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I had been having fairly regular, labor like contractions the day before, overnight, and through the morning the day I was 39 weeks (Wednesday), so I had Maggie (my doula/student midwife/midwife's assistant) come over to check me around 2pm since she was eating lunch nearby with my midwife's other student, Michelle. At that time I was only 1cm and maybe 50% effaced which was frustrating because I KNEW this was the beginning. It felt a bit like last time where no one belived what I knew in my heart. Anyway, I decided to try to ignore them for as long as I could and have Nathan finish up his work stuff but to be ready to call in that it was time. By the time he was done with work I was really thinking that it was go time, but still was doubting myself. I sent him with Vala to publix and to pick up dinner from Moe's while I dealt with contractions by myself and talked to my awesome friends on this groupme text app that Nathan set up. Before he got home we had figured out I was having contractions about 3 minutes apart! I still didn't want to call Kelli (midwife) or Maggie, because I was sure that they would be coming out for nothing and I wanted them to rest since they had been at a birth the previous night. Once he got home, I ate between contractions and took some benadryl to try to get some rest. I had attempted to get Vala to sleep but my vocalizations kept waking her up, so I put her in bed with me and finally got her to sleep around 11:30pm. Nathan went to bed around the same time I think.
I probably got about 45 minutes of highly interuppted sleep before having to get up. I tried working through the contractions in any position I could come up with, but I kept having to run to the bathroom and pee between them but I couldn't stay on the toilet through them. I decided just to get in the bathtub at that point since the birth pool hadn't been set up and I still was trying to pretend that it wasn't really real (HA!). After about 3 hours (3am) of having a hard time handling contractions (with Nathan coming in and out of the bathroom because I kept waking Vala up and I wanted him to comfort her...though, my cats acted as doulas at the time, checking on me and letting me pet them) I told him to call Maggie because I didn't feel like I could handle them by myself anymore and by then I was just about sobbing at the end of every contractions because I thought I hadn't progressed at all and I would be going through this forever and I was just being a big wuss and I didn't want to bother the birth team and make them come out for nothing.
Well...15 minutes later I started having to squeeze my hips together during contractions and I felt her move down so I tried to feel for what was going on and had a bunch of bloody show and felt something hard not too far in. I made Nathan feel and he called Maggie exclaiming "I think her head is right there!". She arrived about 15 minutes after that and checked me and said that I was complete with an anterior cervical lip and that we were feeling the bag of waters bulging! So much for my fear of not having progressed!!! Kelli arrived shortly after and apparently Michelle did as well, but I didn't really notice. At this point I was dealing with contractions by kind of going into a zone attempting to breathe in between contractions by putting most of my face under water (oh, yeah, I NEVER got out of the tub...I was in there for like 6 hours. Haha.) and then vocalizing and squeezing Nathan's hand during contractions. Around the time they arrived I started to feel the urge to push. Kelli held back the cervical lip (which I was not happy about at the time because it was during a contraction, but happy that she did it) and my bag of water broke. I was on my back at this point, pretty much completely ignoring what everyone was saying (mostly because I was underwater when they were saying it and I couldn't hear them) because I literally COULD NOT not do anything I wasn't already doing. They were trying to figure out how to take off the stupid glass shower doors so they could access me, which couldn't happen because they only come off from the inside. I found it really irrating at the time, but now I find it hilarious that there were 5 people and sometimes Vala in my tiny bathroom all at once.
I pushed for about an hour and 20 minutes, getting really frustrated everytime she would move out and go back in...finally her head popped through and  Nathan attempted to use both hands to catch her but I refused to let him go. So, he sort of guided her out with Kelli's assistance to flop onto the bottom of the tub (which had been drained at this point because I couldn't stop lifting up when I pushed and there was less water in the tub now). Then they lifted her to me and put her on my chest! She was perfect and wonderful and FINALLY the pain had stopped (this was at 5:37am Thursday morning). I delivered the placenta not long after and Nathan cut the cord long after it had stopped pulsing. We finally got me in bed and eating (and drinking a placenta smoothie). Then they did the newborn exam and I believe her APGARs were all 10 consistently. She weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 19 inches long. After her exam I got stitched up since I had a 2nd degree tear (because stubborn me pushed too fast and wouldn't get up off my back!), a small upwards tear and an internal skid mark.
It was AWESOME! I'm not quite at the "I'll do it again in a heartbeat" phase, but it was SO empowering that I KNEW and I did so much of it myself and I didn't really need anyone but myself until the end (though, it would have been nice to have Nathan's hand to hold, I think I would have been way more whiney about it had I been allowed the chance). So, anyway, A BABY CAME OUT OF MY VAGINA! WOOOOOO!!!



