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Fabulous news about your numbers, boots!!! 


I had to attend an event at work today and sit outside on the cold concrete for about 10 minutes--quite uncomfortable and I started getting worried about how the cold might affect my insides. It was interesting how such a protective feeling came over me, I just wanted to leap up and get warm. 

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boots: CONGRATS again, this time for the great numbers!!

andaluza: Welcome and congrats on your BFP!

And yes, exactly what tank said. Time draaaaaaaaaaaaaaagged in the first trimester, FLEW by in the second trimester, and actually up until about 30-31 weeks for me. At 32 weeks I ended up off work with kidney problems and then time dragged again.
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Congratulations Boots and Andaluza!

So nice to see more BFPs

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Boots - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your nurse's choice of words. I remember you having some apprehension about an RE and had a bit of a crappy OB…so glad you found a good fit! And YAY FOR DOUBLING!!!


andaluza - DH is just starting to get kicked when we sleep. So far just once, but I anticipate it become common, and he's just going to have to deal with it. I wrap myself over him to sleep - it's by far the most supportive and comfortable position I've found so far. My belly bumps right up into his hip, and he's gonna get kicked whether he likes it or not! That's a fun "physical symptom" for ya. :)


I agree- the early cramps were really fun. All I thought was "yep, my uterus is making itself ready for a BABY!"


CA Country Girl - Haven't seen you much. How are you feeling?


Ok, for the BJ gals whose babies are on the outside of the womb, how is breastfeeding going? What was it like to start? What problems have you encountered?


Instead of the normal fears of labor (yet?), I have fears that I won't be able to BF effectively. These aren't terror fears, but just kind of worries that I can't do much about right now. I've read LLL's book and went to a meeting (only one meeting of three local groups has fit in my schedule so far). But I see have worries and fears. I would love to hear experiences from first time moms. 


I also know that you ladies have your hands FULL right now. Maybe I should start a thread?


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Thanks Rosie, I know I am not going to want to leave my RE after 8 weeks. I need to find a new OB. I've been asking people for recs but I think I will probably ask my RE or the nurse for who they like. Moving from my old OB to the RE/fertility clinic was the best choice I made. I'm shouting it from the rooftops trying to encourage others to make the switch. I wish I would've done it sooner but hopefully it will all work out. 17 months of trying has changed my perspective on a lot of things.


Still no M/S, but my cat did throw up this morning and I almost lost it ;)


So my coworker who has been pregnant twice at this school told me she thinks it's time to tell my boss since he wasn't so happy about me being gone suddenly yesterday. And I'm probably going to be late twice next week for two blood draws. I'm nervous. I've still got a cold and I feel out of it today, but she says he will be totally understanding so here's hoping.


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Breastfeeding has gone really well for us.  It really helped having a baby friendly hospital.  With the first few feedings the nurses helped me get him latched and that was awesome.  He was born with lots of fluid in his lungs so didn't eat much in the first few days but things still turned out fine.  At first I felt like he knew what he was doing but I had no clue.  we got into our groove when we got home.  probably because I was more comfortable. 


We have had a couple of minor isses but nothing I really needed help with.  My let down is fast so while he got used to that he would spit my nippe out and cough while my milk sprayed him in the face lol.  Now I know to always have a burp cloth handy.  I have stacks of them Everywhere.The one thing I wasn't expecting was doing so much of it.  I feel like it is all I do.  I probably feed him once an hour when we are home and it takes him 15 minutes to eat.. 


I too was worried about breastfeeding and we still have some kinks to work out but I love it.  there isn't a problem in my kids world that can't be fixed with a boob.  I think the biggest reason a first time mom worries so much about bfing is because everyone has some sort of problem they can talk about but you have to remember that most of these women go on to bf sucessfully and the issues they have are usually a small bump in the grand sceme of things. 

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Thanks tank! It really gives a funny mental picture when you say your let-down causes him to get sprayed in the face. I had no idea that was even possible; I thought there had to be at least some compression or sucking for milk to come out. 


What do you use for burp cloths? I imagine I should just get a bunch of the cheaper prefolds to keep all around the house? After my baby shower, I guess?

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I'm always a fan of more info, so I would probably start a thread, but I'll answer you if I can find time in between nursing.


