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I see you, baby! ~ Ultrasound Thread! ~

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I was so excited to see my little bean today -- even if she doesn't look like much yet, it still made me so happy. And I love my little ultrasound picture. It just makes it more real, you know? So, I thought I'd start a thread for posting ultrasound pics! Here is mine from today ~ Based on the measurements, it is 6 weeks and 1 day :-) 


Baby Ultrasound.png


Baby Ultrasound heartbeat.png


I added an ultrasound pic of the heartbeat too <3

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Awwww he/she is very cute even at that tiny size!  Does the timeline match up with what you thought you were as far as weeks and days?

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Based on my last menstrual period, they thought I should be 7 weeks, 3 days but that was based on a 28 day cycle. When I told them I have 32-39 day cycles and brought up my FF chart showing i O'd on August 19th, they said baby's size matched what I had thought. So...yes, its about what I was expecting. I thought I was 6 weeks 4 days, but I'm actually 6 weeks 1 day. :-) 

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Wow! It's truly amazing they can taken u/s pics that early! I'm all excited now.  I hope they take one on my first appt, but I have to wait until October 13 for that...so excited!

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@Meridith - so things are looking good? So glad to hear. I'll post my pics later tonight. I have to scan them first. Hooray!

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I got my first ultrasound today!  Look at my baby!  Look at the little arms sticking out!!  I had my first doctor's appointment today and we did the ultrasound and got to hear the heart beat, it was sooo cool!  We also got to see the heartbeat in the little chest, it was going up and down.  It was the coolest thing ever!!  My official due date is May 14, 2012 :)  I am so excited!!


my baby ultrasound 9-22-11(forum).JPG

my baby ultrasound 9-22-11 (2)(forum).JPG

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Wow that's amazing Janel, it's so little!!!

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Janellody: Wow, is that every preggo's dream? To have your baby waving at you in your first ultrasound? Lucky you!


Meredith: Congrats to you on your little sticky bean! Do you find yourself less anxious?

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Cool, Janelle! We have the same official due date! Love that teeny tiny baby wave your little bean did!


Reno, yes, I'm a little less anxious now. I was a total nervous wreck before hearing the heartbeat, honestly. After hearing that, I felt pretty good. 

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Ohh I didn't even realize we had the same due date!  Fun!  Yes, I love the baby wave!!  I keep gazing at my ultrasound picture.. it's so real now.. I am in a baby daze...........

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Great pictures!!! Cute little beans :) I am due May 14th too!!!

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saw an awesome little heart beat too! 


confirmed my due date as May 3rd :)

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My picture is being moderated I think... and I may have accidentally posted twice... and I might have not blurred out my personal information. Please don't steal my identity. eyesroll.gif


Anywho, we saw a strong (130) heartbeat and I have an official due date of 5/11/12! Yay!


Congrats to you too Janellody and Maryamrose!

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I had my first ultrasound today, actually it wasn't planned. I went in on wednesday to have my hormone taken, and I went back today to get the follow up blood done. The dr said my levels were at 15,220, which I guess is really high for 5w 1d. but she thought we might see something. We saw, a gestational sac, yolk sac and a fetal pole! I was hoping for the heart beat, but at only 5 weeks she said you only sometimes see the heart beat, I'm still pretty relieved to see something!  She gave me a script to go back next week for a professional sonogram at an imaging place. The dr. was pretty conservative, but the nurse said, "see I told you not to worry" I hope she is right! so hopefully next week we will see the little one's heart beat!

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Maryamrose, how fun to be able to see the baby so well.  I'm also 8 weeks along so it's cool to think my baby is that big too.  :-)

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Such cute blobs you all have :D


I've got my ultrasound on Monday. I don't think I've ever been this excited for the weekend to go by. 


I'm super nervous, but my husband seems pretty relaxed. He said "the only thing that would make you this sick is a tiny human inside you, I'm sure it's fine."

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Wow, I love all the pictures!   Our babies are SO cute!

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Janelle, your little gummy bear is so cute!!  :D

Mary, your little one is looking like a baby already!  So cool how they change so much in such a short time!


I won't be having a U/S until at least 20 weeks...so it's extra fun to see all of yours!

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I have an awkward question...


For those of you who got early ultrasounds, were they abdominal or transvaginal?


My husband is going to come with me to my appointment, but for some reason I'm a little weirded out by the idea of having my husband in the room while someone sticks something up there. I know it's silly, I mean that's how the baby got there in the first place...

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