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I love knitting baby booties, I can finish a pair in a few hours. But if you start knitting baby booties all the time, people start to think you're nuts...


I really like karabella aurora for booties, and frankly at the price booties are about as bit of a project as I can afford to take on with the stuff! It's like $8/ball! But I can easily get 3-4 pair out of one ball. But it's super soft and still has great stitch definition.


I'm just about done with a sweater for myself, just one sleeve left (and then finishing and blocking... bleh). It came out reeeeeally big, but I guess that's ok because I'm about to get reeeeeally big.

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I am knitting a modified version of the five hour baby sweater for a 6-9 month size baby out of cotton. It is cute so far. Have less than 50 rows to go.

I would like to make a pair of baby booties and a bonnet to match - any good pattern recommendations?

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I think you asked for a knit baby legs pattern, but I've been needing a crochet one for my dd, and found this today:




It looks so easy.  After I finish this longie I'm working on, I'm going to try it out.  She needs something to keep her little legs warm with her wool shorties!  These should be faster then crocheting a whole longie. 


And, 5 hour sweater pattern?!?!  I'm so there.  Except, I'm a really, really new knitter.  I think it may take me forever and turn out all crooked.  :)

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Since I haven't had much knitting/sewing experience, my first project is writing bedtime stories.  I might get DH to help with the illustrations.  Then I'll tackle clothing--once my confidence is up.

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And, 5 hour sweater pattern?!?!  I'm so there.  Except, I'm a really, really new knitter.  I think it may take me forever and turn out all crooked.  :)

Seriously, check out the Baby It's Cold Outside sweater.  It's crochet, and it definitely didn't take 5 hours (maybe about 3).  If you're not comfortable with knitting, I wouldn't jump into even a "5-hour" sweater.  The BICO is a really quick crochet, since it's made all in one piece and then you just seam up the sides.  Let me see if I can find the link.  Baby It's Cold Outside Pattern

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lol - if you can knit longies you can so do this sweater pattern. It has taken me more than five hours also. yarntootin.typepad.com/5hourbabysweater.pdf



I like that "Baby its cold outside" sweater. I am not very good at crocheting though. I think I could do this pattern though. Thanks for sharing.


Last night I sewed a little kimono shirt and today I am doing the pants. I would love to post pictures but I dont know how. My sister gave me an android phone but I cant figure out how to get the pictures from the phone to here. Hello, I'm Kamiro and I'm techtarded. I'll ask her. This thread needs pics!

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So, anyone who's looking for babylegs, Babysteals.com has them today.  5 pairs for $30, with $2 flat shipping.  They typically go fast though. 

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Ahhh!  Thank you!


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I'm trying to finish off a shawl I started for my mother in the Spring but it's going really slowly - fingering weight yarn, size 2 needles. I'm about halfway through now and I'm really trying to focus on it so I can move on to baby stuff. I try my best not to have any UFOs, but I might have to make an exception this time.


The first baby-related project I want to work on is a hat - either a pixie hat or a strawberry hat. I also want to make a couple blankets and some booties. I've been spending a lot of time on Ravelry browsing patterns and I might buy a book or two if I need to (though I haven't seen any that are worth it yet).

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i finished a mobile before we left for xmas :) i used these instructions and fabric i had on-hand from my stash of scraps and quarter yards.









next i want to make a quilt ( just bought the fabric!) & then felt booties, maybe a quiet book, a knit rabbit lovey, a duvet for a baby comforter i have... and on & on.

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That is an adorable mobile!!!!

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I love that mobile!  So pretty!  I want it for the living room.  lol


Last night I started on a baby blanket.  I found some nice cotton yarn at Micheal's.  It's Bernat CottonTots.  I love the texture.  :)  I didn't get very far last night because I started looking at cloth diapers online, and wasted like 3 hrs.  :\  Oops.

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Ohmygoodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE that mobile! I would pay lots of money for that! Wow- you are very talented!

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I just pulled out all of my fabric and my mom and I are going to make a mobile tomorrow. That's awesome!


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That is so awesome Roxi! I was going to make a felted bird mobile, but I think I like your fabric one better. Umm..except not as a mobile. Thats a work of art for my front room! lol


Love it!

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i love that bird mobile!


so far for this baby i've knitted...one baby sock. and i started that a year before i even got pregnant! now that the holidays are over i'm trying to get into the zone. i have a ton of spud & chloe "sweater" yarn (cotton and superwash wool blend) and would like to make a blankie and cardigan for the little pooper. and uh, finish that other sock. 


i would also like to knit a cardigan for myself!


but those are just my must-dos. if i really get motivated, i'd like to do a few cotton bibs and some larger, heavier knits for when winter comes.

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my partner started that bird mobile, but its not done yet. 


I'm not the sewing/knitting/making clothes type. I've made a pair of pants and hemmed a few things but thats it. My partner is and she has made the other baby lots, most he doesn't fit yet and some is is WAY too huge for. She made both kids t-shirts out of an old shirt of mine I used to love. I'm sure if I ask her nicely enough, she will make some more stuff, as she feels compelled to! I love the stuff she makes, its all so stinkin cute! 

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That's an adorable mobile!


I'm working on a sweater right now, but I screwed it up and had to rip back about 3" so I'm not feeling super motivated. Plus I realized I didn't plan it well so I'm not sure it will look good. But I'm using yarn leftover from a sweater I made my sister in law, so if it works out it will be super cute / dorky for her and the baby to wear matching sweaters.


It's actually a sweater vest I made for my sister in law, but my husband said a sweater vest on a baby would be too nerdy. Even for us.

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That mobile has inspired me to try sewing for the first time...ever. We are doing a woodland theme for the little guy's bedroom (since his nn will be Fox), and I LOVE birds so this is awesome. This whole sewing thing is pretty easy right???

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Good lucky, Ozzy! I don't think they are very hard to make--I did them all by hand. I think they are kind of forgiving, too, so even your stitches aren't so tiny/even, they should still come out looking okay.


I wish we lived somewhere less rural; I sew okay and knit okay but I would so love to go and take some classes now!!

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