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Child care provider?

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I dropped my son off for day care this morning and stood on the porch to listen how long it took him to stop crying after I left. My DCP has been waxing eloquently about how they calm him down when I leave by distracting him with toys, videos and food. However, as I was standing there, DCP angrily said, "be quiet!" a couple if times. DS stopped crying-ish. But I'm pretty upset. I'll be standing on the porch tomorrow to see, but I'm feeling shook up. Any thoughts? Advice? Am I overreacting?
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I would switch, I wouldn't let someone take care of my child who talked nastily to him/her.

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Even child care providers have a bad day.  I would definitely listen tomorrow.  If its a pattern, then I would talk to the DCP about what you heard and see what she has to say.  If she doesn't see an issue with her tone of voice or gets defensive, I would definitely change providers because someone with this little patience is likely to snap at other times too, and who knows how fast and how far that snap would be.


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Um....gross. I am assuming that you're probably AP or slightlly AP if you belong to MDC. If you don't speak to your son that way, why should your provider? I am a home child care provider, and I would NEVER yell at a daycare child, especially because he was upset. Besides that, this person has been lying to you about how she calms your child. I am seriously disgusted.  I would look for alternate care ASAP, and if possible, pull him out immediately. NOT acceptable.

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I would be out of there as soon as I could get alternate daycare set up.  That's the interaction you caught -- who knows what she's saying/doing when you aren't listening?



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Ya....I'm significantly AP and I thought the CCP was too. Well as much as I could get here. I don't want to over-react, so I'm not going to move him right now. But I still feel upset about it. I'm going to listen again tomorrow and see what is going on. If it happens again, I'll sit down with them. (it is actually a mother/daughter team). I mean, I have had days where I have been frustrastrated with him...but she didn't even seem to try anything that they said they were doing.

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I did childcare for three years and I would have been too embarassed to tell a child to "Be Quiet" in front of their parent.I might have shushed him, but I wouldn't have worded it that way.


While I wouldn't pull him out just based on what you described, I would do a couple of unannounced drop-ins during the day to see how he's doing and go from there.

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I would listen for a few days. This could be a one time thing and how many times have we accidentally said something we normally wouldn't say? I know it's your baby so either way it's unacceptable, but just to be sure.
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