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This is our SURPRISE baby! They are not allowed to tell you the gender in the province I live in..... so we will find out in May!!!!


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baby mac.jpg

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Maggiemay- your baby is adorable! It looks so healthy and cute and chubby already :) What province do you live in? We are in Ontario and this time my dr had to write it on the form that we wanted to know or he said they wouldn't tell us!

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Awesome picture, very cute baby!! 


Why are they not allowed to tell you the gender?

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Maggie I love that pic! What chubby little legs! I'm curious too as to why they can't tell you gender. I mean, could they show you the general area and let you make a guess for yourself (if you wanted to know, that is)

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Thanks ladies!! I live in Nova Scotia. As far as I know it is for legal reasons. The ultrasound techs are not even allowed to show you that area so you could make a guess. If you really want to fins out the gender, you have to go to a private clinic. The closest and only ones near us are about 500km away and cost upwards of 300$ for the service. We are looking forward to this little surprise!
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Had what I hope was the last ultrasound of the pregnancy. Had to check to make sure something they saw a few weeks ago is getting smaller (which it is!). 


The tech who has seen me so many times now was nice enough to give us a 4d ultrasound, so he actually looked like a baby.


Here's our guy at 26weeks.




and our little guy making a peace sign



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awww he is very cute <3

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thanks! DP says he looks like me.

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Im new to the thread, and whole website. Im due May 03, 2012 (really hoping for the end of april) Our ultrasound for gender was on Dec 09 (my hubbys birthday :) ) and we got to see our little GIRL, her name is Kaia Amelia Rose, two middle names :) and they even gave us a video :) Not sure how to upload the video though :(Image11.jpgImage08.jpg

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Hi Soon2b! We're having a girl too and we're naming her Amelia....but Kaia is my lifelong fave girl name and neither my SO nor my ex-husband liked it :( so despite being pregnant with my 3rd girl, I have not gotten to use it.  So, needless to say, I LOVE your name choice!!  Congrats & welcome.

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We had our follow up cardio appointment today and EVERYTHING IS NORMAL!!! I'm so relieved and thankful and happy.


And we got this super cute picture. Look at those cheeks!!



Baby Oscar.jpg

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Awwww <3 Oscar is beautiful! I'm so glad everything is healthy and good!


Kaia is pretty also...


We have babies in there, ladies! WOW lol

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So cute Poppy!!  :D

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woa, Poppy that pic is great!!! Baby looks like...a baby! Like a chubby cheeked sweet little baby! I am so happy to hear that you got good news at your appointment too!!

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woa, open eyes! Remember when our babies just looked like blobs on the ultrasound?!

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Totally! I had an u/s yesterday and baby was looking right at us! it was a little unnerving though obviously amazing.

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woa, open eyes! Remember when our babies just looked like blobs on the ultrasound?!


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I went in for a quick 10 min ultrasound today to check on a fibroid, and at the end, the tech surprised me and gave me these!

I wasn't really wanting a 3-D photo, and probably would have said no if asked, something about seeing the baby before it is born is kind of strange.  still, I think she looks cute, and its kind of amazing to see how real and baby like she is at this point! 


Did any of you have a 3-D image with your last babies? do you think they are pretty accurate?


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Aww! No, I haven't ever had a 3-d before. Your baby is so cute though!

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