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Crying and sports - how to handle?

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DS#1 is involved in two sports - baseball and soccer.  Baseball is usually once a week and soccer, he has practice on Wednesdays and then games on Saturdays.  Lately, after the game is over, or if he falls down during practice or didn't live up to his own expectations of doing some right, he cries... and cries.  He's the only kid on his team that gets upset this way and we are looking for any and all ideas of how to correct this. 


DH thinks that we need to work on his diet a bit - cut out the sugary stuff - he's not a huge veggie eater but do offer it at every meal and he takes a few bites here and there.  Do you think maybe he's overworked?  Oh and he's going to Kindergarten now as well.  I think with the two sports, he's doing too much, but DH signed him up for both and DS was excited about being able to particpate in both sports, I just don't want this to end up running him down and him regretting it all.

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Try making him eat protein / fat right before practices and then hand him something like a muffin right after.  If no weight problem and he can sip calories during practice, all the better.  Then go get dinner.


At that age my children were very fragile when they had exerted themselves and were the least bit hungry.


And make sure he is getting a lot of sleep.

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he just started kindergarten.  he sounds tired.  Kindergarten alone makes most kids tired & act like he is acting.  It's an adjustment for them.   Add in sports & it takes about 6 weeks for him to adjust to the extra activity.  My kids are in grades 4, 5 & 8.  With their activities we are not home until between 8 &10 Monday to Thursday.  They've been in school for 4 weeks and this is their 2nd week of activities.  Just the last 2 days they seem to have adjusted to the schedule.  They are also getting up for school earlier then they ever had to.

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Good luck, I have one like that and he's SEVEN now (sigh).   And he normally has his crying spell right at the start or in the middle (doesn't wait until after that game).  I just have to stay at sport events in case he kicks off.  He's not really the only one who can get teary, just tends to be the most fragile & volatile.


Mine is really not suited for contact sports; team sports are good, though, he isn't losing by himself in that situation.

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I agree with the up the protein advice. The two sports plus kindergarten might be too much for your DS. Every kid is different. At that age my DS (now 11) was in Judo twice a week and soccer twice a week plus a game on Saturday and he loved the all the activity, but many kids and parents for that matter, couldn't manage that.

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mama just give him some time. 


even if he wasnt doing any sports he might burst into tears at some other time. 


from K to 2nd most kids take a month at least to settle into the back to school mode. 


is he enjoying school? because if he isnt then sports might be a lifesaver esp. if he enjoys it so. 

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