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Yay Sarah! I loved your story, awesome :)

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Congrats Sarah, she's precious!  joy.gif

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Congrats Sarah!!!!!   What an empowering experience!!!    joy.gif

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What a wonderful empowering experience! You did it!!!!!!!

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Here's my contribution! I wish I could have gotten pictures. The one camera we have is soooo crappy and the pictures I've tried taking are all grainy. Pictures in a day or two tops!


On Friday, November 18th, I had my membranes stripped. I was 39 weeks 4 days pregnant and very optimistic that it would do much for me. I wasn't necessarily tired of being pregnant, I was really excited for labor to start. After going for an off and on walk of 3.5 miles, I decided to give it a rest and not pursue contractions any further, so that I wouldn't be worn out the next day if anything happened. I started getting what seemed like Braxton Hicks that evening and they got to 7 minutes apart pretty consistently. They weren't strong at all, so I decided to get some sleep at midnight. I couldn't get to sleep in bed, so I came out to the couch and put some "sounds of nature" music channel on to help me sleep.

I woke up around 4:30AM, to what I thought was me just having a full bladder. I felt restless afterwards and couldn't sleep. I didn't know why, until I had a hard and very noticeable contraction. This happened again 10 minutes later and by 5AM, they were averaging 5minutes apart. Still the same intensity. I get more restless, wondering if this really is it and start pacing the living room and kitchen. I kept wanting to do something to keep me busy, but I couldn't figure out what, even though there were dishes in the sink and cookies I planned on baking. They jumped to 3 minutes apart and a minute long while I paced the rooms.

After an hour of pacing around, I started to feel a little worn and stayed sat down for the most part. They spaced out to 5-7 minues apart, but more intense and I had to let out low moans to cope. Even though the contractions got harder, the space in between them increasing discouraged me and I started to think that this was another labor tease. heh The denial phase seems to happen alot with women.

My husband couldn't be called away from work, because the management would be super busy that day. There was a big rivalry football game within the state and the restaurant would be crawling with fans of both teams. I was fine with it and completely prepared mentally to labor alone. Since I hadn't experienced a completely natural birth before, even though I had 2 children prior, I wasn't as prepared physically as I thought I'd be. I had no idea how much harder the contractions would be hitting me. I wouldn't even necessarily called it pain, as much as the contractions were intense. Like waves that kept climbing and I needed to match the height of them with the sound of my voice to stay on top.

So, the husband left for work at 6:30AM and I had him hold me through a contraction right before he left and he said he was sorry that he had to go. By 7, the contractions were still spaced out to 5-7 minutes but coming harder. I leaned on the couch and it felt good to be part way bent over, rather than squatting or hands and knees, which both hurt to do.

My 2 yr old daughter got up at 8 and I made her cereal and I surprisingly didn't feel irritated with her presence like many mothers describe during labor. I even switched my music to cartoons for her so she'd stay occupied after she ate. She checked on me regularly and was curious about the sounds I made and even mimicked me a couple times.

9AM rolls around and the contractions are picking up in intensity and a little bit in length but the time between them was still the same. I'm in and out of the bathtub at this point, not sure what would make me most comfortable. I was feeling the need for being on my hands and knees in the water, but it was far too crampy for me to do this. I was getting louder with each contraction. As the waves climbed higher, so did my voice. It was like a chant that was needed to keep me grounded and solid and whole through this entrance.

10:35 comes and as I'm stepping out of the tub for the 50th time, my water breaks. It's clean and not stained with meconium, so I go on. Then the monster contractions come. I update that my water has broken on a Facebook group and when the first tidal wave of a contraction hits, I'm on the birth ball, hitting enter on the post. "Hoooooooooooooo,motherf**king sh*t. Hoooooooooooo." Not being prepared for the contractions to come faster and 3 times as hard, it left me gasping afterwards, and I knew I had to get in hot water for relief. I retreated to the bathroom and added more warm water. I laid on my side and hung onto my inflatable like a liferaft and kept my voice as high as the waves took me and I loosened my arms around the pillow as the wave died down. My jaw and eyes were relaxed as the waves washed over me and I clung on, drowning them out with my voice.

