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I'm part of a large singing group coming to Houston in the 3rd week of October for the Sweet Adelines singing competition.  One of our members (a dear friend of mine) is still nursing her toddler, and since she's normally a stay-at-home mom to her 4 kids, she doesn't own an electric breast pump.  The last time we went away for a weekend event, she used her Avent Isis manual pump, but after 2 days, she found she was already painfully engorged.  When I was in the same situation a few years ago, I managed to get by with hand expressing, but she that doesn't work for her.


We've looked at websites of local companies that rent out breast pumps, but it's all monthly rates, and based on a minimum of 3 months - we're only going to be there for a week!  So we're hoping to find someone who's got an electric breast pump they're not using any more.  She's not planning to save the milk, so she's not concerned about borrowing a used pump in that respect.


We'll be staying at a hotel near the convention center downtown - I remember for a past visit that Houston is a big sprawling city, so location could be an issue.


Anyone have one to lend, or know someone who does, or have any other bright ideas?  I've also posted on teh LLL forum, but thought I'd post here too.