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Bajingo Juice turned into a Bun in the Oven - TTC #1 in our 30's Graduates - Fall 2011 - Page 7

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DH's best friend's wife just got put on bedrest. In the hospital. :( She's carrying twins at 28 weeks and is funneling, at 17mm, and the membranes are wedging into the cervix. 


What's the best/most helpful thing you've heard while on bedrest? :-/

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She's across the country from me, so I can't visit. We were thinking of sending an edible arrangement or something of the like. I have ANOTHER friend who hda the same thing (twins, 27 weeks funneling cervix and she went into labor...then went to carry the babies to term). I'm hoping that the one currently in the hospital hearing from the one who went through it and came out on the other side with two happen healthy little ones will ease the worry. 


I'm tickled pink about the little rock that is my uterus at the moment. It feels like I swallowed a rock and it's just stuck there in my lower abdomen. I had no idea it would feel like this!

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Wait, how are you on bedrest and will have limited computer access? Self-imposed deprivation? orngtongue.gif


Yes, we plan to find out the sex. Our one and only (planned) ultrasound will be December 2. I hope baby cooperates and isn't shy because the ultrasound comes out of our pock (goes toward a deductible, but still our money). I assumed we would just find out right there in the doctor's office, but I've also been thinking maybe we'll take an envelope home and open it together there? Did any of you reserve the opportunity to find out until after the appointment?

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Calycanth - Sending sticky vibes your way.  They didn't do any betas on me until 14DPO.  So I think it was just early as other ladies have mentioned.  I know the worry is awful. hug2.gif Come on June 2012!


Thanks Birdie!  I did call the grocery store and felt much better after they said all their cheeses are pasteurized.  Love hearing about your baby's growth spurt.


Thanks Hykue!  You can wiggle in your chair!  winky.gif  Sorry your having trouble sleeping, but you're almost there


ValH  Thanks!  Hope that you have been able to get some rest, and will keep that tip in mind.


RosieL - your midwives sound great.  That's awesome about Community Care as well. I hope your friends and her babies are doing well!  An Edible arrangement sounds sweet.  orngbiggrin.gif about your rock.


Tank - hope your BP goes down with rest and stays down.  I am sure DP understands, it sounds frustrating but you are almost there as well.  I mentioned bed rest and DH was like you better not need bed rest...we can't afford it.  Yeah he's been awesome so far...(He's getting better....)


AFM - I can't sleep.  I've read its normal so I'm good.  I am not complaining because I wanted this so bad, but sleep would be nice.  Then my allergies are awful.  I was taking Rhinocort (back in the day I went and switched all meds to ones that would be safer in pregnancy) but it was so long ago that its been expired for almost a year.  I only used it twice and decided not to use it anymore.  I'm checking out what is safe for sleep and allergies.

I know naps are bad, but Ima go try!  sleeping.gif



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Bel, I'm so sorry you can't sleep! Sleep deprivation is such an awful feeling. One of the sleep meds I've been taking for isn't safe for pregnancy, so I had to stop taking it, but I am still taking Ambien (which is Category B) every night. I know some pregnant women use Benadryl for occasional sleeplessness. Thanks for the sticky vibes! I'm still peeing on sticks to reassure myself. The test lines have gone from barely perceptible a week ago to darker than the control. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I feel hopeful when I look at the progression.


Rosie, how scary for your friend! Your midwives sound amazing. I love that they encourage all the pregnant moms to meet one another and share stories - what a terrific resource for you! Any sense of whether your baby is a boy or a girl? My DH wants it to be a surprise, but I want to know because I think it will facilitate bonding. I want to know as much as possible about the little stranger I'll be carrying for nine months.


Tank, I hope your BP levels out so you can get back on your feet. How frustrating! hug2.gif It's so hard to be sedentary when you're normally a busy person.


Birdie, don't stay gone too long! wave.gif


Does anyone know what body temperature is supposed to look like in early pregnancy? I know it's typically elevated, and mine has been between 99 and 100 all week. I'm trying to decide if it's pregnancy-related or if I'm fighting off an infection. Otherwise, my symptoms so far pretty much look like PMS - occasional mild cramps, bloating, tender (though not terribly so) breasts. Really hoping for good news tomorrow.

