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dairy problems as an adult

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I read through some of the archives but it was mostly focused on kids. I have a constant gassy suspicion that I have a dairy intolerance. Do I just go to my Dr. and ask to be tested? I feel silly asking but I really don't know how to go about confirming my suspicions. I am going to eliminate it from my diet as well to see how I feel. I have a lot of stomach cramping, gas, acne...

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds pretty suspicious to me, too.  If it's not an allergy you might just figure this out on your own.  I am lactose intolerant (self-diagnosed due to the particular symptoms) but my symptoms are relatively mild.  I can eat yogurt (not too much) small amounts of cream, small amounts of pasteurized milk (but not every day), cheese and some butter. Not bad!  But 2 days in a row or too much plain milk and I get bloating and cramps.  Raw milk is absolutely the worst and borders on painful, though that might be a particular bacteria and not lactose.  However, the species of milk doesn't matter, the result is the same.


Two other foods give me the same (or similar) symptoms:  eggs (allergy) and garlic.

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IgG allergy test, conducted via bloodwork, would show you if you have an insensitivity.  IgE allergy test is the common one, but if you're sensitive to milk not allergic to it, IgE won't tell you anything.  My insurance covered both allergy tests, but you may want to check first.  I think it's around $300 without insurance, and would be a wealth of info.  The best thing about IgG sensitivities is that they are largely resolvable. 

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You could be IgE allergic to cow milk (though it doesn't sound like it with your symptoms), cow milk intolerance, or lactose intolerance. All different things. IgE and Lactose Intolerance testing can be done at the dr's office. Cow milk intolerance may show up on an IgG test, might not (and insurance may cover it, or may not). I think a lot of drs these days will just say, go off it and see if you feel better, and they won't care which it is.

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thanks, ladies. i am going to eliminate it and see what happens.

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