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chapluqa - welcome! I know I definitely felt more 'normal' after the end of the first trimester too. More energy and less 'blah' feeling! And if it helps you feel any better, I lost weight for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy, and it worked out just fine smile.gif Kayden was 9 lbs at birth so he didn't seem to suffer for it!

Hykue - If you can actually get in and out of the bathtub at all, you're doing better than I was! By 36 weeks getting out of the bathtub was such a chore that I resigned myself to being a showers-only person. After Kayden was born getting to have a bath was BLISS. So you have that to look forward to - your first bath without having someone booting your insides orngbiggrin.gif

Oh, and that reminds me - something no one ever told me so I figured I'd pass it on to you ladies. Kayden hated having baths in his baby tub most of the time, because the water got cold too fast. I spent way more time trying to keep the water warm enough (but not too hot) than I actually did trying to get him clean. My life got WAY easier when I finally just took him into my baths with me, sat him on my lap, and washed him there. He loves it now because the water stays warm and he gets to stay with mom.

tank - hope you have been able to get some better sleep, with the stretchs and the icing your back.

Ram - I already touched on weight gain but I'll just second what others said - be kind to yourself about the weight gain and try not to stress about it. I think the weight gains in my DDC varied between about 10 lbs and 70-80 lbs. It's SO different for each woman and each pregnancy. I gained pretty much my entire weight gain (20 lbs) between weeks 24-30. And 10 lbs of that was in a 2 week gap! Your body will do what it needs to for your baby.

Caly - how is the stretchy feeling going? I remember that being pretty uncomfortable but also how reassuring it was to feel something actually happening in there.

Rosie - I totally did the 12 week/ 13 week first trimester thing too smile.gif

birdie - how are things going with you?

Tear - I hope you got over your cold quickly and your little one didn't catch it!

And lastly, on the cute/ugly baby thing - ya, babies are pretty funny looking smile.gif DH and I talked a lot before Kayden about how we would not be those parents who always say their kid is cute when they really look like an alien. But, we're big hypocrites, because as soon as he arrived we really thought he was cute smile.gif Apparently maternal/paternal instincts and hormones win out over logic wink1.gif
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Livingsky I just thought about taking a bath and there is NO WAY I could get in and out of the bath by myself.  I really enjoy baths but don't take them as often as I would like.  I did clean my bathtub really good last week because I know I would want to labor in the bathtub while I am at home.  It was a relief to me when I was having my miscarriage and really painful contractions and my bathtub was really gross then.


I had my last childbirth class last night at the hospital.  I got the hospital tour so now I know where to go when I get there witch is a big relief.  It was also a big relief to see that none of the birthing rooms with the garden tubs were in use.  The instructor who is a labor and delivey nurse said that they like to make sure people really want water births if they are going to take those rooms and they usually reserve them for the midwives.  She also said it is rare for them to be full.  The other rooms have tubs but they are just regular tubs.  I also found out they have a decent selection of vegan food at the cafeteria.  There is someone who works in the hospital cafe in my class and I have been meaning to ask him but and finally saw an opportunity to ask him because some other girl was asking him about gluten free food. 

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tank - Sounds like the hospital tour was great! That's awesome to hear. :) You didn't mention your status. Any more progression or contracty feelings?


LS - Thanks for the note about baby in bath with you! After hearing how much my friend's twins hated their bathtimes, I resolved not to wash my baby like that. Sounds just uncomfy. Doing it together in a bathtub sounds awesome. One worry though: what are the chances of the bath filling with poop? I'm guessing there's almost a guarantee there will be some pee, since as a adult the urge to pee in the bath is strong. (I'm with Hykue, I have to pee RIGHT before getting int he bath.)


Hi chap!!! Glad to hear the second tri is lookin' up for you!

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Chap, I remember you from the 30's thread. Good to see you here! Congrats on finishing your dissertation!


LivingSky, it's uncomfortable, but I'm getting used to it. I'm having occasional aches in my hips and lower back as well, so it seems like there's a lot going on down there. Kayden is actually pretty adorable (in my completely objective opinion). orngtongue.gif I don't think your hormones are tricking you into thinking that.