A contraction hadn't come when I thought it might and my eyes snapped open as I finished catching my breath. I had stood up to see if I could sneak out of the tub to pee before it came. And then, an invisible force pushed me down onto my hands and knees. This was the first time I felt half desperate to escape the waves. Almost like a whirlpool and I was afraid of drowning. I wanted to crawl away from the contraction, but all I could do was rock back and forth. I remember a contraction in this position that I had to growl to get through. I thought for a moment that bearing down slightly might feel good. I don't know what time it was, but I know it was less than 5 minutes of pushing. I sat 2 contractions in the tub, shaking and on the verge of throwing up. A person will NEVER understand what the uncontrollable urge to push feels like until it happens to them.

During the pushing, my daughter came in and watched for a second and asked "What are you doing mama?" grunt*Having a baby, honey* "Oh, okay. I'm gonna go watch cartoons now." Goofball.

Another tidal wave contraction washes over me and it's like someone taking a remote and hitting a button that says "push" over and over again. A neverending cascade of lost self-control. My BODY pushes once, his head is at my perineum, a 2nd push(by my body) his head is out. A third push, and I'm helping my body this time and he's out. He's sputtering for a minute and taking his time pinking up, but he finally wails once and settles down.

The placenta took 15 minutes to come out, but it seems to all be there. I had a placenta smoothie(for those that don't know, it's only a small piece of placenta blended in a fruit smoothie) after things calmed a bit. He came down so quickly that he didn't have a cone shape to his head. It's perfectly round. He's fast asleep after nursing and I couldn't be happier and feel more whole after this experience.

Levi Jaxson Wheeler

11/19/11 10:50AM

8lbs 4oz 20.5 inches

born after 5 1/2 hours of active labor

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Wow, Becky!  So you did it by yourself while your kids watched cartoons?!  Your dh was at work?  That's so Laura Shanley of you!  Awesome job mama!!!

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What amazing stories!


Also I can't believe all the dark-haired little babes in our group!

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HAHAHA Jaimee. "so Laura Shanley of you!" lol.gif My daughter was in and out of the bathroom as much as I was. DS is at my mom's. Has been since I was 37 weeks. But yes, Casey was standing right there the first time I pushed and she said "what are you doin, mama?" *grunt* having a baby honey. "oh okay. I'll go watch cartoons."

Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

Wow, Becky!  So you did it by yourself while your kids watched cartoons?!  Your dh was at work?  That's so Laura Shanley of you!  Awesome job mama!!!


Levi is also dark-haired. He doesn't have a ton of hair, but it's about half an inch long and dark brown.

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What amazing stories!


Also I can't believe all the dark-haired little babes in our group!


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Yay Becky!

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HAHAHA Jaimee. "so Laura Shanley of you!" lol.gif My daughter was in and out of the bathroom as much as I was. DS is at my mom's. Has been since I was 37 weeks. But yes, Casey was standing right there the first time I pushed and she said "what are you doin, mama?" *grunt* having a baby honey. "oh okay. I'll go watch cartoons."

ROTFLMAO.gif  Way to totally rock that UC!!

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Casey was standing right there the first time I pushed and she said "what are you doin, mama?" *grunt* having a baby honey. "oh okay. I'll go watch cartoons."



ROTFLMAO.gif Omg that's priceless.


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HAHAHA Jaimee. "so Laura Shanley of you!" lol.gif My daughter was in and out of the bathroom as much as I was. DS is at my mom's. Has been since I was 37 weeks. But yes, Casey was standing right there the first time I pushed and she said "what are you doin, mama?" *grunt* having a baby honey. "oh okay. I'll go watch cartoons."



Holy CRAP Becky thats probably the best part of the story!  You ROCKED that UC!


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Congrats Becky!!  joy.gif




Don't worry, I'm guaranteed to have a VERY blond baby (just to even things out)..   lol.gif

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What amazing stories!


