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I hadn't heard of slickdeals. Thanks. :) I'll check it out. 

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She doesn't know what games she wants. Well, she wants Zelda games, but other than that she's not sure. Not sure how much we could give in a gift card toward the platform but that's a thought. She'd probably spend it on something else though and then complain that she never got her game system. Ugh. Teenagers! As for the bongos, she's just a teenager who thinks they'd be cool. Where can they be found cheaply? I'll have to look around. :) Thanks!


If she gets a gift card and spends it on something else, well, then that's her problem, isn't it?  Might want to lessen the temptation by getting a card for something like Gamestop (if you have those where you live).  As for bongos, ebay has a bunch listed at $20 right now.  Amazon has some good deals, too.  I've also run across them in thrift stores, and while I've not been to pawn shops, my parents have found lots of musical instruments in them.  Try local music stores, too - they may carry used ones.


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I looked on Amazon at bongos. I know nothing about them at all, but I saw some pretty cheap that might work. How big are bongos normally? I wouldn't want to accidentally buy her kid sized bongos or something. I don't even know if they come in more than one size to be honest. lol.gif


I think I saw a music store across town the other day. First I've seen anywhere around here (that isn't a strictly guitar shop, we have several of those). I'll check there for used instruments. She's definitely in a *making music* mode. Several of her friends are in *bands* and I think she wants to be too. Though I didn't know today's music called for bongos? lol.gif



And yeah, it'd be her problem if she spent her gift card on something else, I just don't want to hear the whining and complaining if I can avoid it. She's quite talented at it.

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Try shopgoodwill.com.  There are a couple bongos listed there right now for under $10.

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I have removed numerous posts from this thread.

Thank you very much!  :)

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Originally Posted by Thystle View Post

Thank you very much!  :)

yeah... that had kind of a chilling effect...


Hope everyone is doing well!  It is getting cold here....

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subbing too

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Well atleast for this month we are still getting food stamps. I have not gotten any paperwork from them and we recieved what we've been getting. Weird! I am not complaining by any stetch of the imagination. What we have been getting is plenty. I am just surprised that that is what they chose to do since our monthy income changed. Regardless, I can feed my family this month and I am thrilled! Now I am just waiting for the notice to tell me what the heck is going on and if it will change next month and if my boys still have Medi-Cal. 

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I just sent in my FS/medicaid renewal forms with our last months dismal income and our slightly increased housing costs.  I got our paystubs back in the mail two days ago, so it should be processed soon.  Hopefully FS will go up a little because food prices are really going up!  I feel for those of you who are receiving less.  I really wish they would send out the heat assistance forms already!  I'm dreading next months gas bill. :(


DH registered for his last semester of classes this week.  He will have one class that meets during his working hours.  He should be able to go in an hour early three days a week and make up for leaving early on that day.  But also, he will only have two nights of classes instead of four!  It will be soooooo nice to have him home!  I feel so bad for our kids who don't see Daddy between Sunday PM and Friday PM.  It's been rough.  Then, he'll have to start looking for a new job in his new field.  

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masiascl~ yay feeding your family! Keep it up! :)


mylilmonkeys~GL to dh in his last semester and in the job hunt.


I think I posted a "woe is me" post earlier in this thread. We were getting one step forward and 2 back and were never going to be able to get a house before our non-renewable lease was up in April. Well, looks like we may have taken 3 forward! We've had something sitting around the house for almost the entire year that we simply couldn't sell. It's worth over 10k new, but it's several yrs old and VERY specialized. Have to get the right buyer. I had it on CL for a few months at around 4k to get a 50% offer, but had only 1 offer at $500 last week. I was a little bummed, but oh well. Sold it today for 3 THOUSAND dollars! That plus increased hours for dh, plus 3 paychecks in Dec means all of our cc debt will be paid off and credit score should be good enough by the end of this year to get a mortgage! Then with tax money next spring we can put in appliances (as we're bound to buy a foreclosure) and get dh a car (we have only the van and he'll now need to drive to work). Hip hip hooray! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that this doesn't mean a HUGE step back, and I'll share my lucky money dust with all of you! goodvibes.gif

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And wouldn't you know they cut $60 off our FS.  Ugh.  Really didn't need that to worry about, too.  They must have so much demand that they're cutting everybody's, it seems like.

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Gabbyraja, fantastic news!  I hope that nothing unexpected happens for you.  This is the snowball you need. ;)

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My electric bill has dropped to $85.00  yeah for cooler AZ weather.

Fighting with 'holiday' depression here and its only early November... its gonna be a long 2 months at this rate.


Hope everyone else is doing well.

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Sending goodvibes to all of you here.  


Looks like we get to keep our truck, heh.  Unexpected "few extra bucks" this month makes all the difference--which is lame, but awesome.  Of course, I have to postpone my 2yo's birthday celebration til we get paid.  The upside?  He's two and won't care in the slightest if it's a week late.  bag.gif


Yeah, the holiday depression always frustrates us.  My SIL called to chat about present ideas the other day, totally in the holiday spirit, and I was like, "uhhh, haven't really thought about it yet" innocent.gif

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We were able to scrape together the house payment on time this month.  I was so worried because of all the time DH was forced to take off work.  And then his mom came to visit and bought us groceries and new shoes for the girls.  HUGE blessing!  And DH did some odd jobs for a couple of people and they all insisted on paying him for his time which means I can afford to make a payment to my midwives tomorrow and AGAIN next paycheck.  Super awesome!  The water bill is going to be late this month, but it will only be a $3 late fee, no biggie.

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Well with my husband working only every other week all the money i won on the scratch ticket has been used for bills and we are back to no money again. Bummer. Anyone have any ideas on easing stress? Not really life stress but job stress. Every time I walk into the place I just want to cry and run and hide. It is that bad.I am trying to find ways to cope until March and then I am outta there.

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Zebra, I got my 1-800-homeopathy email newsletter today and they had a link for "Seasonal depression". I thought of you.



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Originally Posted by gabbyraja View Post

Zebra, I got my 1-800-homeopathy email newsletter today and they had a link for "Seasonal depression". I thought of you.




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Whn it rains it pours - went to turn on our furnace today to warm the house up for showers since we needed to be somewhere early - it's not working right and won't come on. It's $75 to have it checked and cleaned - I am praying I can barter with our fix-it guy again for all or most of it. We are behind on most of the bills, and it's just not getting better even with me really trying hard to bring in more income. 


I'm up early today waiting for the water bill help line to open at 7:45 in hopes of getting an assistance appointment - yesterday when I called at 8:15 they were already booked. 

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