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I keep meaning to get on here and do personals, and then I get swept up in feeding DD or doing laundry or other stuff. I'm reading daily and sending love, though!

Blanca, your DD is ADORABLE!!! I miss you, lady!

And Tank, nice job on the hat and happy birthday!

LivingSky, so sorry about your LO's cold! He is absolutely cute in his pics!

So sorry for those of you having to pay/wait for u/s! That stinks. hug2.gif

Val, so sorry you're still waiting and having to think about induction now. Here's hoping your little guys decides to make his appearance this weekend!

birdie, oh hon. No fun, but I'm glad they're keeping an eye on this. Did they test for protein in your urine? I was preeclamptic, so feel free to ask any questions if they're concerned about that. hug.gif

ok, time to go see if DD will actually fall asleep tonight.
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Oh yeah, and here's a picture from a few days ago--I can't resist showing him off even if he is cranky. :)


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meander!!! We must have cross posted. It's so good to hear from you! Alaric is such a cutie, and looking healthy and strong. Way to go, mama! I'm sorry about the napping. We've been kind of struggling with that, too. I hope your smiley guy returns to normal soon.
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Birdie – I’m sorry to hear about the bed rest!  Hopefully they can get your BP down soon and you’ll be back on your feet in no time.  Good luck!  Sending you lots of healthy prayers.


Ram (and others talking about the price of u/s) – I’m shocked at the prices!!  Geez!  I’ve had a couple of u/s that my insurance didn’t cover, and even then it was only about $200 full price.  But I must say, no matter what the u/s costs, it’s worth it to see your little one.


Meander – HI!!!!  So good to hear from you!  Alaric is just so cute – I love his little outfit & hat!  The nap thing must really suck, but hopefully it’s just a phase and he’ll be back to normal within a week or two.  As for the wine thing, I have a pregnant friend that drinks one glass of red wine a week, as approved by her doctor.  I was never much of a wine drinker pre-pregnancy, so for me it wouldn’t be a treat.  But I say as long as your doctor is okay with it (and it seems that most are these days), go for it. 


Tear – Glad to see you are doing well, and staying busy, I’m sure! 


AFM – Thanks for all the support and positive thoughts about my situation!  I’m feeling better today, less weepy about the whole thing.  We’ve decided not to push back the induction, mainly because of the schedule of on-call doctors.  If we move it to later in the week, we’d end up with the one doctor I don’t want to be involved.  As it is, we have a doctor we like.  I also had some friends tell me stories of not being dilated at all just four hours before going into labor, or a day before going into labor, or various versions on that, so I have the tiniest bit of hope now that it could still happen on its own.  And, if it doesn’t, DH has been very reassuring, and he’s helping me keep it in perspective that as long as Jacob arrives safe and healthy, and I’m safe and healthy too, that’s all that matters.  I’m trying not to look at it as my body “failing.”  Most of the time I’m doing better at seeing it in a new light… sometimes, not so much.  On a positive note, at least I have a few more days to clean the house… speaking of which, time to go get started on that!  

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Val, one might argue that my body most certainly failed at labor this time, given my birth story, but I try to see it that my body ROCKS because it helped this perfect little girl grow strong enough to be ready to be taken out. I hope you get the birth you want, but hopefully this may help you let go of your fear of *failing*. Don't get me wrong, I still get a little jealous/sad of those natural birth stories, but in the end I'm just SO glad she's here safe and sound!
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birdie, it's hard to accept relying on others to take care of you. I felt a little stir-crazy about that after the c-section when people kept telling me I was doing too much, don't carry that, let me do that for you. It was really nice to have so many caretakers, but hard not to be able to do it myself. Be easy on yourself! What got me through it was Netflix streaming. Any chance of setting that up at your bedside?

My pre-e developed pretty quickly, so all they really could do was induce. However, there were signs for months: swelling - oh, the swelling - started really early and got bad a couple months early when the heat came. My OB kept saying that as long as there was no protein in my urine and my BP was ok, we were good. Then two weeks before induction I started to have protein in my urine. The following week there was more and my BP was slightly elevated, and my midwife said she wanted to keep an eye on things and to call with any severe headaches or vision changes. Then a week later the protein was WAY up, as was my BP, and they induced me. The only thing they really told me to do that whole time was avoid salt, and I was thankfully on summer break so I spent almost all my time in bed (I didn't want to do anything else). I think if things had started earlier in the pregnancy they may have put me on Magnesium Sulphate and bedrest. As it was, they put me on the Mag during labor. I have heard that pre-e can go really quickly, as in my case, but that it can also just maintain for a long time. Hopefully your BP will chill out or subside with all the measures you're taking. I would definitely stay away from Dr. Google, because it'll only give you worst-case scenarios to obsess over. At least, that's what I always do. I hope you feel better and don't have to worry about this anymore! hug2.gif
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Tear - Thanks for helping me put everything into perspective.  It's so odd how everyone is harder on themselves than they are on other people - I would never think of any one else's body as failing, so what would I be so judgmental for myself?  


