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Looking for Midwife - Fort Drum NY

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A friend is looking for a HB midwife in Fort Drum, NY or neighboring areas. She is due in February.



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I used a midwife here in Maui Hawaii, Merrily Daly, and she also does pregnancy consulting around the globe via email, skype or phone.  I know she has some clients set-up with regular prenatal care, other clients who just want to ask a midwife a few questions, or are trying to figure out the differences of midwife vs. OB care, and others who have ended up coming to Maui to give birth here, because they liked her so much. 


She is a Registered Nurse (RN) as well as Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), and has over 30 years experience in nursing, hospital and homebirths.  Her website is www.onlinemidwife.com, or you can call her at (808) 280-3031- but remember, that's Hawaii time, so try later in the day for you :).  I felt like she handled all my pregnancy questions with a wealth of knowledge, caring, and personalized service, and I don't know what I would have done without her!  She also helps people who are doing a hospital birth, but just want some additional personalized care that OBs don't provide.  I don't normally post on these forums, but felt that I should share my experience with as many expectant mothers as possible.  Please pass the word on about her website!


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I'm having a homebirth in Syracuse and Merideth Geers,CNM is my midwife. I'm not sure if she goes all the way up to Fort Drum.Her website iswww.cnymidwife.com. Goodluck!

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