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Indoor Activity and Exercise?

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What are some good ways to move and encourage movement and activity indoors with a toddler?  I'm trying to come up with fun, physical activities with my toddler on rainy days and during the snowy months.  


We take walks, run around our yard, and play at the park during the spring and summertime, but I'm sort of at a loss for colder fall/winter months.  My husband suggested something like a Wii or Kinnect, but I don't know enough about those devices--does anyone have any positive/negative experiences with those and toddlers?


Any and all suggestions are welcome.  Our space is pretty limited, and we have tile/carpet floors.  I've tried a trike and roller skates indoors, but those didn't work so well with our home's layout.


We've done dancing and attempted jump rope.



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I have been thinking about this recently too with the cold weather right around the corner (although you wouldn't know it by the 90+ degree temps this week).


How about getting one of those small round trampolines for indoors. Or you could lay out a few cushions or get a tumbling mat to set up a little gym/play area for those days. You could also draw out a hopscotch board on an old sheet and lay it on the carpet to play.

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I am wondering about this too. My DD loves to be outside so much, though, that I am really looking at just investing in some super outdoor wear so that she can actually be outside more. She will sit in a mud puddle fine for an hour. I want to be able to take her out in the rain as much as possible, but when it's really freezing i'm not sure how that will work. I actually think I'm more of the problem, since the bad weather bothers me more than her! :)

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Dancing is definitely our #1 go-to here. Our very active 23 mo old also loves things like taking the cushions off the couch to make climbing structures, marching around the house while playing instruments, ring around the rosy, simple yoga poses (I sometimes put on a dvd and she attempts to mimic what I do), Simon Says, and a game she calls "1-2-3-go," which is simply her standing against the wall on one side of the room and either she or I yells "`Ready? 123 Go!" and she runs full tilt across the room until she hits me on the opposite wall. She also likes movement games like the Hokey Pokey, Apple Tree, Johnny Works with One Hammer, etc.


Of course, most of these activities I have to do with her - but I can use the exercise too. :)



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