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Rosie, I'd be happy to take over the thread if you need a break, but if you like being the threadkeeper, by all means, continue!


I think I have a bad case of pregnancy brain. Is 15 weeks too early for that? Maybe it's just exhaustion, but I seriously can't remember anything. I've also been having trouble verbalizing my thoughts, which is kind of embarrassing.


Hello and congratulations to the new graduates! And much stillheart.gif to all of the regulars.


EricaAF, I think you should pick a Nordic name, just to piss off your relatives. Like Ulf or something.

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Dolf! omg, nap needed.

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Caly - Threadkeep away! And no, 15 weeks is NOT too early to have pregnancy brain. Pause....FIFTEEN WEEKS!!! This is so exciting. How are you feeling? 


EricaF - We put the cabosh on any external name discussion until we picked one. I have a feeling we would have had a lot of negative input against Odin, so I'm glad we kept it to ourselves until we officially named this little one. 

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Ladies, watch for a new thread on New Year's Day. I'll post a link here, of course.


Rosie, I know, crazy! I'm officially in the second trimester, no matter how you count trimesters. I'm still slightly nauseous a lot of the time and have terrible acid reflux, but I'm doing okay otherwise. My next MW appointment is next week, and I'm looking forward to finally hearing the heartbeat. I'm also starting to get a little baby belly. At this point, it really just looks like I've had way too much to eat, but I'm definitely glad I already have some maternity pants. I think I mentioned this before, but I really like the name you picked. Poo on the naysayers.

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Ummmm, seriously??




Lol. Yeah. I could totally do the runway show at almost 5 weeks prego... Riiiiiight. winky.gif


Rosie: I hear that! My friend who actuallyyyy just named her dang bebe Leo did the same thing... hit it from everyone cause apparentlyyy no one likes that name. People are annoying. I can't wait for random strangers to try to touch my belly. I may kill. orngbiggrin.gif


Caly & Boots: I'm thinking Inga... or Sven. How about Jakob but it's pronounced YAH-cub. Lol.


AFM: Stilllll sleeping.gifbut my boob is like throbbing on top of that. Sigh. Not as nausous though (not that I was that much anyway) butttt it's prob cause I've been carbo loading. Lol. Not intentionally either. Sigh.

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Boots - I'm not sure.  I think the vag. if it has capability may do both.  I first heard heartbeats on the belly - it was one that fits right in the PA's pocket.  Hope you are getting some rest.


Birdie - Ironially, we have a ton of girls names, but not so many boys...  We'll figure it out.  Don't cha just LOVE everyone's opinions on how to take of L?  The recommendations start in pregnancy and continue...winky.gif  (Although I'm sure some are innocent - hope they aren't bugging you too much!)  So glad he did great on his first plane ride!


ericaf - you can rent a doppler later on!  (DH won't let me though...haha)  Boy names are tough, DH and I agree on lots of little girl names.  Hope you find one you both love and that is significant to both of you as well.  (Tough I know!)  As for the model...ugh. 


Calycanth - Isn't it the worst.  And I tend to blurt out whatever is in my head, which makes it worse!  (I had it pretty early on so 15 weeks or way before is normal as far as I'm concerned!)  And yay for 15 weeks!  orngbiggrin.gif   joy.gifHooray for 2nd Trimester!


Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!  partytime.gif My sparkling cider is ready! 

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I'll play, too, from lurkdomland: Happy Holidays!

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I hope that everyone is doing well!  We've returned from our visit to family and I'm feeling happy about the visit, but happier to be home.


Ericaf, we used to live in NYC, so it is great to go back and visit some of our old haunts whenever we can. Things sound good with you, I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!


Birdie.lee we didn't have a lot of time to do much more than walk around a few of our favorite neighborhoods, do a little shopping, and have dinner, but it's always worth it. Some of the people in our favorite places still recognize us, but it's sad to see that the economy seems to have affected several of them. So glad the plane ride went well. Since we are so far from family, I'm afraid our little one will be flying and it scares me somewhat.


I'm so glad that your u/s went really well, Boots! We'll find out for sure when we finally have ours next Thurs, but from when I think I ovulated, that means we are for now pretty much dating the same (my edd is Aug 14)! My husband will be able to get a few hours off and I've instructed him to take pics and video of the screen and I hope the doc doesn't object.


Calycanth, so exciting about your progress and hearing the heartbeat soon!


Afm, we took it easy on Wed., but I ended up getting terribly sick all that night and next morning--vomiting and diarrhea. Did I mention I have a terrible vomiting phobia? I seem to be over it, although I'm still distrustful of food and now I am regretting my dinner, the first real meal I've had since. I hope that what happened was a result of eating something that really didn't agree with me, especially since I can't imagine being able to function and be in public feeling like I did. I didn't have a fever or body aches, so I don't think it was a flu. But my mom also ate the same thing as me and was fine, so who knows. It was traumatic. Otherwise, everything is pretty good. So many cute and well-behaved kids on the plane, although the ones behind us sounded pretty sick, 

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andaluza, glad you're feeling better.



Ugh, I am all anxious now because I took some asprin-free Alka Seltzer (Alka Seltzer Gold). It has citric acid and potassium bicarbonate. Now I read that PB is category C. Seriously, one wouldn't think that extra potassium could be bad, but there haven't been stuides and I hope everything is okay.


Tear, she is SO adorable. Cutest outfit.


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Since I missed so much while I was gone, I don't think I can really do personals, but I wanted to say HI!!!! wave.gif to all of the new BFPs and congratulations!!

I'm loving all the Christmas baby pictures. I want to see Christmas BUMP pictures from all those that are pregnant though! Even if you don't have a bump yet smile.gif In my DDC I found it tons of fun to see pictures as everyone got further along and would love to see that here. So comon ladies, show off your bumps!!

Okay, Christmas baby picture time for me:
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Hi all 

Boots- I have stressed over a few things I ate/drank before I realized they could be bad.  It is hard not too, but probably totally ok.  Remembering how many crazy drug addicts have healthy babies helps keep it in perspective for me.

Caly-Yeah for 15 weeks.  I am almost there.  

Tear and Livingsky- such beautiful little ones.

Everyone else- HELLO.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Heard the heart beat on the doppler on Wednesday at just about 14 weeks.  It was such a wonderful sound.  Starting to really look pregnant.  It is true that the second one pops out sooner.


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