Starting out, breastfeeding was very difficult and basically didn't work at all.  My labor was very hard, possibly because of the induction, so I got morphine.  It was quite a while before I gave birth, though - maybe 8 hours?  I would have to ask my husband, but it was a long time.  Raven wasn't too sleepy right away, she stayed alert and at least tried to nurse when they put her on my chest.  They also gave me fentayl while I was getting stitched up (also an opiate).  And the doctor gave me codeine for a cough I had so that I wouldn't cough in my sleep and rip my stitches out.  I didn't realize it was an opiate too, or I probably wouldn't have taken it.  I have one flat nipple and one nearly flat nipple, and she didn't manage to latch on at all really for the first few days . . . and I was so exhausted and out-of-it that I didn't realize she wasn't getting anything.  She would latch on (poorly), suck a few times, then fall asleep.  Jaundice might have had something to do with it too, she was jaundiced and that apparently makes babies sleepy.  So she didn't really get anything, not even colostrum, for a couple of days.  She lost a pound in the first three days, from 8lb 2oz to 7lb 2oz.  The third night she cried nearly all night (because she was hungry) but would fall asleep as soon as she latched on (because she was sleepy).  In the morning she was clearly dehydrated, even to my exhaustion-addled brain, and I was very worried about her.  We went back to the hospital and got her weight checked (that's how we know she lost a pound), got her bilirubin checked because it had been borderline too high when we left the previous day, and asked about her being dehydrated.  I was out trying to sleep in the truck when the nurse gave my mom a bottle to give her, but I came in just as she was starting to eat it.  I wasn't really keen on her getting a bottle specifically, since we were having latching troubles, but she clearly needed some sort of sustenance, so I was glad they gave her formula.


We both got readmitted, her for jaundice and me for exhaustion, basically.  They brought me a pump and showed me how to use it, so I pumped regularly to bring in my supply while she drank bottles of formula to help get rid of her jaundice.  She also got everything I pumped, but that was about 10 ml (1/3 oz) the first day all put together.  The only thing I regret about this is that I didn't think of finger-feeding.  After my supply was boosted by pumping, she would latch on and nurse (because it was worth it now that there was a reward of milk) but it hurt like hell.  Nearly everyone told me that it would get better, not to worry about it, it's normal for it to hurt for the first week or two.  I think some discomfort is to be expected, but this was toe-curling painful.  When I finally cried at latch-on and then had a bleeding nipple, my mom realized that this wasn't the usual level of discomfort.  I don't know if it was because she had nipple confusion from the early bottles, or if it had to do with my flat nipples, or if she just didn't have a good deep latch, but it was pretty awful.  The hospital lent me a pump (thank you, hospital), so I pumped exclusively for a day or two and Erik finger-fed her the milk using a syringe with a bit of tubing on the end (no needle, of course).  Since then I've pumped for at least one feeding almost every day, and my nipples are almost completely healed now.  We also figured out how to latch her on better - for us what works is I latch her on as deep as I can and then continue to push her on for the first few sucks, working the nipple deeper into her mouth.  She helps me do this now.


It's worth noting that my experience is not typical - my sister has flat nipples too, and had a bit of a hard time with her first, but got it worked out by day three with no external help.  Her second was just born (4 weeks after Raven!) and was a champion nurser from the get-go, brought in my sister's milk in one day!  She just started out with a good latch and a strong sucking urge.  So don't expect this much trouble, it's not all that likely.  But even if you do have a lot of trouble, it's not the end of the world - Raven and I are both pretty good at this now, she hasn't had any formula since she was 2.5 weeks (and she's nearly 6 weeks now, I can barely believe it!), and she's gaining really well.  My nipples almost never hurt significantly anymore, although they do still get sore when she is having a difficult poop while nursing - she whips her head around without unlatching first.  And one of them did bleed the other day, but it didn't really hurt . . . maybe they're just getting numb, but sometimes it almost feels pleasant too.  My point being that even when it's hard, it gets better and it's still doable.  And when I pump now I get about 5-7 oz (150-210 ml) per session - after a 2-3 hour break.  It's very satisfying.  And Raven is completely adorable when she's latched on . . . and all the rest of the time.




Bring an alarm clock to the hospital.  That way, if baby doesn't feed every 2-3 hours, you can set the alarm to remind you to feed him.  I *tried* to feed her this often, but I was too tired to keep track, and my sleep was so disorganized that it was really hard.

Each nursing session, even at the beginning, should be 10 minutes minimum of good sucking.

Watch a baby nursing so you can see what it looks and sounds like when they swallow - I thought she was getting something because it "felt" like it in my breasts, but she wasn't swallowing, so she wasn't getting anything.  If you can't find this IRL, maybe Youtube has videos?