Also I can't believe all the dark-haired little babes in our group!



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okay Becky, now that i read your story... that is effing awesome!  you're so much more hardcore-uc than me, ROFL!  i dunno how i would have done it w/o dh--and you were rockin it with cartoons and cereal-pouring--zomg!!!  kudos and congrats, rockstar mama. 

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Thursday morning my sleep was interrupted by contractions. They felt fairly strong (more so than the incessant BH I had been having) and were coming every 10 minutes. I thought for sure that was it, and after a few hours called my mom to come over and get my son to school, and called my aunt to let her know as well (mom and aunt were birth partners). Once I felt like it was let enough, around 8am, I called Rachel, my midwife, and told her what was going on. She didn't feel like any action needed to be taken right way, just suggested I go back to sleep for a nap and keep the non-stress test. I was not able to sleep because I was too excited. That excitement fueled enough energy to run an errand before the nst, but then Sheena, the midwife's assistant who took care of my appointment, said I was not officially in labor. My contractions had spaced out quite a bit by then, and I was only dilated 2 cm, but I did have a bloody show. We made an appointment for a bpp for the next day. I hung out with my mom and aunt for a bit, then went over to my bf's and we messed around a little, although I don't know if sex does much if I don't get semen in contact with my cervix or have an orgasm. I was disappointed because my oldest was born at 41 weeks and I had already passed that for this one.


The next day was my ultrasound for the bpp. First us for this baby, and I decided to go ahead and find out the sex--I was really sick of all the unknowns! That day I also was getting pretty depressed about another weekend with no baby and nothing to do, not even work (I had just worked my last day Saturday). The baby's father came to the u/s with me, and we got along well for a change. He even told me I had a pregnancy glow and looked great. I found out I was having a girl (yay!!!!!) and that amniotic fluid was a bit low, but nothing to worry about. I was relieved and elated as I left. Unfortunately, an hour or two later Rachel (midwife) called to say she was very concerned about amniotic fluid. She suggested a few things to try and told me to call her later. Unless I was able to increase the fluid, we'd probably need to try castor oil soon and possibly move on to pitocin in a hospital. I cried when I heard this--I had been looking forward to a birth completely opposite of the one I had with my son, and I was running out of time to do so! I called my sister-in-law because one of Rachel's suggestions was go swimming and she has an indoor pool at her apt. I got my swimsuit and had time for about an hour long swim before getting ds off the bus from school. The water felt good, and I even spent a few minutes in the hot tub. My brother, sil, and I talked about induction and joked around, raising my spirits. I told them about castor oil, and how usually there is some natural emptying of bowels right before labor. I ended up spending awhile in the bathroom when I went in to change clothes after we were done, and sil was excited to hear I had pooped--maybe I would go into labor soon! I was also drinking a lot of water, so after I left their place I had to stop and pee at burger king. By then my contractions had picked up (the night before they went back to around 10 minutes apart and I slept around them with Tylenol pm's help). After I got out of the pool, I think they were only a few minutes apart. Between that and seeing that I was late getting to my son, I was starting to freak out a little. I called my dad to pick up ds, and that worked out just fine, but a little while later I decided I was contracting too often to focus on driving. I parked in some random parking lot a few miles away from Dad's and asked him to pick me up.


I called Rachel and let her know what was happening. Since my contractions weren't quite lasting 60 seconds, we determined that I could very well have the baby that night, but it wasn't close enough to go to the birth center yet. She suggested I eat something and get some sleep, call when I am 411 or around 9 after I nap (or before I go to bed for the night). I felt pretty out of it and had Dad take me to their house and went straight to my brother's bed. I was still timing contractions and had to focus to relax and breathe through them, so was not able to sleep. My mom got home soon after, and called my aunt over. I labored in my brother's dark bedroom, taking deep breaths through each contraction. My mom and aunt took turns providing soothing touches and getting me water and helping me to the bathroom. It was about 3 pm when I got out of the pool, my mom got home at 5, and about 6:45 my son came down and told me goodbye. We knew he was going to have a sister, and we told him it'd probably happen that night, but he had to leave at 7 to spend his usual weekend with Daddy.


