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Bel! Eeee! I noticed you wrote "heartbeats" in the 30's thread, but I assumed it was a typo. Silly me! That is SO exciting! luxlove.gifluxlove.gif I'm glad you're feeling good so far and that you're getting good, attentive care!


Hykue, even if you're only doing SOME OF THE THINGS, I still think you're pretty bad ass. I hope your little one stays put until your doctor returns.


Birdie, hang in there! I can't imagine being on bed rest, but I'm glad it's having the intended effect. It must be so exciting attending to all those little, late-pregnancy details like packing for the birth. It seems like that would make it feel more real.


wave.gif to Rosie, Ram, Tank, LivingSky, and anyone else I'm forgetting...


I just have to say, it's really nice being a part of this thread. I'm glad it exists. I joined the June DDC, but I don't really know anyone there, and there are SO MANY people...I like our little group.


I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe it's still so early - the weeks really are dragging by. I'm still very worried about the possibility of another loss. I was supposed to go to Georgia this weekend to see a friend and attend a conference, but my flight was canceled, and honestly, I was relieved. I'm afraid to wander too far from home in case of another m/c...


But I'm also starting to get excited. I allowed myself to make my first baby-related purchase the other day. I got a plush rocket ship with a little puppy astronaut that sits inside it that barks if you squeeze it. It's so cute, I just couldn't resist. The tag says it's appropriate for babies over 12 months, so I guess it will just have to sit in the nursery for a while. I also got Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and The Birth Partner, per the suggestions of the lovely ladies on this list, so I've got lots of reading to do.



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Calycanth - I'm glad you made your first baby related purchase smile.gif I felt that was a really huge step for me in making things feel more real and tangible.

So, I don't really have anyone in my real life that will understand why I'm so excited about this, but I think some of you ladies will, so I'm sharing it here smile.gif I don't go back to work until April and I was supposed to go back to casual work in April (on call, usually 1-3 days per week) but my HR department has called and been trying to get me to take on a full time position. I like the work (I work in a Credit Union) and I love the peope, but I was also really torn about being away from Kayden so much. So I did some investigating and found that if I take the job, 6 months from now, the only daycare I can get in the area is a public daycare and over $800 per month! With the cost of gas and how far the job is from me, I'd be paying close to $1300 a month in gas and daycare costs. So DH and I have been wracking our brains trying to figure out what to do. Yesterday, my lightbulb finally clicked on and I decided that I'm going to take the training to become a doula smile.gif I'm SUPER excited, it just feels like the right move for me, and it will give me so much more opportunity to be with Kayden. I'd only need to find daycare for times when I'm at a birth and DH has to work (and for the rarity of that, DH could call in sick). joy.gifjoy.gif

Anyways - ValH - where's our photos of Jacob?? orngbiggrin.gif
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caly that is awesome about your first purchace.  I think the first thing I purchased was a book and some long sleeved striped onsies at old navy that were on clearance.  I actually hid them from my DP for a few weeks because I felt silly buying stuff.  I also am really glad that this thread exists.  I hardly post in my DDC because there is just so much to keep up with and most of them already have youngins and talk about that a lot and I just can't connect as well.


Yes Val we certainly do demand more pics of Jacob!


Livingsky that is awesome about starting doula training.  There needs to be more doulas!


AFM:  still waiting,  I feel more and more crampy and such everyday.  I know somethings coming but he is still kicking away happy and comfortable in there aparently!  I didn't sleep at all last night because my right side felt uncomfortable and I couldn't fall asleep on that side and everytime I (very slowly I assure you) flipped over to my left side I immediatly had to pee even if I just went. Man I never thought I could be this uncomfortable doing nothing.  How in the hell did I work up until now?  It's all good though, my little wolverine is worth it no matter how damn long he takes to come out.


Hi to everyone else I didn't get to.  I am lazy and only resonded to stuff written on this page.



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Congrats Bel on twins!  That is so exciting!