Tank, so cool that you got to see the place you'll be giving birth! I think I'd like to have a water birth too, so I'll be curious to hear about your experience.


I've had a low fever for the past couple of weeks with off and on flu symptoms (sore throat, congestion, headaches, muscle aches). At first I thought my BBT was up because of the pregnancy, but now I think I've actually been sick the whole time. I stayed in bed all day yesterday and today. Not too excited about going to work tomorrow. I did get a job interview today, which is pretty exciting, though I was half asleep when the woman called and probably sounded like a zombie! A BFP and a new job in the same month - is that too much to ask?

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Hi ladies!  I haven't had a chance to catch up completely - y'all have been awfully chatty - but I'm still reading.


Sorry for the lack of personals, I just don't find much time for the computer much now because I'm trying to enjoy every moment I can with Jacob.  I'm only off work for two more weeks (ugh), so I'm soaking up all the time I can!


Caly - CONGRATS on the good numbers!!


hug2.gif  Hugs to anyone still on bed rest!  Take care of yourselves!


Bel - joy.gif  OMG, twins?!?!?!?!?!  That's amazing!  Double congrats!


Chap - Welcome!!  


Thinking of all of you ladies that are getting so close, and looking forward to some birth announcements soon!


As for pics of Jacob - ask, and ye shall receive.  :)



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Rosie & birdie - So far while bathing with Kayden, there's been no poop involved. The warm water definitely makes him pee almost right away when we get in, but pee stopped bothering me a long time ago now lol.gif Kayden always gives warning when a poop is coming so I figure I have time to get him (or me) out of the water before he 'gets' me orngbiggrin.gif He gets alls crunched up and growls like a bear. It's pretty funny actually. I would be afraid to shower with him because he gets SO slippery when he's wet, especially once there's shampoo or anything on him. If I had a nice tub that I could sit down with him in the shower though, that would be awesome!

ValH - Jacob is absolutely beautiful! What a handsome boy. He looks like he has big strong hands. Kayden's hands look tiny because of his sausage roll arms. I too love the thumbsucking picture - and the asleep one. Don't they look so peaceful all passed out like that? It just makes me want to kiss his forehead and stroke his face. Maybe that's why Kayden doesn't nap well, I'm always tempted to love on him while he sleeps! lol.gif

birdie - I actually chose to labour on my side for a while during transition. It let me nap between contractions and wasn't the awful position I thought it would be.

tank - glad the hospital visit was good!

Caly - I hope your fever goes away just from you having a few days to rest. It's tough to take time for yourself when you're busy with work and life. I hope your interview goes well!

Kayden can't decide if he wants to sleep swaddled or not. Swaddling stops him from flailing around in his sleep, but it pisses him off whenever he wakes up. Catch 22 eyesroll.gif
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Val - OMG he is precious. Precious precious precious. I love all that hair. MORE! Congratulations again. What a beautiful boy.


Caly - Whoops, I missed the mention of  an interview. Whoohoo! What's the job? (Remember to take a nap before the interview. If exhaustion you're feeling is anything like mine, you'll be better for it!!!)

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Aw, Birdie, hang in there! I started taking antibiotics yesterday. I would have preferred not to, especially since I haven't been diagnosed with any kind of bacterial infection, but since I've been sick for a while both my GP and my midwife thought it would be a good idea. It's hard not being able to take anything for the symptoms when you're sick. I took Tylenol a couple of times, but it didn't seem to do much of anything. Didn't even make a dent in my temperature.


Rosie, the interview is for a management position with Planned Parenthood. Sexual health is my area of expertise and my passion, so I really hope I get it. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to go straight from my current job to the interview, so no time for naps. Boo! 


Val, awww! Look at that little guy! Thanks for posting pics!


AFM, hanging out in bed, alternating between sleep and Netflix. Haven't had any "under construction" feelings all day, but I guess they come and go. Having cramps worries me, and not having cramps worries me. I can't win.