Soon after that, I called Rachel again. She said I did not need to be timing contractions, just focus on relaxing and possibly sleeping. I'd notice when they shifted, and then I should call Sheena. I had my mom go to my car and get the bags I had packed for labor and birth center. My aunt stayed with me and reminded me to breathe deeply into my belly, encouraging me to inhale as she counted to 5, exhale for 5. Soon the contractions seemed to get quite intense. My aunt suggested humming with exhale, which I did. I am glad she encouraged me to be vocal, especially later in labor. I may have felt self-conscious about making noises that sounded weird if she didn't. I couldn't shake the worry that I might end up going to the birthing center too late, which made it impossible to get any sleep. As soon as my mom returned with my things, I had her get out Sheena's number and call her. By then it was about 8:30 and I was timing 411 and felt like it was time to go right then. I was looking forward to the birthing pool at the bc. Sheena instructed me to have a shower and snack, then meet at bc at 9:15. It took awhile to get me dressed after my shower, as I was disoriented and barely able to cooperate with anything. It was 9:15 when we left my parent's house, and it takes about 25 minutes to commute.


I sat in the front seat of my aunt's van and had my mom send a mass text to my friends about the imminent birth. I noticed my contractions were only maybe 2 minutes apart, and the closer we got, the more pressure I felt from baby's head. We all began to worry that we wouldn't make it in time as my aunt missed our exit and ran into traffic at the next. We hurried down the street and my aunt pulled into an unfamiliar parking lot. I anxiously asked her what she was doing as I began to feel an urge to push that I tried not to succumb to. She said she was turning around, she just passed bc. I wondered when I should take off my pants, because the baby wasn't about to wait for me to get into a birthing tub and relax.

We finally arrived as I felt my next contraction. My mom helped me through the door and I was having a hard time talking at all by then, but I managed to alert mom and aunt to what was happening by then, and as I walked through the door I greeted Rachel (Sheena had gotten stuck in traffic) with something like, "Baby coming!! Ahhhh," as my water broke. We had a little trouble communicating and understanding that my water JUST broke, just then. Someone took off my pants and underwear, and I climbed up on the bed where the pads were. I didn't think about positioning or anything, just got up there and was on all fours. Rachel encouraged me to breathe baby down instead of pushing. I was very vocal as I tried to direct my energy away from pushing. She started crowning right away, and I was so exhilarating to feel her head emerge, and then a few pushes, as gently I could manage, to get the rest of her body out. She was born with one of her hands up by her face, as if she was embarrassed. My aunt exclaimed how beautiful she was. I heard her cry, and then they pushed her through my legs towards my chest. Rachel asked me to give a little push for the placenta, and then announced that I was no longer pregnant once it was out. Someone helped me out of the sweatshirt of my mom's I hadn't had time to take off before, and I rolled to lie on my side to nurse. She latched on easily and nursed for an hour just wrapped in a towel. I don't remember if my mom cut the cord while she nursed or after. They weighed her after the luxurious first breastfeeding at 9 pounds even. She was 20.5 inches long. We had gotten to the birth center at 9:40 and she was born at 9:44 (next to an empty birthing pool!). With my last birth, I had a 4th degree laceration from 3 hours of pushing while he was crowning. This time we were worried about how my scar tissue would do, but all they found was one very minor skin tear that wasn't worth any treatment. I breastfed some more while my mom fed me waffles, then ravioli.


I relaxed a little more, got cleaned up, etc. and then about 12:30 got ready to leave. I can't believe how well this birth went. I am very proud of myself and so happy that I have a beautiful little daughter that is so mellow (also quite in contrast to ds!).

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WOW what a great story!  joy.gif  Congrats!

It seems we're having a lot of fast, down to the wire labors.  Way to go mamas biggrinbounce.gif

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That sounds awesome Rachel! Great job! And a minor tear with a 9 pounder AND a hand by her face?? Nice. Thanks for sharing your story!

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Congrats again Rachel!  Awesome story!!!  thumb.gif

Originally Posted by jbk21 View Post

It seems we're having a lot of fast, down to the wire labors.  Way to go mamas biggrinbounce.gif

I know!  What's the deal with all these care providers telling second and third time moms to stay home longer and longer just so they can barely make it to the center in time to push a baby out?  I get with FTM's, but subsequent moms?  Strange.


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