Ask for a LC to come and help - we had all these problems even WITH the help of the breastfeeding nurse, I can't imagine where we'd be without her.

If baby doesn't seem to be getting anything, start pumping earlier rather than later - my supply would have been high enough by day four if I'd started pumping on day two.

If baby does need a supplement for some reason, finger-feed or use an SNS.  That way no nipple confusion should happen, or so I hear.

If you need to give some formula, it's not the end of the world (I'm really grateful for it) but do pump to get your supply up, too.


Incidentally, Raven slept peacefully on my lap the whole time I typed this - I guess she wants to be sure that you and Odin are prepared for breastfeeding!

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I use those cheap crappy gerber prefolds for burp cloths.  They sell actual burp cloths but they are much more expensive.  I got 2 packs at my shower and then I realized I needed them everywhere and I got one more package.  They are really handy.  Wolverines new thing is pooping when I take his diap off so I take it off on top of one of those on the changing table in case he decides to let loose.  I still manage to have to wash his changing table cover almost everyday though!  People also use them for cleaning when they are done with them too so I figure they are cheap enough and not a waste if I have too many. 


Oh yah and if you deliver in the hospital ask for a lactation consultant even if you don't think you need one.  They will answer any question you have and help you out.  The ladies I saw gave me a bunch of collection bottles and suringes for hand feeding in case I needed to do that once I left the hospital.

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wave.gif to everyone. Its good to hear from our new momma's (glad you and Raven have made such good progress Hykue!)


Congrats and Welcome to Aduluza...it's seriously a baby boom here now!


Rosie, about your bf worries, do you think your doula can be any help? Ours specifically will stay for the first few hours after birth to help with breast feeding. She also does a home visit after we've left the hospital to address any breast feeding issues that come up once we're at home. Like Tank, we're delivering at a baby friendly hospital and already plan to have a LC come by after birth.



So my preterm labor scare seems to be ok, but it was very worrying. The docs think it was brought on by dehydration, so they gave me some fluids and want me to try and lay down as much as I can. I'm starting my weekly visits a little early so they can keep an eye on me, but right now all seems fine with us. I think I'm going to put the car seat in and pack a bag a little earlier just in case. Of course this means I'm probably jinxing myself to be past due!

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Sorry for the lack of personals right now. I'm kind of freaking out. TMI warning.


Twice today, when I went to the bathroom, I saw little bits of blood, once on the toilet paper and once in the toilet bowl. Just a few spots smaller than a pencil eraser, but I'm scared. I haven't had a BM today, so it's not from the back end. I don't *think* I'm having any uterine cramping, but I do have some abdominal discomfort, which I've been attributing to constipation. I haven't had sex recently, so apart from my progesterone suppositories, I don't know of anything that would be irritating my cervix.


I'm not sure what to do - I guess wait until morning ,and if it happens again, call the midwife? I know bleeding can be normal and that it's probably nothing, but I'm so scared that this is the beginning of the end. 

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Hi Calycanth. I am sorry you are going through this and I obviously can't help from the pregnant side of things, but do you think it's possible you may have a uti/bladder infection? What you describe has happened to me in the past with a few utis, which would also explain the abdominal discomfort. hug.gif

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Hykue - Thank you for your wonderful post and for sharing your story with Raven. I think I learn a lot from reading BFing stories, just like reading birth stories. But there are SO many more birth stories than BFing stories. 


One of the (many) things I take from your story is that it's good for DH to know something about BFing, supply, etc. If I'm out of it and exhausted, it'd be awesome if DH helped me figure out how to BF. I wonder if I could get him to read the LLL book. He's not allowed at meetings (no men). 


Ram - Our MWs stay for at least an hour after birth. Two of many things they check before leaving is a first successful suckling and that I get a shower. I didn't think of asking my doula about BF help. I'll ask her about her experiences. Thanks.


Caly - Sounds like your plan is a good one - call your MW if it happens any more. It can be nothing at all and it can be something. Most likely nothing but terrifying in the interim. <3 and :hugs: The MW can't really do anything, I'd imagine, but you could call tonight anyway? hug2.gif

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Thanks ladies. I don't think I have a UTI (at least, I hope not!). I haven't seen anymore blood and haven't had any cramping, so I'm going to assume things are okay for now. Today is the magical 12 week mark for me. I thought I'd be able to relax a little at this point. Silly me.