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Thanks for the pics of Jacob Val!  He is wonderful. 


Birdie I know a lot of women actually labor laying on their side so maybe it will at least be a comfortable position you can get into.  I'm still amazed that you are able to put up with bed rest.  I admire you!  as far as high protien suggestions, do you ever eat seitan? I could live off seitan.  I make stirfries with it and even cook it up sepratly to add to pasta.  You can also make really good burgers with it. It is super high protien and low fat. 


Livingsky we have a baby bath I got for free which I plan on using at first then probably I will take a bth with the baby because that just seems way more soothing.  I might be weird because I already think that the pee won't bother me and I haven't even had the kid yet!  Poop might not even bother me.  I mean, it's in the bath and I could always take a quick shower after.


Caly good luck with the job interview!  That sounds like a great job.


AFM:  I had an appointment.  I am 39w3d.  My midwife offered to check me and do a membrane sweep if I was dialated enough.  Well I was dialated a little bit, she said about a finger.  She couldn't do the sweep but said my cervix was really soft and she was able to stretch it a bit which means it's actually doing something.  I feel pretty good about the decision to have her check.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it.  She also felt his head when she felt inside my cervix which is also a great sign!  Now for endless taking of EPO, walking, nipple stim and sex!  Yeah right.  I'm trying I'm trying but man it's getting harder and harder.  I have faith that my body is going to be on track though.

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Thank you ladies!


LivingSky - Thanks you for giving me hope!  Great to hear that my obesity doesn't automatically mean I'm destined for pre-e & GD.  Stress at a minimum?  Yeah I'm working on it.  winky.gif  I think being a doula is a wonderful idea!  I hope mine give me a poop warning!  How stinkin' cute is that!?


Hykue - haha  I did want twins when I was younger.  I believe it was 2 sets though-Boy/Boy and Girl/Girl.  smile.gif As for the worry woes, I thought that I would worry less after seeing the heartbeats, but no such luck.  So now I'm going with as soon as I'm out of the first trimester.  My co-worker stated it will never end. (Which I see myself falling in that category.)  I think most people's reactions to the 'twins' is hysterical. They're like "Yay!" and the second part is usually with a worried look, "Are you ok?"  Honestly, as intimidating as it would seem I am extremely excited!  Thanks for your encouraging words!  I giggled - Pregnancy brain is funny.  I remember one if my friends just giving everyone the heads up.  How cute "It goes away?"  I  LOVE that your doctor is excited about your birth. I can 'hear' the emphasis on the castor oil.  Glad you new chicken coop is ok.  Men and their fires...


Birdie.lee - ever see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?  I have no idea why, but when I read your post I was thinkin "Eyes on the prize"  Well now that I typed that I believe I "think" that a lot. (Work, exercise, etc) Oh geez.  I can't imagine how frustrating it can be, but you are doing awesome!  Sending positive vibes your way!


Caly - the days kinda drag by.  I'm trying really hard not to count, but I can't help it!  I know its hard....lets enjoy this!  I still get awful cramps..but its just making room for baby to grow so I try my best to take deep breaths and remind myself that it is completely normal.  Awesome for the interview!  HOpe you are feeling better though!


tank - I'm sorry sleep is hard but I loved reading that "something is coming."  My poor DH...he says I complain a lot already, I can't even imagine how much worse I will be.  So glad to hear that your partner is being supportive...so important.  Great news from your midwife!


RosieL - Flaunt the belly!  I love pregnant women.  (Ok so maybe that sounds a little weird...but come on....it so cute!)  I say that now before I feel all bloated and bleh.  That and I'm already a little pregnant looking.  LoL  Glad the scare landed on the couch!  Please eat lady!  (I really don't need reminders to eat - I get hunger pains pretty frequently.  Which really sucks at 2am.)


Thanks Ram - I'm working on it!  How exciting to feel baby moving around!  I've joked with a friend that I am only allowed to gain - 5 lbs.  You're having a baby!  I'm with Tear78!