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Caly - Yay for a rocket ship! That's an awesome first purchase. :) I'm slowly getting to know the multitude of people in the DDC. In the beginning there were a lot more but now there are many fewer consistent posters, so it's starting to feel more like a group. 


LS - Awesome choice! Now we'll have TWO doulas in the bajingo juice club. I think there aren't enough doulas around, even in my crunchy and well-populated city.


I secant the request for ValH's Jacob pictures.


Tank hang in there. :) Your little wolverine is gonna make a roaring entrance to this world, I'm sure. Good point about the DDC people already having kids. I definitely feel like a minority with this being my first pregnancy. 


Hi lilac!


AFM - Going to a conference this morning and for the first time since I became preggo chubby, I don't want to look it. There are a few people whom I won't see again until next year this time and I'd prefer they just never know about baby! It took quite a while to find clothing appropriate for the conference and not showing the belly. I'm SOL in November though. I have another conference a month from now and I have no idea what I'm going to do. 


Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. I was really close to fairing from being dizzy and light headed. I didn't eat much (shake early morning, carrots and hummus late morning, some cheese late afternoon). Early evening I went to my mom's for a dinner party and saw a big buck outside. DH and I went to find it again to take pictures and ended up hiking up and down the woods for a bit. Went back inside and downstairs then upstairs. When I reached the top of the stairs I shuffled and then fell into the couch…almost the floor. :( NOTE TO PREGNANT FRIENDS: EAT FOOD! I did not mean to not eat enough yesterday, but I got sucked into data analysis and just forgot until it was too late. I had a IZZE and lay down for a little while and I was better. 

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So, Tank, Hykue, and Birdie, you know we need daily updates at this point right? orngbiggrin.gif

birdie - yes, definitely want baby to wait until you can birth at the birth center.

I really didn't get involved in my DDC until I was maybe 6 or 7 months pregnant. It took a long time to feel connected to any of the ladies there. And yes, definitely the fact that most of them had other children made it harder to connect. Lots of nice ladies there, it was just a while before I felt connected to any of them. The Bajingo Juice club will always be where I feel most at home smile.gif
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ok daily update.  I woke up at 7 and couldnt go back to sleep because I was too uncomfortable then I took naps all day and finally made some chocolate chip cookies.  It is so hard to feel motivated being this tired and uncomfortable.  I feel like all I do is complain lol.  same amount of BH contractions and crampy stuff happening.  still really random.  I came to the realization this morning that I just need to remind myself that I have really loved being pregnant and I am going to miss it a lot.  I should treasure it now being able to feel him and connect with him while he is safe and warm in my belly because it is going to be even more uncomfortable getting him out and working on breastfeeding and changing his diaper every 10 minutes.  But seriously I am so anxious to meet him face to face.  I hope he's not ugly, jk (maybe orngtongue.gif)


eta:  my partner is being super supportive and I am so glad to have him.  Everytime I start to feel whiney and get upset about not being able to be comfortable he reminds me that we don't have much longer and to use my breathing and relaxation techniques because that is what they are for.

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Oh.  Yeah.  Daily updates.  I suppose that makes sense . . .


Caly:  I also like this thread more than the DDC for socializing - I like my DDC, but it's too big and busy - right now I am so far behind on congratulating the birth announcements that I'm sure I'll never catch up.  Oh well, I'm guessing that they'll all be happy enough enjoying their babies to not notice too much!  I also really like the continuity that we get here, from TTC through to babies.  It makes me feel more connected to the continuum of human life or something.  (Wow, that sounds hokey, but that's really how I feel).


Livingsky:  That's a great idea!  I hope you aren't planning to get out too many of the books from the library, because right now I have nearly all of the CAPPA certification reading list checked out on interlibrary loan, from all over the province.  They have multiple copies of some of them, though!  Anyway, I really like this idea, and it will be kind of cool if we're both doing it at once - we can help each other stay motivated and swap ideas!  There's a group of doulas that work together out of Saskatoon, right?  Are you thinking of working with them or independently?  I have to do independent, I assume, since there's not a single doula within a two-hour drive of here (or at least, none that I could find).  I'm not sure which I would prefer if I had the choice, though.  How exciting!


