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Mine was transvaginal. It didn't occur to me to feel weird about it, and as soon as we saw that little heartbeat I completely forgot that there was anything inside me - we were both transfixed by the embryo. 


I wouldn't say it's silly. You have your boundaries and your own comfort level, and a medical office isn't exactly the most relaxing environment, either. See how you feel once you're there with your husband, if it still feels wrong, see if there are other options you can discuss with the Dr. or tech.

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Transvaginal, she said you cannot see anything on abdomen this early, it has to be transvaginal.  She put a blanket-paper-thingy over my bottom half and it was in within 2 seconds then we were oggling the baby on the screen, it was very quick and discreet, not weird at all to me!  My mom was in the room with me, not my hubby.

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Mine was abdominal. You can't see as much detail on the abdominal this early (see how on Janelle's you can see little arms and mine just looks like a blob with no arms? - and we have the same due date) but you can certainly see the baby and a heartbeat on the abdominal. I am being very cautious about things because of my previous loss, so I am not doing internal exams or transvaginal ultrasounds or sex or anything until 12 weeks. 


With DS2, we did a transvaginal ultrasound and DH was in the room. He didn't think twice about it -- he was 100% focused on the screen and our little baby!

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KM84 mine was transvaginal. Both my husband and mother-in-law were in the room with me and it was fine. You have a sheet over you and everyone is looking at the screen, not you. You're right, that's how the baby got in there and that's likely how it's coming out! :) Good luck!

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I had mine! They said everything looks good, and the EDD is right on target with when I thought I ovulated.




Just for kicks, my mom sent me a scan of the one from when she was pregnant with me. I have to say the resolution is a lot better these days!



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Oh wow, yes major difference between yours and your mom's!  Crazy!  Glad yours went well :)

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That's great to see the old u/s!  They really have come a long way!  :)


With DD I had an abdominal.  You couldn't see a lot, but you could see the heartbeat.  :)

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KM, what a comparison!


Mine is on Friday and I am going bananas waiting!! Do they give you a CD or thumb drive or something with these electronic copies, or are you all just scanning them?

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Reno - I just got a normal printout and took a picture of it with my camera phone.  I have a really good camera phone, though.  If I didn't, I would have had to scan it.

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Reno, the place I went actually texted me the pic to my phone immediately after our session! 

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I'm too lazy today to get my pic up from yesterday. But so happy to see my little baby in there with a strong heartbeat 170 bpm! Another prego milestone reached :)

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Yay Shannon! Wow, 170 beats per minute! Isn't that supposed to mean its a girl? According to completely unreliable old wives tales, of course :-)

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Meredith, I think you are right! I remember reading that  the high heartrate is a girl. It was right on for my first. I think this baby will be a girl, my mother-in-law had a dream about a baby girl before I even knew I was pregnant!!  That's so cool your hospital sent you the image!

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Hi ladies!!  So excited to say we saw our little nub today, and a strong (130) heartbeat!  As you can see from the corner, there's a little discrepancy in the due date from my last missed period, and how our little one was measuring.  I'm pretty sure it's why we only saw the yolk sack last week.  It's been a nerve wracking week, but I feel relieved tonight.  Wishing you all a peaceful evening!

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u:s baby 6w1d.jpg



We had our 2nd ultrasound today and got to see the baby and see and hear the heart beat! when she turned on the sound I nearly cried! so amazing. The baby's size is 6w1d which is exactly what we thought. We are so happy that we can relax a little now and let this little one grow! Wishing all you ladies out there a lovely first ultrasound!

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What a relief! We are 8 weeks, 4 days, due 5/7/11. Heartbeat is 170. Baby is 2cm long.



ultrasound 1 - no info.jpg

ultrasound 1 - no info.jpg

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Ha, Reno your doctor has the same ultrasound machine as mine :D

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hi ladies!! 


My doctor's appointment was rescheduled to this afternoon, so I just got home from it. My doctor was delivering a baby when I got to the office, but I opted to wait for her. While I waiting I talked with the nurse some. She asked me why I was there today and I told her I was pregnant. She looked at my chart and said "How did that happen?!!!". I smiled and said it was magic. She said "No really. I ask everyone that. But really, how did it happen?" I then told her how. She was really excited. I think Sara (DP) and I are the only gay couple they have there. 


Then when the doctor finally came in she gave me a huge hug! She's so excited it worked for us! She gave me some things to try for being so sick (she offered them before I could even ask for some suggestions). She told me to take 50 mg of B6 at night, that I could try Unisom (which the pharmist at Walmart looked up and said it's been used for minor m/s) and she also told me to eat lots of Ginger. Then she also gave me a perscription if none of that worked and I wanted to try other meds. I thanked her about a million times and then she asked if I was ready to see the baby. I said YES!!!


The baby is measuring a bit smaller than I thought. They decided to move the due date to the insemination day (because we knew exactly when that was).  My new due date is May 19th. I'm still going to say I turn the weeks on tuesdays! I got to see the tiny peanut and hear the heartbeat! Its 156 and she said the baby and sac all look very strong! I'm beaming I'm SO excited! 


I have some pictures of the tiny little with with the giant head growing inside me! 

photo-7.jpg photo-6.jpg


Really its jsut a blob, but I'm SO in love and am ever so convinced I'm pregnant now (although the throwing up was helping convince me!)!



Question: What do you guys think of me e-mailing the pictures to my parents?! And just letting them figure it out?! Bad idea right?! I need to tell them SOON! 

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I would at least follow up with a phone call or send a cute note with the pics. If they aren't familiar with ultrasounds they might just think it is your DP's ultrasound right? 

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Question: What do you guys think of me e-mailing the pictures to my parents?! And just letting them figure it out?! Bad idea right?! I need to tell them SOON! 


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I'd send a note of some sort (don't know what it would say). And I'm hopeful they wont think its DP's, as I'm pretty sure they know she never got one with this pregnancy

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