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She is here!

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Sarah Arlene R was born at 10:57 this morning.   She weighs 2.55kg (5 pounds 10) and is 46.5 cm long.  We're both doing great!  She is beautiful and mom, dad and all the boys are totally in love with her!


Birth story (there is lots of TMI)
I woke up at 6 this morning and I could feel fluid around my legs. I asked dh to pass me some toilet paper and when he switched on the light he said: "It's blood". There was quite a bit of fresh red blood on the sheet (a stain the size of 3 hands, maybe - but I know that blood spreads so although I was freaked I was okay). Then I got up and went to the toilet and a clot the size of the palm of my hand slipped out. I really really freaked then. There was no mucous, so I didn't think show and I couldn't get her to move AT ALL! Trev phoned the midwife, I had something to eat and some fruit juice and still no movement whatsoever regardless of all my pushing, prodding and poking.

We decided to go to the hospital to have it checked out. The hospital is 45 mins from us and I prayed all the way there (there is one closer but our midwife has privileges at this one and I didn't want to be booked in unless it was necessary). She checked heartbeat and it was strong and happy! I was so relieved!

The midwife decided to follow us home even though I didn't feel my contractions were that regular or strong. It was probably a good move! LOL! Got home at around 7:30 and then my contractions kind of petered out. I helped getting the boys organized and Trev and the midwife had breakfast and then at 9 I decided that going for a walk might be a good thing.

Midwife checked heartrate again (good and strong) and checked me and I was only around 3cm but easily stretched to 6. Bulging bag of water but head still up a bit high. Within 10 mins of starting to walk the contractions were 3 mins apart and strong enough for me to feel a definite peak but still managable. We headed back after 1/2 hour, had some water and off we went again. Seriously, the contractions picked up pretty hectically. Still about 3 mins apart but I had to seriously breathe through them and needed to lean on Trevor. You know those contractions that feel like they are pushing your hips apart? Got back to the house at 10. Midwife checked me at 10:15 and I was 6-7cm and easily stretched to fully dialated.

Within 15 mins my contractions were hectic, but weirdly enough still with breathing space inbetween. Not much, but enough that I could catch my breath and get ready for the next one.

I got in the pool at around 10:45 and by then I was ready for the pain relief from that. Midwife asked if I wanted to push and I said: "kind of but not too bad, yet" Within a few minutes that changed big time, but my water had still not broken. I pushed the head out with about 3 pushes, but then I struggled which for me is odd. Midwife reached down and just tore the bag and then she slipped out!

She is itty bitty but certainly not skinny. Midwife reckons around 36-37 weeks but given her strong latch and sucking reflex probably closer to 37. She was still cover with a thick layer of vernix but latched on pretty quickly :) She got pretty upset when I finally took her off!

DH took a few photos and we will download later and post!

ETA: It looks like the clot was from the placenta that started coming lose on the one side.

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Oh my!  Congratulations!  Wow, what a story, and I so appreciate you sharing your story!  I hope you're resting and relaxing now.  Hugs and congrats to you!

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OH MY GOODNESS!  Another baby!  And I was just looking back through the belly thread and admiring your's this morning!


Congrats, Mama!!  I can't wait to see pictures!


Welcome to the world, Sarah Arlene!  joy.gif

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YAY!  Wow that clot would have freaked me out as well. Glad to hear everyone is doing well

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Welcome, Sarah Arlene!!! Hooray, and congrats, MOMYS!!!

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Yeah! Welcome Sarah! joy.gif

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Congratulations!! Welcome to the world!

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Happy Birthday!!!!


Thanks for sharing your birth story!

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CONGRATS! Welcome to the world little Sarah!

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yay! Welcome baby!
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Wow, sounds like a fast birth! Congratulations on a job well done!!! thumb.gif

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Wow! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures!

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Another baby! Yay! Huge congrats!!

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Congrats, and welcome Sarah!!  I'm looking forward to pictures.  It sounds like a great birth, even with the scary bit at the beginning.  Great job mama.  

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Woohoo! Welcome to the world Sarah Arlene! Congrats to Mama and family!
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Welcome sweetheart!!! biggrinbounce.gif

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Welcome to the world, Sarah! 


What exciting news!  I would've been freaked out too.  I'm so glad that it all went well.  Can't wait to see pictures!

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Welcome Sarah!!!  Congratulations, MOMYS & family!!!  I'm so happy and thrilled for you.  So glad everything went smoothly.  Were you surprised about the early date, or was it something that was on your radar a bit? 


I can't wait to see pictures!  So glad for the full birth story to tide me over, though.  :) :)

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