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Arm's Reach co-sleeper

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Wondering if anyone on here has used or is planning to use an Arm's Reach co-sleeper with their Febubaby.  I'm a first-timer and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the co-sleeping options out there.  We'd love to do the family bed thing, but we only have a full-sized mattress and my husband and I like our space when we sleep.  Thus, something like the Arm's Reach seems to make sense...


Thoughts?  Other suggestions?

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We're going to sidecar our crib so baby can sleep with us without having to buy both a crib and a co-sleeper. We have a queen mattress but the dog and cat likes to sleep with us too. I'm hoping to put up some sort of removeable safe "guard rail" on the open side for naps so in case DH or I forget to close the door, the Basset Hound can't kiss the baby's face hoping to play.


This blog post I found on the internets explains how to she side-carred their crib really well. http://www.freewebs.com/sidecarcrib/faqtipsandphotos.htm

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I don't have experience with co-sleeping, but I did purchase the Arm's reach Mini co-sleeper on craigslist, plan on using it until the baby outgrows it which is usually around 5-6 months. Then I'll decide if I want to use the crib and put it right next to us, or just co-sleep.

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While our little man wouldn't sleep anywhere but in bed with us (except the swing when he was a young infant), we did have the crib setup as a cosleeper. It saved us some money, which was nice.

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we had one for dd.  they are tiny.  a nice place to lay the kid down for a nap but kind of pricey for something they'll outgrow so quickly.  we just ended up buying a huge king size bed (which i love).  worked for us, but sidecarring is a good option too..

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We bought one with DD.  I had imagined that it would be a way for her to be in her own space (I was concerned about co-sleeping safely at that point) and that I could roll over and nurse her, cuddle her, etc...  It didn't work for us at all.  DD screamed if we put her in it at all.  But also, the height made it impossible for me to even put my arm in very comfortably.  It meant waking up and moving her on the few times she settled in there at all.  It wasn't like an extension of our bed the way I expected.  We ended up essentially using it as a crib rail so I would feel safe with DD sleeping on the outside.  Also used it to store all the things that used to be on the nightstand but weren't anymore as the co-sleeper took over the space of the nightstand (which makes me insane!) 


We were in an extreme position with sleep though... DD would only sleep with my nipple in her mouth (yes, literally) or on DH's chest in a Moby wrap.  The crib was useless, the swing was useless, the bassinet was useless, the co-sleeper was useless.  Fortunately, most of these were hand-me-downs or gifts so we weren't out a fortune.  Unfortunately, I was really afraid of cosleeping at first (had her first ped graphically describe a kid who died from SIDS and attributed it to cosleeping, among other things).  As I relaxed, I found that all the gear was a waste...


Best thing we did?  Buy a king size bed!  That said, we're planning to set up the crib in what will be the kids' room once I break the news/persuade DD and the co-sleeper in our room.  I like the idea of having as many options as possible and since we have the gear, why not?  Maybe we'll even have a kid that doesn't startle awake every time someone moves....  :)

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We bought a mini co-sleeper on craigslist for super cheap and in great condition. 

We have a 2 story house and spend most of the day downstairs because it gets really cold upstairs. We plan on using the co-sleeper next to bed at night and keeping our crib downstairs for during the day. When baby is older (which will also be warmer weather) we can move the crib back upstairs.

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I used one for my DD and i really loved it - i had the full sized one and my DD was a huge baby so she would have outgrown the mini so quickly.  DD slept in it part of the night and in the bed with me part of the night but it was nice for her to have her own space if I needed my space.  I would LOVE to get a king size bed but we cant afford it right now

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We used the Original Arm´s Reach but with the MamaDoo Kids mattress topper. The topper made an enormous difference as we were having some sleep problems and it made it much more comfortable for our son. Later we used a play yard for travel and were able to use the topper again as it folds in 3. Good luck!

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i have an Arms Reach Co Sleeper and have used it with 3 kids. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Oldest kid wouldn't touch it, middle kid slept in it all the time, youngest would occasionally sleep in it.


My husband and I usually refer to it as the 'No Sleeper' if that tells you anything.

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We have used the Original but with the MamaDoo Kids mattress topper, which we still use for our play yard when we travel as it folds in 3.

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I have no clue either :)  I am getting my friend's crib, and I think it is a tiny one we can sidecar.  Awesome!  


btw LOOOVE "Febubaby"

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