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measuring small?

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I'm wondering if I should be concerned that I am consistently measuring small (fundus height).  At 24 weeks I was 23cm (no biggie) and at my 28 week appointment I measured 26cm.  My MW was not concerned- she said average is +/- 2cm.  But today (according to self measurement) I was a pretty generous 29 cm and I'm 32 weeks.  She'll measure me tomorrow at my appt for confirmation.  Baby is head down, so I know that it's not because he's transverse or anything.  He was measuring "large" at the 20-week ultrasound, so I'm kind of surprised that now my uterus is measuring small.  I would not normally be concerned about this but I have gestational diabetes and I know that while it is more common for baby to have macrosomia (measure larger) it's also possible for them to measure small (which might indicate a placental issue, and could be an explanation for the GD because the placenta isn't functioning properly and is thus sending out the wrong amount of hormones to the pancreas, yada yada yada blahblah.gif)  So, if I didn't have GD I wouldn't be concerned about his growth, but....

So, I'll obviously talk with her tomorrow about it but I am wondering if I should have another u/s done just to see....Not that those are accurate, really.  I also think they will probably be doing a few BPPs/NSTs toward the end of pregnancy because of the GD, but didn't know if doing one now would be good.... Or if I am just a worrywart (usually not the case.)


Just as an aside, I measured perfectly during my first pregnancy, so I know I don't just carry small.  



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I measured perfect with #1 and 1-2 cm small the last 2.  I frequently measure off by 4 or 5 cm at home but normal at appointments.  Try not to worry about it until you see your midwife tomorrow.

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I usually measure right on, but I've had a few appointments that were 2-3cm off.  Then at the next appointment everything is back on track and normal.  It can vary from day to day and from one person measuring you to another..  Also, my sister was only measuring 19cm at her 24w appointment...  She went in for an ultrasound and the baby was perfectly fine and measuring right on.  He just happened to be very low in her pelvis.  It's probably nothing to worry about.

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Yeah, I think he might be pretty low.  And he's been low for a while, so maybe that's why I've measured small for a few months now.  I guess I'll see what they say tomorrow!  :-)

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I was measuring 4-5 weeks AHEAD and it freaked my doctor out.  They made me do a BPP and the babies measurements were actually a week behind- so, I would say don't worry about it.  I think the most important thing they should look for is the fundal height progressing.  Ive heard many stories lately about fundal height not being a good indicator of babies actual size.

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This is such a common concern!  I always measure behind.  I'm usually 2cm behind and then lag to 4cm behind around 32ish weeks and then catch up a bit after that.  Women are not machines- they do not follow linear patterns all the time so it is perfectly normal to have lags and spurts.  Also, measuring fundal height is a bit of an art, not so much a science.  If baby is really tucked down low and up high under your ribs it's quite difficult to get an accurate measurement.  Like Abra said, this explains why you can get varying measurements between different care providers.  I put very little stock in fundal height b/c despite being 4cm "behind" I produced 7 and 8 pound babies.  Both times my midwives were shocked at the weight.  It just goes to show that estimating weight at this point is really inaccurate.  An u/s would be no better.  I'm glad that your mw is not freaking out on you.  I'm sure as long as every other vital sign (BP, FHT, kick counts, etc.) is on target that everything is just fine.  hug2.gif

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I've been measuring 1-2 cm behind the whole time. My MW hasn't been concerned, because there is still growth, even if it's not textbook. It is a little concerning, though, because I always measured right on with the other two. But they were both 9 lb babies, and I gained 50-55 lbs with each of them! This baby just feels smaller (even though by US he measured ahead), and I've only gained about 25 lbs so far at 31 weeks.


I've had several people tell me how big I've gotten in the last few days, though, so we'll see next week how I measure.

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I have been measuring 2 cm behind the whole time.  But I was actually measuring 3 cm behind with my last one, so this one seems to be bigger.  I asked my doc if it was a big deal and he said no, as long as the baby is growing from week to week, it isn't a problem.  

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So I had been measuring 1-2 cm behind. I saw my midwife yesterday, and in 3 weeks I'd gained nearly 6 lbs and 5 cm. Now I'm measuring a week ahead! So much for not having another 9 lb baby. Or putting on less than 50 lbs  this time...

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Fits and spurts!  I will likely be the most behind I will be this pregnancy at my appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully this mw will not freak out on me.  By 34 weeks I usually catch up to a decent measurement.

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