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Congrats Rachel! I'm amazed at the number of large babies around here!
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Wow, Rachel!  It's truly amazing what a woman's body can birth!  That is a big head and a big baby and WITH a nuchal arm!!  And no tearing!!  Go you!!!  


I'm wondering if my labor will be similar timing as yours since I know I'm already 6cm dilated I sort of assume once "interesting" contractions set in that things will speed along.

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Evelyn Margaret

Born 11-25-11 at 7:54 PM

8lbs 10oz, 21.5 inches long

One week early :)



I woke up Friday morning with the same constant, hardly noticeable Braxton hicks contractions I have every day. I was feeling frustrated about this.


Around noon, the contractions changed. They weren’t painful but they were more pronounced and I could feel them in my back. They were also coming about every 2 minutes. The change was enough to make me think “hmm,” but I was not convinced I was going to go into labor either.


A half an hour later I called my mom, who lives a 13-hour drive away, and asked her if she wanted to take a gamble. Her plan has been to start driving as soon as I’m in labor so that she could be here shortly after the baby’s born and stay for a week to help out. We decided that I would call her back at 2 if things were picking up. But she ended up calling back 20 minutes later and saying that she was just going to come.


DH came home from running some errands at about 1. Things were pretty much the same. My friend and her 9-year-old daughter, who we planned to have at the birth to help out with DS, arrived sometime between 2 and 3 to eat left-over Thanksgiving pie. I told them I might be in labor, and they decided to stay.


DH and I took a long walk (although we had to stop back home in the middle of it so I could have a loose BM) and my contractions got a bit stronger. Now they felt like bad menstrual cramps. After we came home, my friend started downloading different contraction timing apps and timing my contractions, informing me of the benefits and drawbacks of each app. After about an hour of this, we realized that my contractions were averaging a minute long and a minute apart. My friend really thought I should call my midwife. I wasn’t so sure, since the contractions were barely uncomfortable, but I called her at about 5.


I didn’t have a contraction the whole time I was on the phone with my midwife, which was 3 or 4 minutes. She said she would come over in about an hour and check things out, then decide if she was going to leave or stay. After the call, my contractions started spacing out a bit more and getting even less intense, and I thought, “Oh, great. She’s going to get a sitter and come over here and my labor will have already stalled.”


At about 6 I was getting pretty tired, so I laid down on my bed. As soon as I did this, the contractions picked up and became much more intense. I didn’t feel the need to vocalize through them, but I was breathing deeply and having DH touch different parts of my body to remind me not to tense up.


My midwife showed up at 6:15 and sat and talked to me through a few contractions. She said she would stick around downstairs with her sewing. I stayed upstairs on the bed for about another 20 minutes, then went downstairs.


Everyone was drinking hot apple cider and watching the Wizard of Oz. It was so cozy! I sat on my ball and drank cider, talking and laughing with everyone. At this point, I wanted to vocalize through the contractions softly, saying “Haaaa” or “Hmmmm.” They were still really manageable, and if I vocalized and did hip circles on my ball, I didn’t need any other support and they weren’t painful. My midwife’s apprentice arrived and they did monitoring and vitals on me.


After about another 45 minutes or so, I went upstairs to pee and had 2 pretty strong contractions on the toilet. I yelled for DH, because I felt like I needed his support. Then I moved to my bed on my hands and knees. After having one contraction on my own, I asked DH to rub circles on my low belly and the small of my back during my next contraction. This felt fantastic and made the contraction not painful at all.


I asked DH to get my ball from downstairs so I could lean on it and to heat up the rice socks I had made. He brought up the ball and helped me through another contraction. Then my friend and her daughter came up with the microwaved rice socks. They felt wonderful.


I told DH that I wanted to get in the birth pool, and he immediately left to finish filling it (it was set up in the next room). My midwife came up and I asked her if I was far enough along to get in the pool. She said I could get in at any time, and the worst that could happen is that my labor would slow down, and I could always get back out. At this point DH was filling it with buckets from the tub faucet, since the hose connected to the bathroom sink faucet was really slow. He was walking back and forth past the door of the room I was in.


I had another contraction which was more intense than any I had yet had, and at the end of it my body started to push. I felt something big and round move into my birth canal and I said, “Oh no, baby!” Then the big round thing exploded and I realized it was my water bag. It soaked my underwear, pajama pants, and socks, as well as the whole end of my bed and my feather duvet. I said, “Chux pads! Chux pads!” and pointed to where they were next to the bed. The apprentice grabbed one. At this point they called the other apprentice, who was supposed to come for the birth, and told her to hurry.