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Tank:  I hope your bedrest is very temporary, or that you can find some amount of peace with it if you must.


Birdie:  I'm glad that you've found some peace with it.  You should be proud, and so should your husband.


Bel:  Whoever told you that naps are bad was lying.  Naps are very very good.  And I hope you can find an allergy med that works.


Caly:  My early pregnancy temps were considerably higher than any temperatures I had had before.  I don't know what your normal baseline is, but that sounds fine to me (as a non-expert, of course).  Your symptoms sound just exactly like my symptoms were at that point.  I know it's hard to feel any kind of confidence, but those symptoms are exactly what most people feel, and then they slowly change, and then they feel their babies move, and then they give birth to adorable babies, who eat and cry and poop.  It's very likely that everything is going just exactly as it should in there, from the sounds of things.  I hope you get your numbers back and they help you feel the truth of that.  I still have a good feeling about your bean.  And I normally don't "feel" much about such things.  I'm always hopeful for people but I seldom can say that I have any intuition at all about it.  In your case, I do seem to have an intuition, and it is a good one.

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Stopping by to say I'm thinking of you today, Caly! I echo Hykue's sentiments.


And wow Hykue, you're at 38! We are gonna have a bajingo juice baby bonanza in the next month. 

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Just got my beta results from Friday. My hCG was 147 and progesterone was 16.5! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Oh my god, I am so relieved!!!


Thank you all so much for your support this past week. I know it's very early and that something could still go wrong, but I feel so much better knowing that, for now, there's no reason to worry. Hykue, I hope your intuition is right!


My first nurse's visit is scheduled for December 5. I'll be 11 weeks. Seems like an awfully long time to wait! Is it normal to wait until you're that far along for your first prenatal visit?

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Yay Caly!!!! Fyi my temps have not been that high during pregnancy. I think they were only a little higher than normal pre-pregnancy levels. I was curious and took my temp yesterday...97.9. Around here the first appointments are usually at about 8 weeks, but they don't do much except give you another pregnancy test and take your hormone levels. Since you've already done that may be why they're waiting till later.


Hope the bed rest ladies are hanging in there!

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Calycanth - HOORAY! Those numbers are great! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to see pictures of your little one in another, what is it, 34ish weeks from now? Oh, and yes, my first real prenatal visit was at 12 weeks. At 8 weeks I did see my doctor but all she did was have me POAS, said Yep, you're pregnant, and sent me home.

Today is my first day home with Kayden now that all the inlaws have left, and DH has gone back to work. My parents left yesterday and DH's first day at work is today. Now I'm in for it! Right now Kayden is sitting in his swing babbling away at the litter critters in the mobile twirling around his head. Hopefully he stays this happy!

Quick pic of Kayden with my dad, he was 11 weeks here:
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That is awesome Caly!  I agree with others that you probably have one at 11 weeks because you already had one to confirm you are pregnant.  It might be really good to have one then as your next one because they will almost definatly be able to hear a heartbeat with a doppler.  I am so excited for you!!!


Livingsky what an awesome picture of Kayden.  He looks so happy.  Good luck with your first day alone.  You will be fine.


AFM:  Went to the midwife this morning.  I saw a different midwife.  She seemed to think that my BP was ok since it has been sort of high lately but just under the number they worry about for hypertension or pre e.  I feel a lot better.  I was really stressed about it.  So no more bedrest.  I seriously admire Birdie for dealing with bedrest because I went crazy at just 3 days of it and not even strict bedrest!  when leaving the midwifes office she said see you next week, or even sooner!  I know I have been saying that I want him out now and I am ready but it felt even more real to have my midwife say something about him possibly arriving before next week!  I am hoping for next week or the week after that.  That would be perfect.  This week would be nice to have for myself to get stuff done and rest up some more.  I am really likeing being able to actually sleep through the day if I need it.

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Caly - Big huge celebration! My first question was going to be "when will your signature change?" I see it already has! I'm brimming with joy for you. You're knocked up, baby! Heheee. 


