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Bajingo Juice turned into a Bun in the Oven - TTC #1 in our 30's Graduates - Fall 2011

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thumb.gif Welcome Bajingo Juice Club Graduates! thumb.gif


This thread is an extension of TTC #1 In Our 30's.

We are the ladies of the BJC who have gotten our BFPs.

All due dates are welcome.

Are you pregnant, in your 30's, and weren't involved in the BJC?  Welcome and please join us!


Let's keep in touch during our pregnancy journeys.

The more the merrier!



Due February 2012:


01 ~ Ramzubo29, BFP after 6 months of trying and 1 ectopic loss. She's having a BOY! 

26 ~ Hokievol33, BFP after 3 months of trying, 6 months of charting


Due April 2012:


04 ~ RosieL, 30, BFP right after "giving up" and starting the fertility clinic proceses.

27 ~ chapluqa31, TTC since 1/11


Due June 2012: 


07 ~ Bel718, 32, after 20 months and fertility treatment - Expecting twins! stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif

22 ~ Calycanth, 30, BFP after 16 months and one miscarriage.

26-29ish ~ CA Country Girl, 35, BFP after 18 months, acupuncture, and chinese herbs.


Due July 2012:


?? ~ reelala, 30, after 3 months


Due August 2012:


14 ~ andaluza, 35

?? ~ bootsvalentine, 32, BFP after TTC #1 since 06/2010


Due September 2012:


?? ~ ericaf, 31, BFP after 4 months of trying, 3 months of charting, and an early m/c in August


Congratulations 2011 Mamas!


birdie.lee ~ Baby BOY L 11/20 after just five hours of labor.

tank ~ Elliot was born on 11/8 at 11:38AM 

Hykue ~ Raven Brisa was born @ 8lb 2oz. 

ValH ~ Jacob was born 10/4 at 9:55AM. 

Tear78 ~ Alaric

LivingSky ~ Kayden







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Thanks, Rosie!
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Thanks for the new thread RosieL! Fall is my favorite season - can't wait to see pictures of the fall Bajingo babies!!
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Thanks for the new thread Rosie!!  


I'm doing good, just waiting.  I had been dealing with some killer exhaustion, but have recovered from that and for the past week have been feeling great!  I've had some pressure in my pelvis to the point where sometimes it feels like if the baby gets any lower, he'll just fall out - but that's only occasional.  The BH contractions continue, and I've had a few that I wasn't sure were BH, because they actually hurt.  But nothing regular or anything... and no lost mucus plug or bloody show... so really I'm just waiting.  I don't think he'll come before next week.  I'm hoping he'll come by 9/29, just so I can get out of a work meeting!  

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haha val  wanting him to come so you can get out of a meeting!  If he comes on 9/28 he can share a birthday with me!


thanks for starting the thread rosie!


I think I had a painful contraction today.  I was feeling really rushed at work and it felt like I was getting menstral craps in my whole abdomen but mostly down low.  It could have been stress who knows but it was actually painful unlike the BH I have had which just felt tight with out pain.  I am so ready to go into labor.  I know I am only 34 weeks and I shoudn't hope for him to be super early but I am just really excited about it. 


I also had a baby shower on Sun and it went really well and it seemed like everyone had fun.  I got lots and lots of clothes and blankets! 


How is everyone else feeling?


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Thanks for the new thread Rosie!


I see Val is just waiting patiently (maybe?) for little one to arrive. Got to wait for the bajingo bun to be done baking!


Yay Tank for a good baby shower. No shower for us, but I've been obsessively eBay shopping for stuff.


Seems like the nothing much going on pregnancy wise for me. There is definitely something bumping around in there, so I'm less panicky about everything. I am also amazed at how hard it is to get out of the couch, bed, bathtub....only half way and I already feel like I need Dh to pull me up to stand.

Hope everyone is feeling good and new babies are letting everyone sleep!

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Thanks for the new thread!


Val:  I hope you get one of two things:  more comfortable, or a baby.  And soon.


Mostly just marking my place in the new thread . . . I've been pretty busy, so not much time to check in, but I try to keep up.

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ok, I have to ask: what's Bajingo Juice? lol...that happened to the title sometime when I was taking a break from MDC and I never asked.
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I always assumed that bajingo juice = cervical mucus. heheee


I just learned something that blew my mind...the first trimester is 13 weeks? Why does no one tell me these things? I thought I had "made it" to the second already! biglaugh.gif

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tank - Yay for the good shower!  My BH (or what I'm assuming are still just BH) contractions have started to get painful.  Not like super painful (as in I'm not mistaking it for real labor), but there is a bit of pain associated now.  I'm taking it as a good sign of my body prepping for the task ahead!


