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Nutrtion & Hobbies! (for you, not your kids)

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So I was reading a couple threads on the SAH boards, and got to thinking that everyone is saying we're tired, overwhelmed, etc. what if part of the reason why is because we're not eating well, and because we're not taking time for ourselves?


Here's what I recently changed, and has helped me a lot:


1. I went gluten, corn, and soy free. This change ALONE brought me 100% more energy, and a lot less physical problems (tummy aches, gas, inflammation, depression yeast infections). Going corn-free helped with my chronic (read: lifelong) depression and mood issues.


2. Increasing fats and protein. For me, this involved eating more animal products. I have some great sources of local meat, dairy, and eggs. Raw dairy has helped a lot with my bowel and seasonal/ dust allergy issues, although I have to be careful to not over-indulge, as it's SO delicious (too much dairy still bothers me, although I've been able to increase my intake since I switched to raw milk). I never liked milk as a kid, but the raw goat milk I get from a close neighbor is so good I drink it right from the jar.


3. Eating raw/almost raw/lightly cooked foods. I eat a lot of produce, as my husband's family owns an organic farm. When it's in season (as it is now, yay!) I freeze and can whatever I can get my hands on. I make raw tomato sauce and salsa and freeze it, so that when I use it mid-winter, it tastes just like summertime again :) If you can't afford to buy organic, find a gleaners to be part of. For a couple hours of work (and sometimes none if you have health or other issues) you can get fresh, local, and sometimes organic produce. Freeze it, it's healthier and faster and cheaper than canning.


4. I know that all sounds like a lot of work, but the gains have been SO amazing I'll never go back. I love cooking, so that helps :)


5. I told my husband that I HAD to have a few hours a week to myself. Since I can now leave my daughter overnight (after more than two years, yay!) sometimes I stay overnight in town after going to see music with friends. DH also gets time to himself too. And our parents, in order to help us save our marriage (we were separated for a few months this year) have agreed to watch our kids overnight a couple times a month so that we can have a date night :)


6. Appreciate your husband and tell him often. Even if all he ever does is take out the trash, tell him thank you, and give him a big smack on the lips while you're at it. He'll love it, and he'll want to earn more ;) I think that sometimes, it's easy to get caught in the cycle of 'he gets to go to work and talk to grown-ups all day!' My DH can even drink a beer with lunch if he wants because of where he works. But really, we are so lucky to get to be with our kids, even if it is the hardest thing we've ever done. They are so precious, and they have such unique personalities. Plus, it really does fly by. I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a couple months away!


7. I write. Whenever I can! Sometimes I stay up until 3am just so I can write. DH sleeps with DD in case she wakes, and I drink mead and write, write, write. I pay for it the next day, but it's worth it for the emotional boost I get that lasts for days :) Find the thing that does that for you.


8. I wake my husband up sometimes in the middle of the night for bootie. We both go back to sleep more quickly and more happily. And it's so worth the energy output. Sometimes he gets up with the kids and lets me sleep in as a way to say he enjoyed me doing that :)


I realize I have a lot of advantages, but I think that most people could implement these things. Also, I don't want to sound patronizing. I went through hell the past few years, and now that I'm coming out of it, I'm able to see more clearly what I could have done differently. I just want to share some of that.


What have you done/could you do to make your SAH life easier?



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I totally agree-the diet thing is HUGE for me. Once I gave up gluten, dairy, corn and soy and upped my protein intake I too have so much more energy.

It all comes down to taking care of myself so I can take great care of my little ones. Once ds2 came along, dh and I worked out an awesome system that allowed me to catch up on my rest in the mornings while breeding thru the night.

Now that my kids are 4 and 7 it's so much easier, but I still go to bed early (9pm) to make sure I get enough rest and I still wake naturally, since dh gets up early to make them breakfast before heading off to work. I homeschool so we also implement an afternoon quiet time, even on weekends, that offers everyone a chance for some downtime. That is something i look forward to daily.

And yoga- I love that time to myself! I try to go 3xs per week at least. So does dh. It keeps us balanced.

I also think all of the above gives my dc a great model of how to nurture others while still nurturing ourselves. Everyone in our family matters and deserves to be healthy and rested smile.gif
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Great thread topic!


Dh & I both go to the gym regularly (we are fortunate that we have some fabulous personal trainers & live in a small town so it's not that expensive) & made big diet changes this year. I've been working out for years but having dh start as well has really helped in that he is more supportive of it than he used to be. Both of us doing the diet (which for us is low carb, high protein - all based on macro nutrient counts) through the same nutritionist (a temporary situation until our weight's stabilize) at the same time has helped us both & changed our relationship & our views of food.


Taking advantage of my Mom & his Mom when they say they want to take ds. I used to feel guilty & like I should spend the time being productive or feel guilty that I even took them up on their offer, but honestly seeing how much they enjoy it & how much ds enjoys it means it's a good thing (I try to not have him with either one for more than 1 day a week & often it is less). But getting a nap in occasionally is SO fabulous for my well-being.


I agree with op that thanking dh for his contributions is good for us. I think by acknowledging the things he's done also makes him more aware of the things I'm doing so it makes both of us feel better about our partnership.

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I had been feeling unconnected with my husband.   I have been trying to make an effort to talk to him, kiss him, ask him about his day, say things that I appreciate about him...and it has really helped.  Hard for me to give more initially but I feel like it is coming back.  It sounds a little preachy but the only thing you can change is yourself.

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