Tear78 - hope you're feeling better!


Chap - hope your trip was wonderful!


ValH - so handsome!


Oh yeah - my cousin and I would joke that since our nieces and nephews were all adorable we would be the ones left with unattractive children.  Well...I'm that last one...  (Hope its not true too  haha)


AFM - I'm with Caly on the 'not winning'.  My boobs aren't so sore in the morning and get worse as the day goes on, but it freaks me out at first.  I must look like a nut-job feeling myself up so often.  That and my frequent trips to the restroom - the peeing is insane but I feel better making sure nothing is coming out thats not supposed to.  And man do I pass out when I hit that bed...I'm surprised I am still awake right now.  That being said - I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!  Thank you ladies for your positive words! 


Sorry I don't post so often.  My job has cracked down on our net use and I really don't want to push it.  (Once time I was only going to check BJ posts and I ended up being on for an hour!)  Then after work I usually don't get much time on our computer.  I would love a lap top, but we have a bunch of things we need first.


Thanks for being awesome!  Sorry if I missed anyone!



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Oh Val, what a sweetie! love.gif Thanks for sharing!

About the bath: DD would SCREAM in the bath until we started to bath with her and she loved that. Now she's learned that the tub is ok, and she can bathe in the sink. She did poop in the tub once with me in there. yikes2.gif DH took her out, and I stood up and emptied the tub, cleaned it out (and me), and filled it again to continue the bath. It was a production. Then I showered...lol. Since then it hasn't happened again, but I'm know that it could.

We are so excited: DD rolled over today from her belly to her back, in both directions! What a strong girl! orngbiggrin.gif We're both on the uptake: I think DD got my antibodies because she wasn't sick for very long, or very severely I think. But now DH is coming down with it. greensad.gif Hopefully we won't pass it around again.

I'm woefully behind, but so happy to keep reading and wishing you all well. blowkiss.gif
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I like to read all the updates from you gals . . . but my energy for doing personals sucks right now.  I am thinking of you all, though.


I have had a few tired days, and my hip is hurting more and more.  I can't even really walk my dog for twenty minutes anymore, I end up limping by the end because my femur feels like it's trying to escape my pelvis.  My doctor said baby was right down in my pelvis at my appointment yesterday, so that's exciting, but then this morning s/he was right back up in my ribs.  Oh well.  My doctor will be back on Sunday afternoon, so we'll see if I can wait until then.  I hope so . . . and then I hope I have baby right around then.  Halloween would be okay.  I'm trying to remain zen, I don't want to get all crazy as soon as I'm one day past my due date.  I know it could be a lot longer still.

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Hykue - No personals is completely understandable! Focus on taking care of yourself. The last bit of pregnancy is so uncomfortable! I kept trying to tell myself to enjoy it while I could because soon I wouldn't be pregnant anymore. Ya, easier said than done. But soon you'll have your baby in your arms and it will all be worth it smile.gif
Oh, and I'm taking the doula course through www.birthrhythms.ca - I'm buying one book at a time to space out the cost and let me read each one before I get another. But I'm the kind of person who needs/wants to re-read a book a million times or else I don't retain anything smile.gif So gave up on libraries! I'm just hoping I can find some of the books second hand!

birdie - I never felt baby hiccups. I feel kind of sad that I missed them!

tank - how are you doing today?

Caly - Are you feeling any better today?

Tear - So cool that your DD rolls over already! I've been working on it with Kayden but I think he's too pudgy to make it over quite yet redface.gif

Rosie - any updates from you? How are things going?

No word from Ramzubo recently - hope everything is okay!
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Bel I have always been so amazed by twins even when I was younger.  I would always watch specials on twins and such.  I am not sure if I have ever WANTED twins though.  I just recently just wanted kids to begin with, as in the past 5ish years.   But if I were having twins I bet I'd be pretty psyched about it.


Tear that is awesome that your little one is rolling over!


