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homeschooling in CT

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Hi, we are seriously considering a move to either the triangle area of North Carolina, or Connecticut, from Oregon, maybe just outside of New Haven somewhere. We are a homeschooling family and so a decently large homeschooling community within twenty minutes or so is what I'm looking for. I don't wanna feel too isolated! Plus some close wild natural areas for the kids to explore. Oh, and relatively mild weather. We are tired of gray skies where we are here for much of the year. I heard New Haven and the southeast of the state has the mildest weather. Any nice progressive towns there for what I'm after? I'd love to know. 


Thanks very much in advance. 

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Hello, I live in Bethany, CT about 15 minutes north of New Haven.  I do not know a ton about homeschooling communities here, I know a few people who homeschool, for various reasons, one in Wallingford, CT, one here in Bethany, and another in Ansonia. From what they have told me, there is a ton to do here with other homeschoolers.  There are groups where the parents sort of switch off in teaching lessons (lots of the parents are certified teachers themselves), and various day trips to science centers or planetariums for lectures and different types of assignments.  One of my coworkers who homeschools her middle-school aged son said she had no idea how much there was for homeschooled children/families until she started the process a year ago.  She even said that she could easily fill his week without having time to teach at home (of course she doesn't, though).  

Anyway, New Haven is great in a lot of ways, Westville is very nice neighborhood.  You might also look into Hamden, it is next to New Haven but has more green, larger lots, and while it is still a city, it is a little more suburban.  Going north from New Haven is Woodbridge, which is a beautiful town, lots of open space, also a fairly wealthy, well educated community (there are a lot of Yale professionals there).  One town north of Woodbridge is my town, Bethany.  I am partial to this town, if you are interested in a small town, that once had more horses than people, this would be the place for you.  It is very "country" with lots and lots of open space, farm stands and barns but so close to everything in New Haven.  


As far as the weather, it is pretty common that each season lives up to it's expectations.  Now we are beginning to experience the beautiful fall foliage, but winter is around the corner and was intense last year, lots of snow.  There is less snow on the coast, Milford, Branford, West Haven, Stratford, etc.  Spring is mild and nice, summers have been okay, lots of humidity but not too too hot.  Hope that helps.  If you want to ask anymore questions about the area, let me know, you can pm me and Ill give you my email address.  Good luck in your research!



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Thanks so much for your reply. Gosh, okay, it seems as though CT could work for us re homeschooling. Maybe I'll look into smaller towns outside larger towns on the coast! That may suit if snowfall is a bit less. Really we're just starting to look into areas of the state. DH thinks work would be fine (he's a freelancer). I guess we would ideally like to live somewhere outside the larger cities. Hamden sounds idyllic by the way. Must be such a great place to raise kids. We'd love a large yard, at least half an acre, in a place like that, you know? Connecticut is one of those places that you can fall in love with, right? Okay, I'm off to do some research. Woodbridge sounds great too. I'll look into it. Thank you so much again. It's so appreciated as I feel as though I know nada right now about the place. Nothing like getting a nice reply from an mdc post! smile.gif I will definitely take up your offer and PM you later if need be - hope that's okay. 

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I am glad I could be of some help.  I was born and raised in Connecticut, so I certainly love it.  It has a lot going for it, there is the coast, which is easy to take for granted, but beautiful (though it is Long Island Sound and not the ocean, it is still nice!) charming New England town greens with old historic houses, lots of fairs and festivals (this time of year), four distinct seasons, and of course New Haven has a lot to offer, plus, New York City is only an hour and a half train ride away.  


I have heard of the rumor that New Englanders are snotty, and compared to other parts of the country, that may be true.  An example, my brother in law and his wife lived in Portland, Oregon for a year for work.  They commented that the people are so nice, and that strangers will stop and chat with you.  Being from here, my brother in law said (A very nice and friendly guy, by the way), "I didn't get it, it got a little annoying after a while, you know sometimes you just want to run an errand and not have to talk to anyone."  So maybe we are less friendly?  Not sure, but there are a lot of nice people, I promise!  


Definitely let me know as you look into towns, because I work as an Early Intervention Specialist for our state's birth to three system (providing therapy for children with developmental delays), and since I do home visits, I am very familiar with the all of the towns in New Haven County, as well as Fairfield County, and a little bit north of that as well.  I could give you the scoop on each.  I feel like I work for CT tourism or something!  

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Oops, just saw your post! Wow, so helpful, you are just the person I will consult if we head to CT. Yes, we are in Portland and it is a friendly place. Are people really that different between coasts?! I've heard similar stories of the scenario you describe with your brother in law too. Makes me a little nervous!! When we move, DH in particular wants a place that is a little different though from the usual gray skies for six months, thus he is thinking the Chapel Hill-Durham area of North Carolina. Plus I've heard their secular homeschooling scene is fairly hoppin'. But, we also want a big yard and some wild areas in the vicinity for the kids and I gotta say I'm partial to the New England rural look and I love the idea of a train line perhaps connecting various smaller towns. DH wants to check out NC next week. If that doesn't work... we'll be heading up to Connecticut so fast! Muchas gracias for your post. :) Much appreciated.

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