Ram - Isn't it great to be able to feel baby bumping around so you can feel a little more relaxed?  Still no U/S scheduled yet??


Hykue - Hope you aren't working too hard around the farm!


Tear - Bajingo Juice does = cervical mucus.  I don't really remember how it came about or who started it... but it just kind of stuck.  It made us laugh at the time, and in the TTC journey, laughter is the best medicine sometimes!  ;)  Hope you and your new little family are doing well!!  


Rosie - I think there are a lot of different ways of counting trimesters, it really depends on what source you are going by.  If it makes you feel better to think you "made it" at 12 weeks, then that can be your first trimester!  I know I felt a lot of relief after making it past 12 weeks.


Not much going on here.  Had another doctor's appointment today.  Next week I'll have a NST and U/S, since I'll officially be past-due.  I know the doc will want to talk about inducing after that, but I'm not sure if he'd do it the following week (first week of October = 41 weeks), or the week after (42 weeks).  I've called and left two messages at the doctor's office because I wanted some clarification, just for my peace of mind, but they aren't calling me back.  I'm getting pretty annoyed with them.  Obviously I hope to have the baby BEFORE we get to an induction (or even before the NST), but if for some reason I don't, I'd like to know what to expect.  How hard is it to return a flipping phone call?  I might just have DH call - he's the more assertive one of us, so I'm sure he can get answers!  

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Rosie, that went right along with the myth that my nausea would be gone by 12 weeks. shake.gif I still saw 12 weeks as a big landmark. hug2.gif And you're probably right about the cm. lol.gif

eta - Val, we cross-posted. How frustrating to not get a call back! Hopefully you won't need to be induced, but you're right: it's nice to be prepared.
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Thats so annoying val.  When I first started going to my midwives I had a hard time getting them to cal me back about sceduling and such and was annoyed.  They have gotten much better now that I am coming to full term so it probably was because what I was calling about wasn't all that important to get back to right away.  I couldnt imagine them not calling me back if I was full term!


rosie I count 12 weeks as the end of the first trimester.  It's weird coming to full term and seeing how many people in my DDC are saying they had their other kids at 35/36/37 weeks and how so little of them mention going past 40 weeks.  If so many people have their babies at like 36ish weeks then why is 37 full term?  Maybe because whats when the baby would be more likely to not need to go to the NCIU?


I had an appointment today.  For the first time ever he was on my left side.  The midwife said he was pretty high up.  I wonder if that means he will take longer to drop.  I didn't think to ask at the time.  I REALLY don't want to be induced.  I would rather go to 45 weeks then be induced.  All the stories of pitocin have scared me. My midwives in the beginning told me that I shouldn't worry about it because they hardly ever induce their clients.  But obviously if I go past 42 weeks they have to right?  Another thing I need to ask them I guess.  When they actually have to induce.  Man I really hope I don't go super late.  It makes me nervous.  I just would like all the time to recover and not feel rushed back to work because I am leaving after the 1st week of Oct and hoping to go back at the beginning of next year.  I know all I should hope for is him to get here ok though and I still feel super grateful that he is still in there kicking around at this point.


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I believe in my state my MWs can't legally attend my homebirth past 42 weeks. If I get to that point, I'll be trying all the natural methods of induction in the book so that I can do it at home. I wonder what the rate of inductions would be if so many docs weren't trigger happy and so many ladies weren't so willing to go with it? In other words, I wonder what the rate of medically necessary inductions for being "over due" would be? One of Ina May's books states that the care provider can watch specific signs to indicate whether an overdue induction is necessary, or whether waiting is perfectly safe. I wonder how effective those methods are. It's sad we don't know a lot about how those things work, since there just aren't the numbers to run the studies (or probably the funding).


Val it sounds like you're body is gearing up to let your baby boy out! I can't help but think "Maybe she's laboring right now, or better yet, cuddling her son!" It makes me feel all giddy inside to imagine. :) 


tank - What were your favorite parts of the shower? My mom's asking me what I want to eat, drink, do, etc. What kind of party I think I'd enjoy most? I have no idea. 


Hi Hykue! I look forward to your next farm and baby updates. :) Is your husband home for the long haul now?


So, I squeezed my boob yesterday and a droplet of clear liquid came out. I freaked out with glee and ran to my husband clutching the boob and showing him the drop. I'm really nuts. SO EXCITED about a droplet of milk! 

