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I get my next ultrasound on march 19th and I am hoping to get another 3d one... since last time I didn't even have to ask for it, she just did it for us automatically!  I want to seeee my baby boy!!  Cute pics!

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I used to think it was weird to see them in such detail before they came out, but now I think it's so cool.  We only had one at 20 weeks, and she already looked very baby like.  I'm sure she looks so different now that she has more fat and everything.  :)  I'm slightly tempted to get another one, but I'm going to resist!


I didn't have 3D with DD, I don't think it even existed back then.  lol  But a friend of mine had a baby a few months ago and when he was born, he looked just like he did on the 3D u/s.  :)  

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here's my guy. 33wks1day




he totally has my lips, but I just dont know about that nose.

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noses never look right on the ultrasound, in my experience. My kids noses didn't look like they did in their u/s anyway :D

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Sooooo squishy!  love.gif

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Thanks, lovinthis. Wonder why they dont look right on the ultrasound.

Bubble ma, I can't wait to squish him in real life! Just a few more weeks I hope!!
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He looks toally scrumptious love.gif   is it just me, or is the siren song of a sweet, fuzzy, baby head getting so strong it's distracting luxlove.gif

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I think he is a total cutie too! thanks so much! 



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so squishy cute!!!

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Thanks! We had our birth class tonight. It's seriously getting close to meeting time!!
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35 week scan ~ he looks like he inherited my huge nose! Or, maybe like others have mentioned, it just doesn't look right on the ultrasound. Either way, I can't wait to kiss those little cheeks and lips! He seems so squeezable! 


35 week ultrasound 2.jpg



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Meredith, he's so cute!  

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What a cutie!!
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cutie pie! joy.gif

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