My first appointment was at 11wks, but I had a panic stop-in at the MWs house for a quick heart listen at one point I think 9w4d. The weeks up until that opinet seemed to    d       r      a       g      on by, but the weeks after have picked up speed. Probably from being in class, but maybe also because the newness of it all was over. Enjoy these weeks and my fingers are crossed that you have an easy first tri. :)


LS - That picture looks SO HAPPY. I can't wait for pictures of my dad and baby. How precious and perfect of a moment. 


birdie - I have heard the cake idea before, and I actually think it is quite cute. I *used* to think it was ridiculously corny, but I think it would be fun to kind of make the moment extra special. I anticipate feeling an immediate increase of "knowing" my child when I find out. I've been writing to the baby in a journal sporadically, and part of the reason it's sporadic is because I don't know the gender. Anyway, I don't know if we'll do a cake (i don't eat cake and I don't think it'll be anyone besides DH and I), but I will want to make it special somehow. :)


Who, numb spot on belly seems odd. For all that googling is bad for, I've found it good for questions like "is this normal"? So far, each time I've asked google this style of question, the answer has been "yes" and I feel better.


I second the use of neti pots! I never had a need before now, but DH SWEARS by his neti pot. 


Tank - Glad your numbers are back down and no more berets. I chuckled at the "want baby to come now!" and "no, wait, gimme another week!" Are there any signs that you're ready to go? 


ValH - If you're out there reading I just wanted to say hope you're enjoying a sweet etended baby moon and getting to know Jacob is going well. <3


AFM - I'm completely procrastinating on writing a paper tonight for a prof and a class I'm really disappointed with. It was required, so no way around it, but the class is just terrible! I'm watching my dogs steal bones from each other. One chews for a while while the other looms around him, kind of stalking. Then the chewer stops for a second, the bone gets swiped, and the stealer goes and settles into chewing. This goes back and forth and back and forth, with no animosity. This is a sign of boredom, however, and me not exercising them enough. Sigh. They are silly and find cute but odd ways to entertain themselves. 


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birdie.lee - DOH! I knew I had something else to write last time. Regarding eating during labour - I had NO appetite during labour at all. But, I was insanely thirsty. My midwife wanted me to eat, so we compromised. My doula ran out and got me fruit smoothies from Tim Hortons. I drank two huge ones of those and they were SO good, just what I wanted, because they cooled me down and gave me energy all at the same time. I did eat a few handfuls of trail mix but that was just to satisfy my midwife, not because I wanted them smile.gif I had brought with me the trail mix, some cheese and meat and crackers, sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and a bunch of gatorade and water. DH ate some of it, and I ate a bunch more a few hours after Kayden was born because by then I was super hungry (go figure!)
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Caly:  My first appointment was at around 11 weeks as well.  It was hard to wait that long, but it made me feel better in the end, I think.  That way I didn't have a long time after the doctor's appointment before I was in the relative safety of the second trimester.  Think of how good you'll feel when you get to have a good appointment, and then enter the second trimester and feel safer!  Like Rosie, I felt like the first trimester dragged on so slowly, and the second went quite a bit faster, and the third has just flown by.  In my case, I think it's because I was so worried at the start.  I hope you don't feel like that, it was really difficult.  I suspect that you probably do.  All I can say is that the worry is NOT an indication of an actual problem.


Livingsky:  That picture of your dad with Kayden is fantastic.  It makes me very happy to see grandparent with baby pictures . . . I am such a nerd, I'm already getting high hopes for being a grandparent someday.  Can we say "putting the cart before the horse"?  Anyway, it's a great picture.  I'm glad that your first day home with just you and Kayden started out so well, I hope it continued that way!


