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prepping and washing all kinds of diapers -help!

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I just got a Bum Genius OS diaper and will be getting a kawaii OS as well. I've never had any new AIO's before -just prefolds...how does one prep them? or do you? the BG has mircofiber inserts and I also bought a bunch more microfibre doublers. do you need to do anything to them before you use them??


Also, just general washing, I see a million directions (for the same kinds of diapers too) on how to wash. I live in an aprtment complex with laundry down three flights of stairs. I have a 1.5 year old and will have a newborn in january. I feel confused by the washing directions of BG (use 1/4 reccomended detergent, wash cold wash,hot double rinse, line dry.) We only have generic washing machines, not even sure if you can select a different (double??) rinse temp. HELP. I've heard some people wash in only cold. I need simple but effective if I'm sticking with cloth. Line drying could be ok with a drying rack or a line on our balcony.


Can I wash the flats I'm getting with the AIO's? what about covers? (PUL or TPU or something)


With the prefolds I just washed them on hot about 5 times before use, I think, then I just washed them hot after that and usually used the dryer as line drying was difficult in that place...is the dryer ok sometimes?


These will be for use by my 1.5 year old till potty training and baby right through and hopefully another baby someday.

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For Microfiber you only have to wash once because they dont have natural oils in the fibers like cotton or hemp.

I would be careful using group washers if you are using microfiber because of soap buildup in the machines. Prefolds and other natural fibers should not be a big worry though.

Once prepped I wash all of my dipes together microfiber and cotton. Cold wash no detergent, Hot or Warm wash with one scoop of Charlies Soap (1 Tbs) and another rinse. Usually this does the trick unless the dirties have sat longer than two or three days then I need another wash because they still stink. Also when using detergent like tide, all free and clear, etc use 1/4 of the normal amount otherwise you will have soap residue left in the diapers and thats bad for babys bum.


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So if I need to be "careful" using a group washer do you mean I shouldn't? Hand wash then??? So the microfiber inserts are ok washed once, what about the bum genius diaper itself???


Also, my flats arrived and they say not to use most detergents but don't give examples of what I can use? Should I use nothing at first?


I feel so confused. With my prefolds, I onyl washed them about 5 times on hot with a small amount natural detergent, then I washed them on hot whenever we had used them after that and put them in the dryer??

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Yes wash the entire Bum Genious diaper remember to remove the insert! Any cotton dipe like flats or pre folds are hard to ruin I think. Prep them by washing 4-5 times and you will be ready!

As far as your communial washing machines you will just have to find out. 

I use Charlies Soap. Rocking Green, Country Save, Nellies Soap, are all CD safe. There are more but thats all i can think of. I hear people using what ever they have at hand. Just use what works.

Good luck.


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I have both GMD PFs and microfiber dipes. I wash them all together. Specifically, I have the following in my stash:


Yellow-edge GMD PFs

Flip microfiber inserts

Flip covers

BG 4.0s

Bummis covers


I wash everything together. I do a cold rinse, hot wash with 1/4 the amount of Tide Free and Gentle powder and then cold rinse. I line dry all the covers and the BG 4.0s but dry the BG 4.0 inserts.

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thanks. Our washing machine does not specify what temperature it is. I blieve it says "colours" or "whites" etc. and same with the dryer! so I'mstill unsure on how bestto wash the AIO/pocket dipes. The woolcovers I'll was by hand with eucalan...


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