Birdie I started taking EPO at 37 weeks.  I have been taking 3 a day oraly.  I haven't tried the vegan dad sausages but I was just looking at them last night.  I have tried his lunch meat which I like a lot.  I have also made his hot wing sthings but I made them into nuggets.


hykue I am sorry you are feeling crappy.  wolverine is down in my pelvis but he can still kick me in my ribs too.  And girl, I am not even past date and I am already freaking that he hasn't come out yet.  I really wanted an Oct baby.  It's all good if he comes in Nov though, you know, as long as he eventually comes out!


Livingsky I wish I couldn't feel baby hiccups.  They kind of bother me.  They feel like a twitch or something and I always have to do something else to distract myself when he has them lol.


AFM I had regular contractions all night last night.  I knew at the time they weren't going into actual labor contractions and they were just from the midwife stretching on my cervix but it was pretty damn cool.  I think I freaked out my partner though cause he asked me several times whether we should be timing them.  When I woke up they were gone.  So this weekend is operation evict wolverine.  I don't want him to come before he is ready but I really think he is ready and just needs to figure out how to get out.  I wish I could reach my own cervix to check if all that contracting did anything else. 

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I agree with LS, no personals is perfectly understandable. Even for the non-almost-about-to-give-birth or new-momies ladies. Sometimes we have the time, sometimes we do a fly-by! Besides, Hykue, your personals could last weeks on end! Sorry about 


Bel - Sounds SO familiar. Just a few weeks ago that was me! I'm glad you're loving it. It's hilarious how much joy we can take from peeing eleventy times a day and being exhausted, isn't it? ;)


I felt a couple more kicks today. I'm still a teensy bit suspicious they're gas bubbles, but only a little bit. So far, I've cried/teared at each kick. Kinda ridiculous. I tried to keep it discreet when it happened in a seminar! I'm 17w2d, feeling more and more round (but still far from pregnant-looking). I have zero symptoms aside from feeling my uterus growing, and I'm cool with that! MIL sent me a shirt and some yoga pants and they're ridiculously comfy and make me happy. I feel hugged from afar. :) It's a good day.


Ack! DH is here with dinner, gotta go.

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Oh man, I am still sick. I missed work again today (third day this week). When I get out of bed for more than a few minutes, I start to feel awful. I had some serious nausea this morning, but I don't know if it was the pregnancy or the amoxicillin that caused it. I felt a lot better once I finally ate something, but I've had no appetite really had to force the food down.


Hykue, the lack of personals is completely understandable! So sorry you're in pain. I'm sure that takes some of the joy out of being pregnant. Hopefully the baby will make an appearance early next week after your doctor returns.


Tank, good luck with Operation Evict Wolverine! Come on, Wolverine! Time to come out!


LS, I'm the same way with books. I need to have them on hand for reference. I also like to write in them and turn down the pages, so I need a copy I can keep. How long will you be in training? Will you be apprenticing with another doula or a midwife, or will you strike out on your own as soon as you finish the course?


Bel, I'm always so happy to see updates from you (I totally understand trying to limit your time on the internet at work - it's so easy to get sucked in). I am also constantly poking and prodding my boobs, LOL. Glad to know I'm not the only one.


Birdie, I've been trying to think of what we ate when we lived in the vegan co-op... We definitely ate seitan, and lots of beans, but I'm sure you already do that. Hmm.


Rosie, I love your MIL for sending you the yoga outfit. Sounds super comfy! I think it's great that you're overwhelmed by the baby's movements. It must be so exciting to feel them.


I'll be six weeks tomorrow! So glad to have another of these early weeks behind me.

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Caly - The course is 10 weeks long, 3 hours per night once a week, plus homework. Then I'll need a first aid course and then to attend 10 births. I think there's a few more things, then I can get certified. I'm not sure yet whether I'll tag along with another doula or go on my own - most likely a bit of both, especially for the first 10 births. One of my best friends is pregnant and due in April - it's before my course starts but I'm going to ask her if I can attend. She is hoping and praying for a VBA3C, and I really want o support her in that however I can.
Happy 6 weeks today!! orngbiggrin.gif
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