Birdie - I hope you are doing well on the bed rest!  It's good that DH is so supportive and a good caretaker.  Look at this as a chance to catch up on mindless TV, reading, and knitting - all things you  probably wouldn't get to do otherwise.  


So I've FINALLY made some progress!!  Last night I started having contractions that were actually painful - they even woke me up a few times during the night.  Nothing has been consistent, though, and they haven't gotten any closer than 12 minutes apart.  But, I woke up this morning to spotting, and then my last trip to the bathroom I'm pretty sure I lost my mucus plug!!!  Yay!!!  I'm still having the contractions, but they aren't consistent at all, and really only hurt if I'm laying down or sitting in a particular position.  If I'm up and moving, I can't even notice them.  But, considering that I've made some progress, I'm very hopeful that we won't have to be induced!  The induction was scheduled to start tomorrow night - I'm thinking now even if I'm not in full-blown labor by then, I'll skip the induction and just see what happens.  

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Val, YAY!!! Here's hoping all that contracting is getting things open and effaced so Jacob comes quickly and easily! goodvibes.gif
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thumbsup.gif Woohoo Val, sounds like you are on your way to welcoming Jacob! Good luck, hope it goes as smoothly as possible!

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yay Val!  That is great news.  I wish you luck with your delivery! 

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YAY Val!  


Now you should do all the walking you can. Walk for you and for birdie...walk little Jacob right outta there! I'm so excited for you!

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Thanks for all the well wishes ladies!  I just got back from a checkup.  I'm 1-2 centimeters dilated, 60% effaced, and baby's at -1.  So I am making progress!  Plus, because I've made progress, we were able to push the induction back to Friday (originally scheduled to start tomorrow evening/deliver Wednesday).  The doctor thinks I'll deliver on my own before then, and I sure hope I do, too!  I do plan on doing some more walking this evening, but I'm waiting for DH to get home so he can go with me... I don't want to be walking alone and have a wicked contraction, or have my water break or something.  


Birdie - That's great that your midwives are keeping you and not making you switch to a doc!  And yay for short showers!!  If you get your BP back down to a certain level, can you get off bed rest, or at least have some modified version of bed rest??  Sending you lots of healthy, low BP vibes!  

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birdie - thanks for answering my question about fear of water breaking anywhere. I have read several times by now in books and online that water usually breaks more during active labor than before, but the image of movie birth is etched in my mind. In movies, water breaks, there's a rush to the hospital, some screaming, and baby is born. That's not the normal order of things but doesn't stop me from worrying or wondering whether I'll be in the middle of class next semester and experience the big gush! So, you can't sit up? Is this because it would use your abdomen muscles? Eek! What are you up to in order to alleviate the boredom and discomfort of being in the same position? I assume TV gets old.


Yay Val - I hope the walk with DH last night encouraged Jacob along. It must feel relieving to know that he is on his way, on his own time! Good luck and take as good of care of yourself as you can in the next few days! :)

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I think I would probably be addicted to TED.com talks and a lot of recipe-collection were I stuck to a side-lying position. Man, that means you only get full range of one of your arms, doesn't it. The sacrifices you're already making for your baby will be worth it though!!!


I'm a graduate student full time, planning on working through the semester up until the day I can't next Spring. We shall see how that works out. :)

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Poor Birdie! I hurt my back this weekend and spent Monday in bed, by the end of the day my hips hurt almost as bad as my back. I can't imagine having to be on bed rest everyday. Have you seen this article about a man who made some food art for his wife while she was on bed rest?  http://www.parenting.com/gallery/husbands-food-art-for-pregnant-wife-on-bed-rest I thought it was cute.


As for short labors, I was talking to dh's coworker this weekend, who had her first baby a few months ago. She said she didn't feel anything, then her water broke at home and two hours later she had the baby. She said it was really intense and she probably could have used a slower buildup, but said you could only complain so much with a 2 hour labor.


So I'm hoping Val not being on here today means baby is on it's way or already here!

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