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2011 FluShots

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I live in a house where two kids go to daycare they are my step children so we have no choice in the matter.


Last year I got sick with everything they would bring home not fun........With having a new baby in the home would you recomend me getting a flu shot? I want to breastfeed. Is there a mercury free brand?


I also have a 4 year old that I would like to get as well........ Would I do a flumist or shot? I just don't want the mist spreading to the baby.....


I usually get myself a shot every year. Last year I did not,as I don't understand why they still are putting the H1N1 part in it.......


Any supplments to take before hand? I usually do lots of Sodium Asorbate.

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not sure of any supplements to take to help with the flu shot. some people think taking vitamin A (adult dose would be 5 or 10 thousand units daily) and Vitamin C 1000 mg daily for several days before and after the shot may help. 

I'm not sure if YOU getting the flu shot would help protect your baby, since the baby will be exposed to all the sick kids the same as you will. The main reason for YOU to get it would be if you are working outside the home, and you want to lower your risk of getting the flu at work.  Yes, there are mercury free brands - any single-dose vial or prefilled syringe will be mercury free. the H1N1 is in the shot again this year, but that's no different than any other strain they put in there. for your child, it's really a toss up between the spray and the shot. the spray works better, but there is a risk of transmission to the baby.  that transmission probably wouldn't make the baby sick though.

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there are mercury-free flu shots. I can't answer whether or not you should get it.  You can review all the pros and cons in the flu chapter of the book. But if you generally get the vaccine, I think it's ok to get while breastfeeding as long as it's mercury-free.

for the 4 year old, same thing.  I do have a slight preference for the flu mist nasal spray, as it works a little better.  It CAN spread, but the studies show that when it spreads, those who catch it don't really get sick. Not sure of any supplements to get.

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