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New in Ohio

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Well, new to mothering (we're about 7 weeks pregnant with our first!) and new to Ohio (we just moved here--in a college town between Cincinatti & Dayton). We came out here from Colorado & miss it so much--we had been living in a log cabin in the mountains!! Which was amazing. It feels weird to be in a new place & also to be pregnant--I feel really unfamiliar with "where anything is" here (including the doctor's office--I have my first appointment on September 30!). Anyhow, hello! I have been browsing this site for a few days and finally decided to join... I want to join the May 2012 DDC but when I try to make a post there I get an error message about permissions--do I need to make/reply to posts elsewhere... or how do I get access?


I am a writer / recent PhD who is teaching creative writing as an adjunct at the university where my husband is a TT professor... We just got married in July (after 9 years of being together!), so everything is happening super fast for us & we are kind of in shock, haha.

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Well congratulations on all the excitement in your life! I am new around here also.

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