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Well Val its sounds like you're making some progress, so hopefully no induction for you. They tried to induce my sis at 42 weeks with no luck so I'm hoping it's not a family thing. And still no u/s for me! I have an appointment on Oct. 3th and I'm going to flat out tell them I want one. They did my quad screen so I should have results from that, but if everything is good they were talking about not doing another u/s which is not going to work for me.


Tank you've still got a few more weeks before you start worrying about induction. My doula was asking me if I had any fears about a problem with the birth and I said that the babe's shoulders wouldn't come out. She asked me why I thought that might happen and I was like I don't know, but I watched a show with that one time and about had a heart attack. I thought they were going to break the poor woman's pelvis trying to get the baby out. I'm trying to avoid scary thoughts like that now.


Rosie, Everyday (or boob excretion!) is a milestone. I think the counting is all whack for pregnancy anyways. I remember when they said at the docs so you're 4 months and I was like how does 13 weeks = 4 months? I mean I get that technically it's the start of the 4th month, but when you think of pregnancy as being 9 months I was like wait I'm not close to being half way done yet.


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Ram - Scary thoughts indeed! Just a note - if shoulders get stuck, get on all fours! It is apparently a really effective way of dealing with shoulder dystocia, called the Gaskin maneuver. Good stuff! (Unfortunately abstracts don't seem to be available. :-/ http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0,21&q=the+gaskin+maneuver)


Will you post pics of your little one once you get your scan? I get all giddy and happy about ultrasound pictures. 


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Hmmm... favorite parts of the shower.  I liked that people decorated onsies for me.  Not everyone did it.  The hostess just left them out with some fabric markers and stencils that anyone could go and use if they wanted to.  It wasn't some big event that people felt obligated to participate in so I think that worked really well.  We just had finger foods and everyone enjoyed that.  There was alcohol at the party but noone got wasted or anything since it was on a sunday afternoon.  I like that it was fairly small and a lot of people didn't know each other.  It was nice that everyone got to meet other people in our lives from different situations.  Another thing I liked was that she got a bunch of baby socks and hung them on a clothes line and people wrote notes to us and put them in the socks.  It was great having notes of well wishes that I get to put in his baby book plus tons of baby socks!

The best part of it though was really just seeing all my friends that I haven't seen much since being pregnant.  I really have become a hermit these past few months because I have been so tired and busy with all these appointments and classes and such.  I never thought I would be that person and I hope I don't continue to be a hermit once he comes because that shower really reminded me that he is going to have some really great people in his life once he is here.

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I am going on maternity leave at 37 weeks.  I figure that's when I will be full term.  I wanted to sort of play it by ear but we are getting so booked up I needed to make a decision so we don't overbook.  There is no resceduling my clients the next week if I can't come in because I am in labor because I won't be there!  They are going to have a tough time since it is the busiest time of year (right before thanksgiving and christmas) for people to need their dogs groomed.  Maybe if I have him early enough I can come back for a few days before holiday break to releive some of that and make some money for myself for the holidays.  Who knows though. 


I can't wait to log on here and see that val went into labor!

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tank - I commpletely remember being done at the 33-34 week mark (I had kidney stones then!) and feeling like it was taking FOR-EV-ER at that point! But I'm still going to go ahead and wish that your baby doesn't come until at least 38 weeks, as thats when babe has a much better chance of not needing medical interventions. That said, at 38 weeks I say go for it with pretty much any natural induction method you can find! Things like castor oil really can work, and they won't induce the baby to come if it's not ready yet.

On the going-overdue note - there were a lot of women in my DDC who had either with past babies or other women in their family had gone past 42 weeks with no problems. Some women just cook 'em for a shorter or longer time than others, KWIM? My Kayden was fully cooked at 38 weeks and 1 day, but my nephew was born at 40 weeks and had some signs of prematurity. A lot of midwife practices can't go past 42 weeks, but a doctor should be able to give you weekly, biweekly or even daily NSTs after 42 weeks to avoid inductioin. You can also ask to be induced using a foley catheter instead of pitocin, if induction becomes necessary. Make sure you research and know your options and your rights before talking to your health care provider about it. You never HAVE to accept any intervention that they say is necessary. If they schedule an induction that you don't want, just don't show up smile.gif You need to be comfortable with whatever decisions are made, and whether that is to be induced or to go past 42 weeks is completely your choice!

Val: Don't think that just because the contractions don't hurt a lot, that they aren't doing anything and couldn't signify labour smile.gif My contractions for the first probably 8 hours of labour were really very manageable. Depending on baby's position and your own body, active labour doesn't always hurt a lot. I definitely have my fingers crossed that that is the case for you! Wishing you a quick, easy labour and swift arrival of your baby! smile.gif
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