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Thrilled to be here but it's definitely a shock

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I never thought I'd be posting in a parenting thread or a parenting site in my life.

I was never supposed to be able to have kids, or at least that's what I was always told.
Suddenly here I am almost 33 years old, single, disabled, and finding out just days ago that I am 7months pregnant.


I never had a symptom through out and the weight gain was next to nothing.
I had period issues ever since I got it as a teen so when it vanished with out a trace and nothing popped up positive it seemed another phase of mother nature being gone again..


I was never one to complain about that lol


Well didn't we suddenly get a surprize.

My weight was shifting oddly on my body and I knew something was off, I was losing it everywhere  but the tummy and suddenly food allergies were everywhere.. back in we went and this time we did a whole lot more testing and wouldn't you know, the baby finally decided it was time to say hello.


And make me wonder how such a big baby could fit in there.
All tests have been done and all is well and perfectly healthy!


Thank goodness!! I'm a bit of a health nut when it comes to making sure I had all my proper nutrition and what not.


Thankfully, I have a wonderful doctor who is extremely patient and has been a rock through a lot in my life already.  Finding her a few years ago has definitely turned into a blessing. As well as a super shocked and supportive best friend.


I've been lurking a bit doing some reading and trying to prepare since I don't have much time left before things get very different.


I am likely to ask a lot of questions,  so if i talk a lot please bear with me. :)


Has anyone else ever had no symptoms for the beginning/majority of their pregnancy?  Food allergies aside and an added ten pounds I still feel great. Never no fatigue, soreness, morning sickness, nothing which throws me right off.  I've been told to count my blessings I've seen friends go through hell with symptoms but I can't help but be curious as to why mine seems so different.



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Wow, congrats on your baby! I sympathise with being apparently unable to have children-after two miscarriages I was told I had a balanced translocation and had a low chance of ever giving birth to a healthy baby. Now I have two completely healthy daughters! What's the nature of your disability, if you don't mind me asking?


My first pregnancy was also quite easy and mostly symptom-free, and my total weight gain for that one was also only ten pounds. It's uncommon, but it definitely happens. 

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Thank you for the welcome. :)

I have cerebral palsy. I got lucky and got a milder case of it, so it doesn't make things as difficult for me as some.


I have to admit now that I have gotten pregnant I am glad the doctors were wrong. I would love for some extra prep time though its a lot of reading and preparing to do in such a little time lol but on the flip side I am so super excited :)


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Hi. I am new to the site also. Just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy!

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Welcome! And what a wonderful surprise...congrats! Be sure to check out the due date club.

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Congrats! What a wonderful surprise.  

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Thanks everyone, it definitely is a wonderful surprise :)

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Welcome! And what a wonderful surprise...congrats!  joy.gif

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Welcome and congratulations!

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Congrats!!! I hope your little one is kind of like mine- they are all very similar to the way they were while I was pregnant and their deliveries! Meaning my oldest put me in pre term labor, I'm coming, I'm not, I'm comming, I'm not. In the end he had to be induced lol. He's now 10 and the same way lol.  All 4 of my kids are like that- maybe your LO will be very quiet and sweet, and easy going! Let's hope!


Welcome to MDC- you've come to the BEST, in my opinion, place for parenting and labor and delivery advice!

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