Tank:  I know what you mean about flipping over very slowly - I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to do a simple task like roll over in bed.  I'm with you on being happy with whatever it takes to get baby here, but I have to admit that my quickly declining comfort is adding to my impatience to meet this little one!  And apparently my MIL was worried when my DH was born and thought something to the effect of, "Well, looks aren't everything, I'm sure he'll have other great qualities . . ."  which is funny, because now he's really very attractive.  Like, a friend in college wanted to make sure that I knew how lucky I was to have such a hot boyfriend, and not because she thought I was ugly, either.  He's just really hot.  So even if baby comes out looking less-than-lovely, even if that's in his/her loving mother's opinion, it doesn't mean that they won't get cute soon enough.  Interestingly, I had a dream last night that someone showed me a really ugly baby and I wanted them to think that I thought it was cute, but I just couldn't lie.  So I told them how he seemed really strong instead.  Anyway, this is apparently also on my mind.  And it really helps to have a supportive partner at this point.  My husband is also being wonderful, accepting without question that if I say I can't do something, it's because I really can't, and if I don't want to make supper he just does it no questions asked, and if I look like I want a nap he encourages me to get one.  It makes me feel better that he doesn't think I'm overreacting at all to my discomfort - he doesn't think I'm just a wimp or anything.  This is a relief, because sometimes I feel like one even though I know how I'm feeling is real.


Rosie:  I can't help but wonder if this is an autocorrect - you "secant" the request for Jacob pictures?  That cracked me up . . . it makes me think you've been working too hard on something mathematical.  And yes, please remember to eat!  I've had a few slightly faint episodes, but nothing quite that severe.


Birdie:  I'm guessing that one small advantage to bedrest is that you can always find the time to do your self-hypnosis practice - I'm having a hard time remembering to do it every day.  And yes, you're getting so close now.  Yay!  I hope your baby is ready at just the right time and your bp stays good until then!  Also, that's one strong baby, I don't think I've actually HEARD any of the kicks over here.  Crazy!


AFM:  Not much goin' on in baby-land.  I'm getting less comfortable really quickly, my hips are certainly looser than they used to be . . . so maybe those are signs of progress.  And crampiness, but nothing serious or even vaguely regular.  I'll do my best to remember to post here before we leave for the hospital, so you'll have some warning, but I can't guarantee that I'll remember or have time of course.


My husband burned down the old chicken coop today (it didn't really have any salvageable bits, it was a complete joke of a building) and it went up a little better than we expected.  I guess he had a few tense moments when the flames were licking the roof of the new chicken coop, 20 feet away.  It wasn't windy ALL day until he lit it.  It scorched the fascia board along that edge of the roof pretty badly, but it didn't burn down the roof on our brand-new straw bale chicken coop, so that's good.  Neither of us had even imagined that it would make such an inferno.  I was inside, blissfully unaware.


That was our excitement for the day!

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Hello all!  Hope all the soon to be new moms are doing good and we start getting some action on here soon!


Livingsky & Hykue: Dh and I talked about becoming a doula too. I don't think I'd be able to do it until after any kids are in school. We don't have enough family or close friends around to watch kids if I needed to go in for a birth or consultation with someone. Drop in daycare is so expensive here and hard to get on short notice. I've really enjoyed having a doula and think she's going to be a big help for the actual labor so more doulas in the world is great!


Rosie: I have low bp and have had a few fainting issues. Its a lot better now that it's cooled down, but when I'm in warm, cramped places i start getting dizzy even when I've eaten.


Tank: All that uncomfortableness just means you're getting close! It's great to have supportive partners. Dh is usually good, but I think he's been a little spoiled since most of the time I'm feeling great. He doesn't understand that some days I'm just not up to being my usual self. Then I tell him he's not being nice and I usually get cupcakes the next day!