The next contraction came right on the heels of the one before it and I was pushing uncontrollably again. When it ended, my midwife took off my soaking wet pants and told me the pool was ready and I could get in. I desperately wanted to, and it was only 7 steps away, but all I had time to do was grunt, “Uh uh” and start pushing again. I felt the baby move down into my birth canal. I heard my midwife yell, “If anyone wants to see a baby born, they’d better get in here!”


Suddenly she was crowning. Because I was leaning on the ball, I was able to support her head coming out. A couple more pushes and out came her shoulders and the rest of her. Then she was there on the bed, all red and blue and flailing around. When I picked her up and DH started putting blankets and towels on her she started wailing, and she didn’t stop until she found my nipple a few minutes later. Then she nursed pretty much non-stop for the next 4 hours.


 After giving DH and I some family time, and while they waited for a break in nursing, the midwives took my vitals, checked me for tears (I had 2 small nicks that didn’t require suturing), and examined my placenta, which had come out intact easily a few minutes after the baby. DS came upstairs a few times to give her a look and a quick pat on the head, then went back down to play with my friend and her daughter. When the baby unlatched after about an hour, we took the opportunity to do a quick newborn exam, then we got in the pool, so as not to waste all that nice warm water. J


The water felt sooo good, and Evie absolutely loved it. As soon as she was floating in the water she became very alert, wide-eyed and quiet. It also helped that I took a baby wash cloth and wiped away the vernix that was caked around her eyes so she could open them more easily.


After we got out of the bath my midwife helped me get dressed, DH and I dressed Evie, the midwife left, and we got into bed.  DS got into bed as well and the three of us went to sleep, DD nursing and DS cuddled up against my back. DH stayed up to finish the laundry and wait for my mom to arrive.


Evie is adorable and very mellow. The only times she has cried are when I haven’t gotten her a boob fast enough and when we take her out of the bath. She loves baths (but hates getting out of them) and she nurses constantly. I was a little lax about her latch yesterday and at night, so my nipples are pretty sore, but my milk is already coming in (only 36 hours after the birth!) so that, combined with better attention to latch and Earth Mama Nipple Cream, should help. She also needs burping, which is new to me, since DS rarely needed to be burped. We are all loving getting acquainted with her (well, all of us except the cat, who hates me right now) and I am sooo glad my mom is here to feed us and give DS much-needed attention.






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Wow, Viriditas, beautiful birth story!!  I can't believe you went from breathable, humming contractions to pushing out a baby not long after.  Yay!  And she is just gorgeous. 

Congratulations!!  joy.gif


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Just lettin y'all know I'm putting the more detailed, edited version of my birth story up. thumb.gif

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Great story, Amy!  Sounds like a very peaceful birth that you accomplished mostly by yourself!

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It sounds like a lovely birth Amy.  Congrats!

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Great story!  My Dylan is O- too, same as me.  Woohooo!   I don't plan on having more kids, but it's still good to know I didn't have to get another shot :-)  I am jealous you got the sterile water papules.  I wanted those soooo bad.  I hear it helps a ton!  

Hopefully your second labor will go much faster.  I anticipated another long one but this one was only 7.5 hours!!


Isn't the vagina an amazing thing?! 

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Joanie - wow - what an amazing story!  I am also psyched to read a story that feels so similar to my own.  I was in this crazed, "wild animal" place in labor, trying to run away from the pain, in utter agony, etc... and it seems to me that you and I had very similar experiences on that front.  You were screaming "stop, stop, stop" and I was screaming "No, no, no!"  Anyway... it's so empowering to get through that, isn't it? And TWO pushes? OMG lady! That's amazing!  And Sora is a beautiful name, and a gorgeous girl.  Thank you so much for sharing.

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also, OT but your DH's wedding ring is awesome.  thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by jbk21 View Post

also, OT but your DH's wedding ring is awesome.  thumb.gif

Haha I was thinking the same thing!

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What a beautiful story, Joanie. Even through the unbearable pain, your baby, knowing that you did it the way it was meant to be done, and working with your husband as a team is so worth it. I can also relate to not even THINKING of having another until the memory of the labor fades a bit. I remember the transition a bit too well and not sure if I'd want to go through it again. lol

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Thanks for sharing Joanie.  Congrats again!