Birdie:  I'm feeling a bit of cramping on and off, really it feels like menstrual cramps.  Just minor ones.  A few braxton-hicks.  Never more than once or twice in an hour, usually only once or twice a day.  I don't have any particular feeling that I'm getting close.  The only reason I have for thinking that is kind of weird, in fact.  My dog has a "leaking" problem - she doesn't make enough estrogen and so she sometimes leaks pee when she's sleeping.  I noticed last year that it seemed to be tied to my menstrual cycle - she wouldn't leak except during a particular part of my cycle.  She hasn't leaked significantly for the whole pregnancy, even though we haven't been giving her her meds (I didn't want to handle fake estrogen when DH was gone).  Four days ago, she leaked a huge puddle while sleeping, then again the next night.  So maybe, just possibly, my hormone levels are changing right now, and it's causing that?  In which case . . . it could still be weeks.  I'm trying not to worry about it too much, just taking it as it comes.  I'll have a baby one of these days, and I might not get to know what day until it's well underway.  :)  And I also find it amusing how active baby gets when I self-hypnotize.  I'm hoping that once baby's outside we can work out some sort of compromise, where we both try to match the other's activity level.  Sorry your laptop is out of town, that seems to be bad timing!


Tank:  I'm glad your bp was cleared!  And thanks for the reminder that really Birdie is a hero for dealing so well with her bedrest, I know it must be hard.  I'm sure you could too, if you had to, but I'm glad you don't have to.  I know what you mean about wanting baby here soon but also wanting more time to get stuff done and get some sleep.  I think it's good to focus on whatever is good about the current situation - so since we don't have our babies yet, we can be happy that we have more time to get stuff done, and once they arrive, we can be happy that we get to meet them.  It sounds like you're doing a good job of doing that too.


Rosie:  Maybe you could get some other sort of filled item . . . like burritos or crepes or spring rolls or whatever.  Burritos - lettuce if a boy, tomato if a girl.  Or whatever works for you.  Possibly I'm a weirdo, but I think it's just as fun, and if you don't eat cake it seems like it would work.  I'm also writing in a journal to baby, VERY sporadically.  Like maybe twice.  I'm thinking I'll continue it until they're big, though.  Give it to them as an adult, maybe.  I like that idea, although it might be hard to keep it secret until then.  I read my dad's journals from when he was a young man (with his permission) and I really liked reading them.  We'll see if I really have time to do any such thing, but I love the idea.  My dog is also very bored - I'm too pregnant and my husband is too busy for her to get her requisite amount of activity.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have another dog to play bored games with, so she mostly wants to go and catch chickens.  Apparently what she wants to do is carry them back to her spot and then pull out their tail feathers, not kill them . . . but they get so stressed by that unfortunate happening that it kills them.  We saved the last one, but it only has one tail feather left.  And now the dog's tied up all the time, so she's twice as bored.  We're trying pretty hard to get her enough fun and exercise, but we don't always succeed.  Poor mutt.  Hopefully once baby's here we can all walk together, with baby in the wrap.


AFM:  Our house in insulated, hallelujah!  Seriously, that's a huge relief.  There are still about a billion things that need doing before winter, but we have firewood and insulation, and we have about one million tomatoes in the freezer (they all ripened really fast!), a cold room full of potatoes, carrots, and beets, and we have a big fat lamb that is ready to be slaughtered.  Shelter, check, food, check!  We can already tell the difference with our insulated house.  We can light a fire, get the house up to 70 degrees, and when we wake up in the morning it's still 62.  This is when it's 23 degrees outside at night.  Last year at this time, we were lucky if our house was 50 when we woke up in the morning.  Yay, warmth!  I was really hoping to have that done before there was a tiny little baby trying to learn to thermoregulate in our house.  Our new chicken coop is almost finished, too, so hopefully this year we won't have any frostbitten toes.  Or if we do it will be because they chose to go out and stand in the cold.  We built the nest boxes and brooder box yesterday, and are hoping to do the roosts today (if I can muster the energy).  Then we'll be pretty much done except moving the electric fence.  Ack!  I'm making myself think of everything that needs doing!  I guess I'm going to go and try to get some stuff done!

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Bah, another post I forgot to respond to!

RosieL: We actually did do the cake thing for announcing whether it was a boy or girl, at our baby shower smile.gif We made cupcakes and filled them with blue icing to let everyone know.

Hykue: YAY for insulation!! I completely understand. This year we added 300 sq feet on to our house by enclosing our porch, and it's WONDERFUL - and it's also the only room in our whole house that is insulated with fiberglass instead of sawdust orngbiggrin.gif And the only room with proper windows! Maybe next year we can get the rest of it properly insulated.... we'll see smile.gif
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