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I found you!

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Finally, LOL.  I have been stalking the due date forums all week!

I am pregnant with our 3rd, due on May 15th.  I am English but currently living in France and preparing to battle against the old-fashioned model of obstetric care here.

We have 2 boys who are 4 and 20 months.  I am fully expecting to have another boy ;)


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Welcome to us, I just found the group too, after wondering for a couple of hours what was going on... EDD 5/29.

This is baby #4, I have three girls, ages 10, 9, and 6 months. I just got my BFP earlier today. Haven't told DH yet so I am going crazy wanting to tell!
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I don't understand why there isn't an announcement posted somewhere- I had a hard time finding the group too!  :(


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Welcome you guys!  I am glad you found it.. I don't know what they are thinking not making an announcement or anything, it's ridiculous.  I wonder how many other people just stopped looking and went to another site.

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i couldn't find it either. i looked and looked and couldnt figure out why the heck there was no group.

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I spent a week or two hanging aimlessly about in the April group, before I spotted a thread from another confused person and found my way here!


eta - ooh - I'm the 100th member!

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