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Nipple question

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I have noticed that my nipples....well areola I guess, looks weird sometimes. You know how it puckers when you are cold? Sometimes mine will pucker in only one spot or half way. It happens on both boobs. It doesn't stay that way. It will either pucker all the way or relax so it doesn't last longer than a minute. I'm reading into everything boob related since a crazy doc said my mastitis could be a rare form of cancer. I've ben stressing since even though it's obvious I had an infection. Ugh. I just want to stop thinking about my boobs.

Anyone notice something similar?
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Mine did that even before being preggo :)

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Hmm, I don't think it's anything to worry about.  Just hard nipples, but uneven.  


FWIW (and this is just my 2 cents, take it for what it's worth) I highly doubt you have cancer.  I know all this recurrent mastitis is a huge pain and I'd worry too, but I just don't think it's cancer.


I'm sure you've researched the hell out of all the causes of mastitis, but could it be a food allergy?  What about doing an elimination diet?  What about supplementing with lots of vitamin C?  I've heard taking lecithin can help, but I'm sure you're already doing that.


The other thing I thought of is pressure on your bewbs.  Do you sleep on your side or stomach?  Wear the baby tight against your breasts?  Those things can contribute to infections. 



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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

Mine did that even before being preggo :)

Mine too!


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Wow!  I'm so glad I posted.  Two of you have seen the same thing.  Phew!


Carrie, I sleep on my back or side and try to never smoosh the girls.  I was braless for awhile, but I leak so bad that I have to wear a bra often.  Today I went and bought some huge sports bras that I know are too big, but they will hold some pads for leaking while letting the girls be loose.  I am taking soy lecithin, but I am inconsistent on taking it.


I'm worried I might be getting thrush because it's hurting on my nips a bit when he eats (both nips) and I occasionally have a shooting pain.  We'll see.  Either that or it's cancer...I can now turn all boob related things into a cancer scare.  Stupid docs.  The first told me I would lose my breast and needed to see a specialist.  When I saw the specialist, she said she thought that guy was nuts.  Then I saw her again when the infection came back this week.  When I asked her when I could stop worrying it might be something serious, she said a couple weeks after the antibiotics, but that it seemed like mastitis.  She did another ultrasound when it was clear I had an infection and I just had one 7 days before.  DH thinks she's trying to get more money.  I tend to agree based on the 2 seconds she saw me this week and that was after I called in the a.m. to ask her to call and she didn't so I called at 4pm to see if an rx could be called in.  She made me come in only to see the red boob and fever and give me abx,  Duh.


Whoah...guess I needed to vent.  :)


So, anyone else experience that weird wrinkle timing?


Also, do any of you have a slight pinkness to your breasts?  The skin, not the areola or nipple?  I've had mastitis almost continually since he was born so I don't know what normal is.  The redness is gone, but there is a slight pinkness that's sorta on both boobs.  Do you have any?


Thanks ladies.

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On sore pink nipples - I solved this for myself! :D I have a spray bottle that's about a quarter ACV, the rest water. Spray this on your nipples after every feeding if you can and then when it dries, coat your nipple in olive oil. Took only a few days and then it was good. I still do it randomly to make sure ;)

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