beans and rice, and used coconut oil for all of them. Now I'm having my apple and cheese. smile.gif

I still need to knock this indigestion so I can vary the fruit and foods some. Enzymes helped some, but I'm going to ask the OB what her thoughts are.
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This thread makes me hungry wink1.gif
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Tonight my snack is an egg sandwich. I don't like egg yolk, but that is where all the nutrients are. So, I whipped the eggs and cooked them in butter like an omelet. I added some shredded cheese, folded it up, and put it between some buttered whole-wheat toast. I'm trying to work more eggs in, especially since my whole-food prenatal doesn't contain choline.
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I am craving eggs like crazy!  Tonight I ate brown rice with a fried egg (lots of pepper) on top with Braggs (you can use soy sauce of course).  Soooo goood! thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by candelaria80 View Post

I am craving eggs like crazy!  Tonight I ate brown rice with a fried egg (lots of pepper) on top with Braggs (you can use soy sauce of course).  Soooo goood! thumb.gif


Me too, hard boiled and deviled eggs. One day I bought a party tray whistling.gifof deviled eggs and finished it in 2 days, 6 on one day and 6 the next. Then while my eldest son was in the ER with a broken arm, I must have had 10 hard boiled eggs from the hospital cafeteria. They were amazing. Now I have 3 bags of Trader Joe's fully cooked hard boiled eggs in the fridge just in case. This is crazy, because I never eat these things any other time. I guess if my body is craving it then I need it. After awhile I notice that the cravings go away. At first I craved soup and salads like crazy, then tabbouli and tzatziki, then spicy v-8 while I snacked on raw almonds, then celery and peanut butter, and now its cucumber salad (with OO, salt, vinegar and spices) plus raspberries with whipped cream, oh and I have had about 7 Double Western Bacon Cheeseburgers since I have been pregnant. Wish I could get rid of that craving.

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Here's some ideas:            First of all if you buy it, and bring it home, you'll eat it!  Curbing the bad foods starts at the shopping cart, I suppose.

Dried fruit (Costco!)   Carrot sticks & Hummus, Pickles, Nuts (read the label, dry roasted has lots of extra ingredients including MSG & sugar)

Nuts like Almonds, cashews etc are said to be very satisfying if chewed thoroughly.

I'm trying to eat Gluten free AND the "China Study" way, so the only animal products I let in are a little bit of cheese, butter, & heavy cream for the coffee.



Instead of potato chips, try rice crackers.  The Blue Diamond rice/almond crackers are pretty darn tasty and come in many flavors.

Eating at least one huge salad a day helps me feel great.  Energized, and not too full.

You can make home made granola and control what's in it + how it's sweetened.


Nuts, Dried fruit, rice crackers, granola, all these keep well in ziplocs and you can have them handy in your purse, glovebox, or pantry.  Good luck!

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This past week, I've been good with snacks, but HORRIBLE with meals. I'm tried and still having migraines most days (they're getting better...slowly), and so DH has been dealing with meals. Problem is, he doesn't understand that hunger can go from 0-60 in no time flat when you're pregnant. He'll wait around to start dinner until I'm starving, and then we end up with takeout. We can't afford that, and I've gained a few more pounds that I should at this point. We probably need to put together some freezer meals, utilize the crock pot, etc.

One of my friends emailed to ask if we'd like to share eggs and other homemade foods in a sort of foodie coop, and that sounds promising. His boss actually asked him to see if any friends were interested. If I remember right, I think his boss runs a company that roasts organic, free-trade coffee. I get serious heart-burn from coffee while I'm pregnant, but I bet it would make great gifts. Too bad you ladies don't live anywhere near me. It would be nice to trade things like that. smile.gif
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I haven't been feeling great off and on, so my snacks are for lazy people. smile.gif The last thing I want to do when I'm hungry is spend 15 minutes cooking something. I've been eating hard boiled eggs that I keep in the fridge and cook ahead of time, nuts and dried fruits, cheese on crackers (om nom nom!), lots of fruits and sliced cucumbers, cereal with milk and peanut butter sandwiches.
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I'm at the point where I am STARVING, especially later in the evening. I'm doing pretty well on eating healthy, but I've already gained 10 lbs. I did that with DD, too. I haven't gotten grief from the OB yet, and hope not to. I did get a LOT of grief when pregnant with DD, though. Hopefully it slows down, but I doubt it will.

The crazy thing? I can eat a good snack with fiber, protein, and some fats like carrots or apple slices with a tablespoon of peanut butter. I'm hungry again in an hour. Darn baby!
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