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Congratulations Joanie! You're story is so empowering and wonderful that you were able to have your home birth. I really LOL at the vagina afterward bit lol.gif
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Amazing story, Joanie!!!  I was eagerly awaiting hearing all the details, I'm so glad you wrote it all out for us!  You rocked that labor and way to push her out like a super woman!  So empowering!  Congrats again!

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Great story Joanie! Your labor sounds somewhat like my first one did. Horrid back labor the WHOLE time, nearly 24 hours. Only the last 6 hours were hard labor though. The good news is my 2nd was really easy for the most part. After that back labor I endured the first time, normal contractions just in the front were much easier to handle. I had about 2 hours of hard active labor this time around, the previous 6 hours I was questioning whether I was actually in labor or not. Lol. So I'm sure your second baby will be a breeze ;) Thanks for sharing your story!

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Great story Joanie, you've encouraged me to get back working on mine. There is something so magical about that first birth, I'm so glad you had a great experience. 



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The fast labor of Clara Evelyn - born 41w5d on Dec 1 - weighing 9 lbs:


So I was 41w5d and worried about the pressure of getting to "42 weeks" but feeling great the whole time.  I went on a little trip with my son that day and bought some Black Cohosh to see if it would do anything.  I had been having pre-labor contractions for the past several days, so I knew my body was already gearing up.  That evening, I took the cohosh at 4, 5, and 6 pm, and during that time I kept having contractions 12 minutes apart which would make me stand up and breathe through them.  Not super painful though.  I stopped the cohosh after 6 pm, and the contractions continued through the night, going from 12 minutes to 9 to 7 minutes apart.  Even though I couldn't sleep through them - I sat in a rocking chair the whole time, I still didn't quite believe this was truly labor.  Come 6 am, I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep!  The intensity of the contractions let up a bit and I thought, great, I'll go lay down.  As soon as I got in bed, my water broke and I was so tired and upset I just started crying.  I just wanted to sleep!  I called the doula and told her what happened and she calmed me down saying things might let up a bit to give me a break and I should try to rest.  As soon as I hung up the phone (feeling better about things!), contractions got intense and were 2-3 minutes apart and doing good work in my body.  I called her back almost immediately and said, yea, come on over now!  We also called the parents to come and watch our son, telling them to hurry it up. 


So here I am laboring on the couch, with strong contractions 2-3 minutes apart, and my husband is running around like a maniac trying to get things ready in the car, and my 3 yr old is crying for breakfast and not really understanding why he can't get what he wants now.  It was kind of a circus.  That, and the hospital is a good 40 minute drive and rush hour is starting!


Doula and parents finally arrived and we got in the car with contractions about the same intensity.  The drive was actually pretty uneventful with good traffic, but I remember telling DH, "this is really not fun, really not fun" and looking back, I bet that was transition.  Got to the hospital, had a couple more contractions as they starting filling up the birthing tub, then they asked me to lay on my side to get a better reading on baby.  And boom!, there came the pushing contractions.  The midwife said she was going to check me (she never got to) and they had to pull my pants off and then came the baby!  It was really intense though, with me hanging onto the bed railing while yelling at the top of my lungs as she came down and out in a couple contractions.  I don't think I did much work at all, instead I hung onto the bed for dear life while my body took over.  Just so intense!


After the baby was out, there was a little hemorrhage before the placenta was born, and the midwife wanted to start and IV just in case so I let her.  She kept messing with me and pressing on my belly which hurt like he**, and I just wanted her to stop and let the placenta come out on it's own.  I was so mad at her for pestering me!  So she finally called in a backup doc b/c I think she was getting nervous, the the doc said, "let's just leave her alone for a minute" and I was so greatful!  I love that doc.  They let me be, and my body finally starting having a contraction to push, and after a couple, I got the placenta out just fine.  After the fact, the doc and another midwife said the pitocin she put in the IV before the placenta was born may have been making my cervix contract and not let the placenta out.  Bizarre.  But no other interventions were needed, and I felt fine from the blood loss after a day or two.  Not so bad.


All in all, we had a good hospital experience.  My only complaint was the push to get the placenta born.  The nurses were all natural friendly and patient - they had castille soap to wash the baby, they took my IV out when I asked, they left us alone if baby was sleeping or we put the do no disturb sign up, and leaving the hospital was so easy - no red tape to get through!  And good food! 


This labor was so much easier than my first - it's amazing what the body can do when it's done it before. 

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joy.gif Yay for easy(ish) labors!  Congrats again!  Our babies share the same birthday. 

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