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Had my first pregnancy dream. It was like, come meet your baby. It was a girl who looked more like 5 months old. And then there was some other woman there and I realized it was my husband's baby and this woman's, not mine. I really wanted to hold the baby and name her (!) but the other woman took her. I was so depressed. Then someone told me if we had more money, maybe I could get pregnant and have my own baby.


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Caly:  I'm sorry you're having something so scary happen, but it really is almost certainly nothing to be worried about.  I know how impossible that is to believe, but it's still true.  I hope you can get some reassurance soon.


Boots:  Sorry about the awful dream.  They got less awful for me after a while, I hope they do for you too!

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I hope that you are feeling better, Calycanth. I wish you could feel more celebratory of reaching 12 weeks, sine you deserve it!


Boots, this is the first month that I had pregnancy dreams at all and I was getting them before I tested. I am having much more vivid dreams in general, but so far nothing too upsetting, thank goodness.



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Dreams…I didn't really have dreams but more like nightmares about baby for the longest time. The most frequent seemed to be the baby falling out way way before it was time. Or the baby falling out and me having absolutely no means to care for it (no boob milk, no car seat, no diapers, no clothes, and no wherewithal to get any of these things). The dreams sucked. But I would wake up and remember, "Hey, I'm pregnant" and that kinda made the dream feeling wash away quickly. 


Caly - Yay for 12 weeks! It's awesome! Hopefully there will be no more spots, and you'll be able to slowly relax into the "Im' pregnant in the second trimester" state. It's a wonderful state. How's your tummy feeling? Any bump starting to make itself known?


(Boots and andaluza - I wasn't quite clear...so haven't put you guys up on the front page yet...let me know what your blurbs should say. :) )

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Hi Ladies  hope everyone is keeping warm.

Rosie- thanks for the shout out.  I have been reading, but I am in the middle of finals, so have not had much time to spend here.

Caly- yeah for 12 weeks!  I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday. Glad the spotting ended. I have been constipated even though I am not taking anything, just one of the beauties of pregnancy.  My acupuncturist told me that all of your muscles in your abdomen are holding, which is great for your uterus and the baby, not as good for lower intestines.

Boots- Maybe you can say it could be a gender prediction dream, though?  Aren't you a teacher too?  How's it going?  And tell people when and what you want to tell them.  It is totally your call.

Tank and Hykue- the nursing stories make me reminisce.  I am one of the few 30's thread grads who has a DD, she is 5.5, so hasn't been nursing in awhile, but I remember all the wondering if she was getting enough in the first few days (she was only 5lb13oz when she was born, so I was worried about her losing any weight).  I also had the intense let down that Tank described (but only one breast, I had a bit of uneven distribution).  It was not always easy.  I think they recommend Lanolin (I hope I have that right) for chapped or cracked nipples.  Hykue- Glad Raven got the latch and it hurts less.  Just a word of encouragement to all the breast-feeding mamas.  I breast fed my daughter exclusively until 6 months (when she started a few solids in addition) and kept breast-feeding her until she was 2, though quiet a bit less towards the end.  She is allergy free and has a very good immune system.  I told anyone who discouraged the after 1 yr nursing that the World Health Organization recommended 2 years and that is what I was going to do.  However, I do know babies that decided they were over it and weaned themselves before that.  I don't work with LLL, but I do believe that it is the best gift you can give your baby.


I was really tired all the time until about a week and a half ago so it was hard to keep on top of work, but everything is winding down now.  Just a few stacks of papers and a week of grading to do.  I never really got bad M/S.  I do get nauseous if I don't eat every couple of hours, though.  My major pregnancy symptoms have been exhaustion and constipation.  I am starting to show and have found a few people starring at my belly, so I guess it is time to spill the beans.  I really wanted to hit this 12 weeks, though.  I got called out at a roller skating party I told my daughter to last Saturday.  A friend who is a father of three asked my (discretely, thankfully) if that was a baby bump I was trying to hide.  I guess I wasn't doing a very good job of it.  I am trying to decide if I should tell some people at work, or just come back after the semester break and deal with everyone's surprise and questions about why I didn't tell them.  I won't have another appointment until the 28th, when I will be 14 weeks.  I had a good healthy heartbeat on the U/S at 8 weeks and measured right on schedule and have had no issues, so I guess I should just assume everything is going great and start telling the world.  We tried for this second one for quite a while and I am really excited, but still nervous.  I think I may be nervous about something the whole time, even though, like Caly, I thought I might hit some magic chill feeling at 12 weeks. 

Hugs to you all and sorry if I did not give you a personal this time around.

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