Bel and Caly: I hope the early stages of pregnancy aren't worrying y'all too much. It was so hard to relax and enjoy it in the beginning. I'm glad to see Caly buying stuff (dh is in aerospace so the rocket ship sounded so cute). I wouldn't buy stuff forever so now it's been one big shopping extravaganza!


Yeah DDCs, my ddc is admittedly boring. I think its good because people haven't become really obsessive, but still it would be nice to have something to read some days. I like it here because there are people in all different stages. Its been really good for me to have people say yeah I didn't feel the baby as early and look I'm almost done. Now I can hear the almost done baking ladies and know there's all kinds of mucus and bowel movements to look forward to!!


AFM: I've been trying to go on hikes during the weekends. I'm chugging along passed all the recommended weight limits so I'm trying to get moving a little more. The ladies in my DDC were talking about how much they've gained and there are a bunch in the 5lb range...at like 25 weeks! I think I'd put on 5 lbs by like week 7. Oh well, it doesn't really bother me, but I don't want my doc to say anything. He's a hefty man so he's not really been strict about it but I don't want to push it.


Also baby is now bouncing all over the place. I told dh we were going to need duct tape to keep him in. My new favorite game is bath time. I'll just be floating around in the bath and he starts kicking which makes waves in the tub! I'm so easily amused.

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I'm terribly behind, and it's keeping me from posting because i'd like to do personals, but i'm just gonna jump in:

hykue, at first I read that you were inside the chicken coop! yikes2.gif Thank goodness not! I'm glad everything's ok.

And birdie, I remember DD would kick my on my stomach after eating or drinking and it would make a resounding BLOOMP! lol.gif

tank, rolling over was SO tough by the end. Hang in there! When I could finally sleep on my back after birth it was AMAZING!

I got my first PP cold and was coughing all night last night after 3 days of sore throat/snuffles. I woke up this AM to little baby coughs and a snuffly nose. I hope she's not getting it! greensad.gif

Lots of love to all you ladies! I love this thread, too!

ps - Ramzubo we xposted. Your body probably needs that weight. Go easy on yourself! hug2.gif
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I'm caught up and love all the updates, keep 'em coming! Plus, Caly and Bel, where are you, how you feeling? I just wanted to quickly post and say OMG BATHTIME BABY KICKS SOUND AWESOME. I can't wait to try that.

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So nice to see updates from everyone!


Living Sky, I think it's a fabulous idea! I'm so excited for you - it's always fun to embark on a new life journey. I'd like to hire a labor and postpartum doula, but there don't seem to be any in Toledo. I'll have to ask my midwife if she knows of anyone.


Tank, I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable. Hopefully you won't have to put up with the discomfort for much longer. You're so close!


Ram, it sounds like you're doing the best you can to manage your weight. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'll probably be singing a different tune when I start packing on the pounds (I'm sure I won't be in the 5 lb. club), but I would try not to worry about it too much. It sounds like you feel good most of the time and have been able to stay active, which is terrific.


Birdie, I know that episode. I had the same thoughts when I watched it. Poor Betty Draper. I'm really grateful that women have other options now.


Hykue, I love the story about your DH being an ugly baby. You really can't tell how attractive a person is going to be based on their baby/childhood pictures. I've always thought that babies in general are pretty funny looking, but it works for them. I think it's the basis of their cuteness.


Tear, so sorry you're sick, and I hope your little one didn't catch it!


Hi, Roise! I can't believe you're 16 weeks already...


Not much to report here. The PMSy symptoms I had in the beginning seem to be tapering off, which is a relief. I still get the occasional cramp, but I don't feel like I'm going to start my period ANY MINUTE. I've been having a little nausea first thing in the morning, but it goes away as soon as I eat. My boobs are sore. That's about it. It still doesn't feel real, and I am still afraid, but I'm also starting to think about what kind of birth I'd like to have and how I want to decorate the nursery. I read a study yesterday that said the risk of miscarriage starts to decrease after six weeks LMP, so five more days until the odds start to improve...

