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14 month old, off and on HIGH fever, and more.. What in the world is going on!

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So, I feel blind and like I am missing something.  Please give me any suggestions you have.  Sorry my thoughts are all over.


3 weeks ago my 4 year old started pre-K (never had been in a daycare/school setting before).  Since school has started he has brought home several illnesses.  My 14 month old picked up a few things in the past few weeks but has either fought it off OR has been struggling to get rid of the same thing.


At the beginning of last week, baby had a high fever (didn't take the temp- I go on how they act, ect) and gave him vit c, elderberry juice, lots of love and he seemed to get rid of that sickness within a few days- my 4 year old got the same treatment even though he had no fever.  They both continued with their runny noses after the fever was gone.  Then the weekend came and went without a problem.  


THIS week, my 4 year old still has the runny nose but nothing else.  On Monday, I had a horrible migraine, chills, fever, aches ect... It took me 2.5 days to kick the fever and aches but still have some congestion today. That same day, my baby had a fever (maybe about 102ish).  He got rid of it by Tuesday evening then my husband started getting stuffy last night (Wed).  


Last night (Wed), my baby wakes up and he is burning hot at about 11pm.  You could sense he was so uncomfortable and miserable.  I usually don't do motrin but last night, I felt the need to give a half dose for comfort along with plenty of fluids- (I'm guessing his temp was around 104).  Around 4am, he was up again and had a huge blow out of diarrhea- nothing mucus like or bloody.  I stayed up with him until about 5:30 when he seemed like he needed to sleep again.  At 6am and 10am, he had more diarrhea  (each time was less and less poop).


During the day today, my baby has been burning hot.  Since it is during the day and I can watch him, I have avoided any medications.  He is acting fine but demanding attention.  He is playing and walking around as usual but with an extra whine.  I've been giving him fluids of all sorts- hemp milk, watered down apple juice (1/4 c juice to 6 oz water) with vit c and elderberry syrup.  He has refused all FOOD so I ended up making him a watered down smoothie with fruits and veggies and almond milk.  He has been drinking that as of this post.


As the weekend approaches, I get paranoid.   I have not called the Dr yet because I feel that he picked up whatever it is that I had earlier this week. I am keeping him well hydrated and he has no cough. I'm just scared since he can not talk yet and tell me what is wrong.  I don't want the fever to go on and on and I don't know if it is the same illness or a different one.  He had a fever last week but then it went away.. he had a fever on Mon and part of Tues then it went away.. he started with a fever again late last night... It is like he is able to go 36 hrs with no fever before it is back.  



We eat healthy, organic, no boxed or canned foods, mostly gluten free (just because)- Vit D levels are high as of our last blood tests in June.

 I had to stop breastfeeding 2 weeks ago so I could start a drug that is not compatible with breastfeeding and has to do with my kidney failure.



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For me it's never the fever itself that worries me - it what is CAUSING it.

A fever that doesn't seem to correlate to something obvious or seems to be getting worse not better, always warrants a visit to the Dr for me. I just want ears, throat, lungs checked since I can't do it at home, and it gives me a better understanding of where I should be focusing my healing (ie. garlic oil for the ears, syrups for the lungs) I've never left with abx, b/c all our fever illnesses related to something I felt I could treat naturally - but without that visit to the Dr I wouldn't have known which part of the body I should be healing.


A trip to the Dr might be worth some peace of mind over the weekend. 

Hope everyone is well again soon.

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A trip to a doc you trust when everything might be normal is more helpful than an emergency weekend trip to a doc you don't know, imo. Everything might be just fine, but it sounds like you'd feel better if you had a good consult under your belt. There's no harm in that, as long as you have a good doctor. You'll get an idea of what his throat and ears look like, as well as an idea of what the doc thinks would be a reason to call over the weekend. The weekend factor makes a huge difference, imo.


So sorry you're having to experience this right after weaning. Weaning is stressful enough! Hugs to you. I bet it's all fine, just a hard-to-kick virus. Have you tried liquid Olive Leaf Extract? We've had really good success with that.

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I agree with springmum and mbravebird .  Take your lo to the doctor tomorrow so you can give your child the remedy he needs.  Hugs to you & your family.

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