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Roll Call

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I'd like to make a list of all of us here and our estimated due dates. I have a hard time keeping track :LOL Maybe we can make it a sticky.


Now we all know that these little ones will make their own appearance when they are good and cooked But, for fun, when are you officially due.

1 Hilary and Dawn
2 Tiffany, Ame and Samantha
4 Kristina and Kate
5 Sadean and Karen
6 Lauren and Kristi
7 Heidi and Amy
8 Kristeen
10 Kristi, Carolynn, mamamoo, Tonya, and Kris
11 Elisabeth and mamadedos
12 Darcy, Renee, Jen, Shalena and Traci
14 NeKisha
15 Terion
16 Grace, Larissa, Emily, and Cassie
18 Mich
19 Rachel, Anne and parkermgg
20 Sarah, Sarah, Illuviel, and Jaclyn
21 Heather and Deirdre
22 Deborah and Courtney
23 Kaliki and Zionsmom
24 Laura, Robin, and Mel
25 Jessica, Tuli, supervee, Rebecka, and my~hearts~light
26 Naomi
28 Meredith, EnviroBecca, Erudita, Hilary F. and A. Rose
30 Niki, Jenelle and Nicole
31 Victoria and Emily
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Lauren here, around Dec. 6.
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me Dec 2nd or so Tho I have a feeling it may be november (or maybe im just hopeful :LOL)
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Heidi here, due Dec. 7th or so. Although in 2 weeks I have an U/S and the due date may change.
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Can I join? I'm December 12th!
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Mary - and our due date is December 5th
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Keri - around December 7th
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Laura- due around Dec 12th
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Baby due on 12/4..DH's birthday!
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Okay, I got them all up to this point and I think I got everyone. It was funny, I'm counting them up, and I'm like, "wait, I have one too many", of course it was me :LOL

I put everyone's first names as opposed to your username as that is what a lot of mamas gave, or had it in their sig line. If this is a problem, let me know, and I'll edit.

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Amy, thanks for doing this!!!
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Kristi, due around December 10th!
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I'd like to join you ladies if I could. My name is Darcy and my edd is 12/12! Thanks so much!
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No problem Keri. I'm very visual & it helps to have that kind of list.

Up to date.

I am just so darn excited to have a December forum. When I was pregnant 3 yrs ago, I belonged to another msg board that had a similar set-up. It was very mainstream though. I'm really excited that I can be a part of a group of mamas and say things like, "we're having a homebirth" or "we're not going to circ" or "we're going to practice elimination communication (which I heartily recommend btw ) and not be made to feel like a freak. I love it.
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Carolynn here We're due December 8th.
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Somewhere between 11/29 and 12/5 . I ALWAYS run long, so I am just mentally preparing myself for the first week of December and not worrying about a "date".
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Just wanted to speak up even though I'm still not completely clear on our due date : I still need to make an apointment with a midwife. Had a thoroughly traumatic birth experience having DD1 and am still trying to research alternatives and feel out options for this little one.
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i'm here! i'm due on christmas! (long cycles!)

yay december babies!!!
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Grace - due with #3 around Dec 16th!
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Due Dec 1 (I think, subject to change when I see the midwife next week)
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