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OW! what is this?

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Earlier today my whole belly hurt. A lot. I don't think its anything serious because I have experienced this a couple times before in pregnancy, and obviously was fine. But what bothers med is I cannot figure out what it is, or how to fix it! Its very generalized, not just one spot. Sensation wise might be srt of similar to heartburn? But wrong location. My movement, movement of any kind, including a deep breath, worsened it. Surprisingly, baby movements didn't. Enthusiastic toddler hugs though? Ugh. Had to ban him from my lap. Curling over my belly (like bending to pick something up) is bad, but sitting up very straight and "creating space" helps. First started hurting about when I was getting ready for lunch (thought it was hunger pains at first) and then gradually worsened. Got a LOT worse when I ate. Just a small bowl of mashed sweet taters. Luckily dh was home to keep an eye on the kids because at that point the only relief was lying onmy side in bed and remaining absolutely motionless. Fell asleep of course. Woke up much better, but I still feel it if I bend over to pick something up, but not as bad. Sooo...any idea wtf this is?!
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My belly, around my ribs and the top of my baby bump hurts if I have a pinched nerve. If I even breath too deep it hurts.

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Well, all the organs are getting progressively more squished at this point, so bending down causing discomfort makes total sense, especially after eating.  Also external force hurting vs. internal (the baby) makes sense if it's an organ issue b/c baby rarely kicks the stomach or intestines- at least I've never had that issue.  So I'm wondering if you're getting some sort of indigestion- gas build up in the intestines and stomach that makes you feel sore b/c of the pressure its creating.  Eating can exacerbate that, but over time things move through- down and out- and could resolve the issue.  Maybe more water to keep things dilute and moving and keep an eye on what you ate prior to one of these "attacks."  Sorry you felt so lousy!  Glad it's over for now!

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