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My son (4.5) had reoccuring fevers.  We have no diagnosis of anything, except mother (and day care providers) intuition that these fevers are cyclical and almost predictable (i'll tell you in 3 weeks).  He fits the description from many mom posts of PFAPA (periodic fever syndrome).  Ultimately, it doesn't matter if it's a syndrome or not.  He gets low fevers often, high fevers occasionally when there are symptoms of something else, like rotavirus, colds, ect.  This to me sounds like reactive immune system, or potentially over reactive.  Regardless, immune system.


And by my own deductive reasoning, I'm thinking that an IgG test might reveal some sensitivities that we could eliminate or heal.  And maybe getting checked for metal toxicity.  He was breast fed until 22 months, and received 3 vaccines (none since), non of which contained heavy metals (DTaP maybe?)


I know it won't hurt to do these things and see what happens, but has anyone found a connection between these?