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Yah I often joke about my baby not being cute.  I think in general I don't think babies are cute, at least newborns. They are all red and swollen and weird looking.  Don't get me wrong, babies are awesome but I just hardly ever think one is actually cute.  I think I am going to have awful karma about thinking that and my baby is going to be born actually ugly lol. 


ram that is funny that you get cupcakes the next day after your DH doesn't understand your mood. 


birdie I am also glad to live in a world where birth isn't such a taboo anymore.  Don't get me wrong I think we have a ways to go but things are so much better than they used to be.  I am very happy that the hospital I am delivering at is very progressive.  They do have a very high c section rate but I think that has to do more with who people choose as their providers than the actual hospital policies.  The hospital policies and things they automaticly do seem fine to me.


About gaining weight.  It really varies from week to week and person to person.  I am a firm believer that if you are getting everything you need it doesn't matter how much you gain or don't gain.  And if you want to use this time to pig out on cookies (in addition to eating healthy) than go for it as long as your health isn't in danger.  I haven't gained much and one of my midwives made me feel self concious about it in the beginning but I feel much better about it after doing research and talking to the other midwives.  Everyones body is different and takes on pregnancy differently.


Caly I think I had off and on PMS like symptoms for quite a while.  A lot of that feeling is your uterus stretching so of course it is going to feel like cramps and freak you out.  Now all those symptoms are back for me as I am nearing the end.  It is really weird.  I am getting random pimples. I feel crampy all the time and I am feeling extra sensitive.


On that note I am feeling a bit better about being uncomfortable.  I went to the chiro and she reminded me to ice my back frequently and to do stretches.  It isn't so bad not being able to sleep because I can just go home and pass out after driving DP to work in the morning, which I have been doing pretty much everyday. 

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I'm glad you said that, Tank, because I spoke too soon. My uterus is doing some serious stretching this evening. eyesroll.gif

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Caly - I still feel stretchy now. In the weeks 4-8 it was more like every day, all day,t here was some soreness and crampiness. Now it's much more sporadic, but definitely the feeling of stretch. My uterus is tender to the external touch! MW says this is all normal especially for a first-time uterus. lol I can't believe I'm 16 weeks either...but I'm feeling more like "I can't believe it's ONLY 16 weeks!" I was so excited and felt so far along at 12 and 13 weeks (when I thought I was out of the first tri, twice), but now the weeks are going slooooooowly. 



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I read everything and am thinking of you all, but lack the energy to respond very well today.


Bathtime baby kicks - it's funny, that sounds great, but I have to just get in the bath, wash everything, and get right back out.  I always have to pee right before I bathe and right after.  I don't get enough time to lounge!


Still here, taking it pretty easy.  That's about it.

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Hi everyone!  I think I was officially added to this thread a few weeks ago but I've been traveling and only returned this week, so I'm finally checking in. 


I don't 'know' most of you, since I think I 'graduated' a little after Rosie and wasn't there when everyone else was still ttc.  So I'll start by saying CONGRATULATIONS to everyone, and especially to the other new members who have recently gotten their bfps!


I'm at 13.5 weeks now and suddenly feeling a lot more normal than I was for the past month and a half or so. I was visiting my family in California for the past month and sometimes the queasiness/morning sickness/fatigue was a real bummer when I just wanted to relax and enjoy my vacation. At least I'm feeling ok now, when I have to prepare to move house some time in the next month.


I was also concerned about not gaining weight yet, but my midwife friend who I happened to visit in New Zealand on the way back from our trip told me that as long as baby was growing, it was ok, and that I would probably gain weight later on. I was also much more physically active on my trip than I had been in the previous months (finishing my PhD meant I was pretty much chained to the desk all day), so I think my body got a bit more 'toned up' even though my belly has grown a little.


I haven't really read much of the previous posts, apologies for that - I'll have to catch up!



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