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Hi! My name is Micki and I am currently enrolled in a class at Birthingway about working cross culturally. We are given the task of learning about a culture different from our own in the hopes of finding out about how pregnancy, birth, healthcare, parenting, etc. are viewed and practiced both traditionally and currently (if it isn't still practiced traditionally).


I picked India out of the hat and I'm very excited to begin my process. I would love it if I could interview a mother that is either from India, whose family is from India, or who works closely with (ie: midwife, nurse, etc) an Indian population. I'm in the Portland area and would love to do this in person but understand if that isn't doable, can also do phone or email interviews if you or someone you know would like to participate but aren't in the area.


Thank you so much in advance for participating and/or passing the word along to someone you think may be interested in participating!


My e-mail address is Thanks!!