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Our Babies are Here--More pics added post 43

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Hey Ladies--


Well, Miles and Emily made it earth side on Sunday Sept 18th at 2:57 am and 3:02 am.


Miles weighed 7lb 14 oz and was 20 inches long.


Emily weighed 7lb 1 oz and was also 20 inches long.


I was induced Saturday afternoon using cytotec to ripen my closed cervix. It took one dose to get me contracting, and the second dose got my cervix to 3cm. They broke Miles' bag of water and placed a scalp monitor on him. My contractions started right up from there.


At around 11 pm I decided it was time for an epidural. I was very tired, and knew with baby girl being transverse there could be a risk of needing to do a c-section to get her out, and I wanted to be awake if they had to do it in an emergency. I was at 5cm at this time.


3 hours later, I could feel every contraction again, and lots of pressure. The nurse checked me and lo and behold I was complete. So at about 2:30 they wheeled me back to the OR so that I could deliver in there. Once everything was in place the said, "ok, lets start pushing." I pushed for 3 contractions and Miles was born. He had his cord wrapped around his neck once.


 They tried via u/s guidance to do an external version on Emily to bring her head down. She didn't want to budge. So, the Dr. decided to try a breech extraction. He broke her bag of water, and went in after her. All he could grab was her butt. So out she came butt first.


I had a very minor tear..not even a 1st degree. I am thankful that the Dr. had small hands/arms.


They both have a head full of hair. Miles' is white/blond just like Daddy, and Emily is brown, just like mommy.


So without further ado here they are....


Miles and Emily.jpgJackson, Miles and Emily..jpg

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That is soo wonderful what beautiful big babies you did a great job mama will be back in the morning so I can write you proper this iPod is makin me loopy

Welcome little ones!
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Congratulations!! They are adorable, and big brother Jackson looks so proud!!
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Congrats Momma! they are beautiful

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Hello sweet babies!!!!!  They are so lovely and healthy looking!!  luxlove.gif


Congrats to you and your family!

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Beautiful! And go you for carrying and pushing out TWO big babies! I'm freaking about just the one.

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Congratulations and welcome DDC babies 2 and 3!
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luxlove.gif Such beautiful big babies! Each the weight of a singleton, wow mama, did you ever do an amazing job with those two! Congratulations, have a wonderful baby moon, and if you have any more pictures to share, throw some our way pretty please?! joy.gif

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wow that is really amazing! congratulations and what an incredible thing, to give birth to two big, healthy twins!

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Those pictures are so precious. I'm glad everyone is healthy. CONGRATS!!!

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Congratulations!!!!! Their precious!!

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That's so wonderful!  HELLA good job momma!! 

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How wonderful!!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic of your ds1 with the two littles!!!!

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Congratulations!  What a beautiful birth story too!  (As an inspiring midwife, I'm so happy for you to hear about twins both born vaginally, including breech!).  It sounds like you must have been so proactive and healthy in your pregnancy, and wow, those are good sized babies!!!


I hope you are resting, relaxing, getting pampered, and absolutely falling in love with your new babies!  Congratulations!

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Hooray!!! What a wonderful birth story and great news!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous babies, and I love the photo with your older DS, too. Congratulations!!!

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Wow, babies!  Congratulations, they're beautiful!

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Congratulations! What beautiful babies you made! you rock!

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